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That was awfully rude.

The only thought that could cross your mind upon being forcefully shoved to the ground and robbed was how undeniably rude whoever had done it was. As you stood back on your feet, brushing off the dirt and debris that whatever had done it to you caused, you felt a sudden sense of foreboding. The footprints weren't extremely large, actually they were somewhat average in size. Not exactly pawprints, but nothing that could be created by human feet padding through the murky swamp. However, it wasn't those that disturbed you. It was the direction they had decided to move in.

The darkened thicket felt immense, like a large monster that would swallow you whole if you gave it the chance. You could feel the sweat beginning to form along your brow as you eyed it intently, you could almost feel the spit catching in your throat as you watched for something... anything that could give you a hint that the creature was still there. It could be dangerous, at least if you were able to catch a glimpse of it you would at least be able to tell yourself that it was just a harmless Pokemon and not some ravenous beast that would kill you on sight.

As you released your tiny Togepi, you couldn't help but clutch it protectively. The small egg Pokemon was just a baby, and you couldn't bear to think of any harm coming to the adorable little bundle of joy. You approached the brambles with caution, the gnarled branches seemed intent on reaching out and grabbing you, pulling you deeper into the forested swamp of Celebi. Steeling yourself, you walked forward --- peeking your head out, intent on seeing either your berries or the thief. However, nothing stuck out to you... just more footprints. There was a smeared pink jelly on some of the trees, as if the creature was actively taunting you by soiling your berries.

It seems it's gone even deeper into the bramble... what do you do?


Croquette was too naive for his own good, and you knew that this would eventually get him into trouble. But you were determined that today wouldn't be that day. As you spotted the man, the small Togepi seemed to do the same. It began to rush towards the man, intent on playing with it's newfound friend. As you grabbed the small egg, you tried your best to restrain it. The man didn't look dangerous, just somewhat of an odd sight in such a dark and dreary castle. You certainly didn't want to startle the man, but your Togepi seemed to have other plans. He let out a loud screech as he began to cry, causing the man to let out some sort of gruff curse as he nailed his head on the bottom of the bed due to jolting upright.

"What in fresh hell?!" He yelled, his voice muffled due to his position to the floor. He had somewhat of an accent, dripping with English origin. You could hear him pull himself out, placing his gloved hands on the bed. He pulled himself upward and looked at you and your Pokemon, rubbing his head in the spot he must've hit. As you apologized profusely he couldn't help but have a grin come to his face, eying you and your Togepi. He stood up and approached you as you asked what he was looking for, his freckled face a welcome sight. He certainly didn't look like a bad person, his caramel skin breathed a sense of warmth into the dankness of this castle.

"Ello' love. I'm just searching for..." He paused, seemingly trying to think of if he should actually disclose his motives. "Oh what the hell. I'm Bentley, you can just call me Ben though!" He said, awfully chipper for someone who had just nailed their head rather forcefully. He stuck of his hand to shake yours, before gesturing towards the bed. "You've heard of the mad king, yeah? Well apparently this dude had a whole stash of treasure and according to one of my sources... well," He tugged at his jean pocket, producing an odd note that was seemingly cryptic in nature.

What has a bed but doesn’t sleep and a mouth but never eats?

"You see, I assumed it meant the baby. I don't think the wee tyke lasted very long before the madness set in." He looked at you, noticing you had seemingly been taken aback by his words. "Oh! Sorry, that was very inappropriate! No one should have to think about that!" He flushed red, seemingly embarrassed by making you uncomfortable.

"I don't think before I talk, not used to having company." He laughed to himself, suddenly looking at you intently. "You look like an intelligent lass, do you think you could give me a hand?"

What do you do?


"Karra! Karra blast!" Screamed the blue bug for help, noticing a sudden presence surrounding it. You felt a certain disdain to the small bug, as you had dealt with far too many of the little buggers within the Cloud garden throughout your adventure. But your soft heart and the woman next to you made you feel the need to come to it's aid, as much as you desperately wished you could just let the hulking dragon get an extra helping of protein tonight. Although you knew fully well that you needed to fend off this hulking mass, your Pokemon were quite small and inexperienced in handling themselves in battle... but there was also still the issue of that damn Karrablast.

Hatching a plan, you asked Sylvi if she could get her Lycanroc to capture the small creature and get it to safety. She nodded vigorously, turning to the dog in question. "Alright Percy! Save that bug!" He barked in agreement, rushing forward with a rather fast Accelrock in order to scoop up the small bug in it's jaws. With it's prey out of the way, the mighty Kommo-o let out a piercing Screech, causing your Pokemon to wince. Although the fight wasn't exactly what you'd call fair, you had a new little beast under your belt.

You tossed forward a small Axew, your newest partner. She smirked at the prospect of finally getting into a fight, flexing her foreseen muscles and glaring at her opponent. At her trainer's command she quickly set up her Guardian Terrain, protecting her team from any dragon type moves that the monster might decide to use. Following this, Iron Maiden rolled into the attack, hardening herself to make her body more sturdy as her spiky body hit the legs of her opponent. The dragon roared, slapping the Ferroseed away with a rather impactful Sky Uppercut. Although she was certainly barely hanging on at this point, she unleashed a mouthful of toxic acid that sprayed her opponent as she was sent flying across the hall.

While the Kommo-o focused on the flying piece of steel and grass, Ajax snuck around, hitting it's opponent in the back with a powerful blow from his forehead and following it with two chops to the back. The Kommo-o hissed out in response at the two super effective hits. Labrys stepped up to bat next, hitting the large creature with a dragon rage. It reacted by spinning towards Labrys, coming at her with an Aqua Tail.

The Kommo-o suffers toxic damage, but still looks well. Ajax is unharmed, Labrys still stands tall and strong, but unfortunately Iron Maiden is close to fainting. What do you do?


Fire represented rebirth, salvation, and even cleansing in some cultures. This was so much more true for you than it was for any of them, three important things that were extremely different... yet somehow they all represented different facets of your own personality. Your past, your present, and presumably your future. As the fire lapped at every inch of you, you couldn't help but laugh. You were ready for the end, your salvation, and your eventual rebirth that would come after. You had accepted you fate, but it appeared that Wisp had not. The horror on the candle's face was evident, along with a plaster of worry.

Was Wisp... remembering something? Did he know something? Or was he simply afraid of you, afraid of the madness that was gradually seeming to drag you deeper, pull you under forcefully and destroy every last inch of you. As much as you desired the flames, ready to let them pull you apart. You needed to help Wisp, you had to aid him. With a quick command, Wisp jumped onto your back, blasting down the guillotine blade with a well placed shadow ball. Hearing it clatter to the floor filled you and Wisp with relief. The candle quickly absorbed the flames around the two of you with flash fire, knowing full well thanks to your praise that he had saved your life once again.

You heard the spectre screech, fading away into the darkness as the rest of the wood crumbled away around you. As you rested your neck in the former hunk of wood, you felt the need to stand... but at the same time you felt so much relief upon realizing you could live another day. Wisp crawled off your back and looked you in the eyes, reminding you of your true goal here. That initial outcome, those eyes in the darkness, that eaten Beldum.

What do you do?


The courtyard was spacious, gorgeous despite the decaying nature of the building surrounding it... the garden surrounding the courtyard looked well maintained. It was almost as if someone was constantly working on it, despite the nature of the place someone was putting love and care into keeping this one spot beautiful. Perhaps it was the same person who had lit the torches earlier, it was actually quite possible that they lived within the walls of the castle. Maybe some sort of squatter that deeply cared for flora and fauna, or maybe it was something else. Maybe the locals had come back to preserve this place, you couldn't be sure.

As you walked through the garden, you saw more saliva situated around a beautiful rose bush. The figure you had seen had most certainly come this way. As you looked around, you finally noticed whatever it had been. A short creature with a black fly trap making what looked like a ponytail on the back of it's head was clutching a watering can. You realized suddenly that the gardener was in fact this adorable little Pokemon. Whatever it was was taking great time and care in working on the garden of flowers, you couldn't help but smile as you watched it.

You don't want to disturb the gardener, but you are certainly perplexed as to what had cased the creature to take up such an interesting hobby. What do you do?

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