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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post

Mélina: Catalina the Minior (3), Glitch the Porygon (3)


All trainers have been awarded the following items:
Never-Melt Ice x1
Icy Rock x1
Ice Stone x1
TM Hail x1
Trainers may also select ONE of the following packages:
Package 2: Icium-Z x1
Mélina's bitten lip turned into a dropped jaw as the whole battle unfolded. Catalina went beyond her expectations, showing great power, but more amazingly, its dedication to her. It knew it was a bit a "suicide" mission, but it did not care, as it fully trusted her and her words, knowing it was the right thing to do. The Minior even made sure its actions were more useful than planned: the Continental Crush's boulder limited some of the Abomasnow's movements, and it protected a few of the knocked out Pokémon from further harm by distracting the monster with is Self-Destruct. Mélina swore she saw a large smile marked across the meteor's rocky shell, and heard a strangely gleeful battle cry through it. Despite it all, it was happy to help.

"This is what being a Pokémon Trainer is," Mélina thought, as she called back Catalina in its Pokéball then stared at it. "Trust between human and Pokémon, working together towards a goal, no matter how hard the decisions are."

The trainer continued to be shocked of the scene. Every single Pokémon of the other trainers, despite their incredible strength, were dropping like flies against the snow abomination. It seemed like there was nothing stopping him...

And then all the other ice Pokémon everyone fought against showed up. Mélina mumbled in worry, believing there was no way her team would keep up and counter such a glacial army, even with the other trainers' help. Her whimpering went to a stop though, when she witnessed the surprising turn of event of the enemies of before actually turning against what everyone first assumed to be their leader. Maybe he was, but did something that rubbed them the wrong way? Mélina couldn't really tell, but assumed that perhaps the Abomasnow went a little bit over the top with his winter rampage to their taste. Even Athena theorized it was because his tantrum started destroying the environment and consequentially their homes; so obviously, they didn't take his actions kindly. With their ice powers combined, they froze their leader completely, and pushed it back into the cave. As most of them departed while the hail and avalanche calmed down, a Glalie and its related of its species stayed longer. the Face Pokémon looked at all the trainers, and despite its fearsome appearance, its eyes spoke volumes, filled with sorrow and regrets, as if asking for forgiveness for how they all acted the last few days. As the sealed the cave shut with a frozen wall, the rest of the ice Pokémon slowly left. Mélina finally brought her jaw back up, and let out a sigh of relief.

It was all finally over.

As everyone arrived at the town, the villagers erupted a celebration to thank their saviors, rushing to heal all the trainer's Pokémon. Excited and wanted to celebrate with everyone who helped her, Mélina let out all the Pokémon she had with her - Glitch, Soleil, Lune, Catalina... even those that didn't had the chance to participate, like Lucette and the recently-captured Oyuki. They all enjoyed themselves as they were pampered with hot chocolate and playful banters with the local children. Before the party died down and the trainers left, Athena gave a last big thanks to everyone, and offered them some parting gifts - shiny, icy rocks that were encased in the giant boulder from the big fight on top of the mountain. (Mélina couldn't help smiling proudly, betting the boulder came from Catalina's Continental Crush.) The trainer nodded politely as she collected her presents, and after a bit of struggling of calling back her Pokémon, she left the mountainous village quietly.

It was surely a couple of days that Gaela Town will never forget, but it was also days that Mélina wouldn't forget, either.


Glitch's level goes from 23 to 26!

Catalina's level goes from 25 to 28!

Picking up the following:
  • x1 Never-Melted Ice
  • x1 Icy Rock
  • x1 Ice Stone
  • x1 TM Hail
  • Icium-Z

Thank you very much for this gigantic campaign, Patches, morningstar and Gary! ^^ It sure was a doozy and tiring thing for me to post constantly every week, so I can only imagine the hard work you guys pulled off! Rest well now guys, and good job

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