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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Cloud Garden - Stone Shrine
Lunar New Year Festival

Madoka swept the last bit of dust off the shrine and the last drop of sweat off her forehead. She had completed all the preparations for the Lunar New Year Festival, and just in time too. A bark from one of her Lycanroc and the sound of people coming up the long stairway signaled that it was time for the event to begin. The young shrine maiden hurried to the shrine gate to welcome the guests, wishing them happy new year and chatting with the ones she was more familiar with. Lala the Midday Lycanroc sat by her side, wagging her tail and letting children pet her.

The Stone Shrine was alight with lanterns and decorations in the traditional, auspicious red. Signs glittered with characters symbolizing luck, wealth, and general good fortune for the new year. The grounds of the shrine were soon packed with celebrating visitors and their Pokemon. There were plenty of activities for people of all ages to enjoy, but the way the crowd was flowing through the Shrine, it would be hard to get to everything before the ceremony ended with a huge fireworks show.

Felicitous Fireworks
Though the fireworks for tonight’s show are safely behind the shrine and away from any stray Fire types, there is a collection of smaller fireworks for guests to pick up and play with. All kinds of fireworks from Roman Candles to Cherry Bombs are available for your enjoyment. They seem easy enough to light on their own. Trial Captain Marina is close by with her Simipour in case things get out of hand, but the two of them are delighted every time a particularly beautiful display goes off. She cheers and hands something to a group of children who used sparklers to write out their names. Perhaps you can create a display worthy of her praise as well?

Since feudal times, the presence of explosives has been used for warfare and deterrent, and in more recent years, entertainment. Some learned to mix the gunpowder with metallic pellets, creating objects that burned with brilliant colours, and through trial, error and time, crafted these pyrotechnics into fantastic fireworks and magical displays.

Such displays, however, did not garner the attention of one Alex Blackhall. No, he was busy elsewhere within Zephyria, and never realised the celebrations of the lunar new year. One figure did, however, and they were in relatively good company, or at least as good as company as you could get. The company in question was busy scrabbling through the dirt, picking off any small insects they could get their maw on, while their many legs left a trail in their wake.

Bringing a bug that was well known for its fearfulness to a location with many loud noises seemed a bad idea to most, but not for Rory Straltus. To him, the Wimpod was his only key companion, and the teen was certain the bug would enjoy the display. Sadly he was perhaps a bit too young for some of the bigger fireworks, such as the numerous cakes and mortars, but he was willing to do something. Finding the guest fireworks wasn't hard, all one had to do was look towards the lights and sounds.

Approaching, he froze in place as a young man passed by, a small purple serpent lazily coiled round him. He shivered, but the concerned squeak of Xigua propelled him forward, the youth approaching a woman and Simipour as he looked over the explosives. He settled on a few, and with a match handed to him by the woman, hoped the small display would work well. A fence post stood nearby, charred with sparks yet still sturdy, as he fixated a three spoke catherine wheel to the post. Beneath this, he partially buried two fountains, one pink, one cyan, and a candle between them with around six shots or so. Taking care, he lit the match and held it to the wheel's fuse first, then ducked down to the twine that linked the other three fireworks together and lit those. Shaking the match to douse the flame, he scooped the Wimpod up and beat a hasty retreat to a safe distance to watch the show.

As the fuses burned down with a hiss, the teen stared at the sparking fires, trembling. Why did they have to hiss? Why did he think this was a good idea? Why couldn't he have settled for some food, or the fortune tent? At least they wouldn't have reminded him of that event that set him down this path some years ago. He wasn't aware of it, lost in his own fears, but he was shaking like a leaf in the wind, and the bug pokemon looked towards the woman, eyes giving a pleading look, begging for her to hold his trainer and calm him down before he had another episode. He was just a little Wimpod, he wasn't capable of resolving one of those traumatic trips.
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