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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Marshal's Headquarters.

: Before Luc could commence, the interruption of his pokegear and the chilling news within left him shaken to the core, as the marshal stood by waiting, eyebrow raised in curiosity as Slice and Tremor are left in the dark. Fortunately, your arrival on the scene and reprieve of the Kalosian lifts the concerns as the officer shrugs and gives you a quick runthrough of the scene, explaining to you the requirements of the trial as the pair of pokemon look at you quizzically, yet relieved that the scary Seviper has upped and vanished too. One of your glances, however, quickly instills an air of authority and reminding them who's in charge.

With Shiou hovering by the generator, you discuss the plan of action with the pair, reinforcing the fact that they are the ones being tested, and not you. Gulping, the Drilbur nods while the Combusken gives a hesitant nod as you motion your group is ready. "Alright, timer starts now," the marshal responds, holding a stopwatch. Hobbling to the rubble pile, Tremor takes aim at the mound, starting at the side, and clenching claws together smashes into the rock pile, shattering some of the rubble to dust while Slice watches, waiting for the opportunity to get in. As the stones fall, the Drilbur gives a yelp, as the top of the pile topples over towards him, but the Combusken is swift to move, rushing in and pulling the mole away with the speed of an ace pilot in the air.

Shiou's attention pointed to the generator, the Gengar looses a weakened wave of electricity that connects with the generator, the device giving a small hum as the thunderous energy creates a current between the plates, the power meter on the device slowly building. Keeping momentum, the spectre steadily holds his charge while Slice admonishes Tremor on his carelessness, the Drilbur looking a little sorry for himself.

"Well, there's not as much weight on our victim now, that much I can say for certain," the marshal remarks, "and the generator's powering up gradually, though from what I see progress is still rather slow. You have two minutes left, make them count."

The rubble pile is a little smaller, but still rather large, and the dummy is nowhere in sight, while the generator's power meter reads 20% as it seems clear your group needs to approach this issue from a different angle, so to speak.
“Hm. It seems we have to stop pulling our punches,” said Sai under his breath. Their success had been moderate, but they were clearly not acting fast enough; besides, the Drilbur had proven every bit as clumsy as Luc de Beaufort’s tired expression had suggested when he handed the reigns to the monk.

“Tremor-san, if I may: the target’s survival rests on your shoulders, so it would be in your best interest to focus harder. Try maintaining balance while you strike.” Sai’s words were calm, almost pleasant, but the choice of words was deliberate. Nobody had ever been soft on him in Tatakami Tower, and he’d grown into who he was today by being constantly subjected to pressure; it was his firm belief that Slice and Tremor would have to find their own growth in the same manner, especially if they were to join the Marshalls.

Shiou’s efforts were also paying off, but in that too, Sai had to recognize he’d been too conservative. The machine’s power gauge indicated only 20% charge; for the two minutes they had left, they would all have to increase their efforts.
The monk closed his eyes, whispered a quick prayer and heightened his own focus.

I will not let your efforts go to waste, Luc-san.

“Everyone, pay attention now,” he finally spoke after concluding his brief meditation; his tone was noticeably harsher. “Slice-san, you will aid your partner in the task of whittling down the rubble; charge ahead with as many Double Kicks as it takes. Tremor-san, continue with Rock Smash, and if there’s a boulder you can’t break, see if your Crush Claw can get it done instead.”

Then, he switched his attention to Shiou, but with the Gengar, words were not needed. The phantom found all this extremely amusing, as was the case with any situation that tested the monk’s patience – nothing entertained Shiou more than seeing Sai struggle to maintain his composure and manners in the face of overwhelming incompetence.
The electricity that enveloped the phantom’s body began to coalesce around his right fist, in compliance with Sai’s silent instruction. The machine needed more power to start functioning, and Thunder Wave was insufficient with the time limit in place. As such, perhaps the stronger Thunder Punch, or however many it took, would finish the job…
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