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(Sorry guys, these updates won't be massive but it is the best I can do to keep you all moving)

Maskerade- With the conflict finally over, you cannot believe the devotion your Pokemon have shown. Even the Riolu, who had no obligation to defend you, had fought valiantly to protect you from harm. Now it was time to repay your debt to them all, searching through your bag you produce multiple medical items, which revive the unconscious Charmander and Decidueye, as well as restore the Deino and Riolu. Just when you believe the conflict to be over, you are alerted to an approaching presence by the Riolu.

Having already fought tooth and nail against the Decidueye and Volg, Zyll prepares to fight once more. Having grown during the conflict, Zyll's experiences result in him evolving, sprouting another head as he evolves into a Zweilous! As the figure rounds the final bend in the tunnel, Zyll catches the glint of steel and immediately fires a Dragon Pulse from his mouths. You watch as Sir Bryant cleaves through the blast of energy with a mighty swing of his greatsword.

"Arceus the creator, talk about being on edge!" Sir Bryant sheaths his sword as Zyll backs down. The knight surveys the scene, quickly putting pieces together. "Looks like the Decidueye is passived now, I trust that is your doing? I'm somewhat surprised, even though it was weakened, I doubted you'd be able to handle it. Do you have any insight into what happened to it to begin with? Do you believe there's a chance it could happen again?" Sir Bryant looks at the Riolu, which has remained close by your side ever since the knight arrived. "Were you actually of any use or was bringing you a waste of my time? Come here Riolu, we need to head back soon." The Riolu barks in protest, causing the knight to furrow his brow in anger.

Raves- You quickly stop Jake, his plan was too risky, especially when you had a much simpler way of handling the two distracted guards. You release two Pokemon from their pokeballs, a Minun and a Pumpkasaur, a strange variation of a Bulbasaur. Jake agrees as you lay out your plan, Percival which distract and restrict the guards, providing an opening for Spriggan to sedate the pair. Confident they could handle it, Percival and Spriggan give each other a nod before the Minun steadily makes his way around the corner, burying his head into his hands as he begins to cry fake tears. The guards don't spot him immediately, but as he gets closer they hear his cries and turn to inspect the issue. With the Electric type being so small and clearly distress, the pair see no need to treat him as hostile.

"Aww I wonder what is wrong with the little fella", says one of the guards as he kneels down to get a closer look at Percival. The other guard approaches as well, as soon as he's in range, Percival drops the charade and lets loose a web of electricity that wraps around the pair of foolish guards. The two cry out as they convulse on the ground, Percival can't help but smile. With the pair temporarily subdued, Spriggan springs from cover. The bulb on his back blooms slightly, releasing a stream of glowing powder that wafts towards the electrified guards. They slowly succumb to the effect of the powder, calming down before eventually falling asleep.

"Wow", mutters Jake, "that was much easier than what I had planned." The detective chuckled, was it a better plan, or was he just incompetent? "What do you suggest we do next?"

Spriggan and Percival gained 1 level!

Biggggg5- With Hotstuff already handling the Sableye surprisingly well, you urge him to continue. The Charmander's tail fire grows stronger as he prepares to attack, releasing a scalding wave of heat and flame which washes through the entire room. The Sableye cries out in pain, its body is seared and a burn develops across its upper arms. The Dark type was forced to suffer through the Heat Wave, but once the attack subsided it grinned a wicked smile as it rushed towards Hotstuff with intent. Lowering its head, it charges into Charmander with a powerful Headbutt, catching the Charmander by surprising and causing him to flinch. The Sableye looks at piece as it delights in the Fire type's pain. With Hotstuff struggling to react, the Sableye lashes out, scratching its incredibly sharp claws across the Charmander's soft stomach.

Finally managing to overcome the debilitating effects of the Sableye's Zen Headbutt, Hotstuff prepares to strike with his own claws. They extend as they are flushed with Dragon energy and Hotstuff quickly lashes out, clawing at the Sableye's head. The Sableye seems to be weakening as it stumbles back, but it still shows no sign of backing down. Regaining its footing, it thrusts its hands forward once more, sending another dark bolt at Hotstuff that slams into his chest. The Charmander collapses to the ground, he struggles to get back to his feet. His blue tail flame flickers, threatening to go out for a moment before suddenly erupting. Hotstuff leaps back to his feet, empowered as his ability is ignited and his tail flame blazes brighter than ever.

Hotstuff was ready to fight with renewed vigour, but it was uncertain how long he would be able to continue for. The Sableye was looking weaker, a bit more and it would likely be weak enough to capture.

Gemini Spark- Deciding it is best to avoiding talking to Connors directly, you start to piece together a plan. Wendy shifts her grip on the captured goon, allowing him the ability to follow your instructions. Emily looks a little confused as you explain to the man that he is to answer the phone and tell his boss that he has captured the girl and he was on his way back.

"Alright, I'll do it, just promise me I'll get away unharmed." The man pleads, however Emily still seems a little angry.

"You'll be left unharmed if my parents are unharmed", shouts Emily. "If Connors has hurt them in any way, I'll make sure you suffer!"

"Arceus be damned, you're crazy!" The man signals for the phone, "give me the phone, I'll do exactly what you told me too." Emily gives you a nod and you hand the man the phone. He answers it and puts it on loudspeaker, allowing you and Emily to hear the entire conversation.

"Where the hell are you!" A voice blares through the phone, it was safe to assume that it was Trent Connors.

"Had a slight hiccup boss but I'm on my way back with the girl now. I'm assuming you want me to bring her to your office?" You can hear the nervousness in the man's voice, hopefully Connors didn't pick it up as well."

"No", instructs the voice, "you're to meet me at the warehouse instead. I expect you hear within the hour, otherwise your contract is void."

"Yes sir", murmurs the man, "I will be there as soon as I can, you have my word." The call is then terminated from the other end, it seems that Connors didn't suspect a thing. The man looks at you, with curiosity in his eyes. "What do you plan to do now?"

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