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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Raves: You settle in with your Pokemon, deciding to take in the peace and beauty of your surroundings rather than concern yourself with the group of youths nearby. Your Garchomp gives them an exaggerated smile and wave, to which you hear them laugh and scoff. After they see that you and your Pokemon are not going to pay any attention to them, they lose interest quickly. One of the girls starts to climb a nearby tree and the others cheer her on and tease her about falling.

You are able to block the noise out, especially with the sound of the river rushing by. Totsuka rifles through the basket of goodies and pulls out her share of biscuits. Caladbolg dives to the basket next and after some shuffling of the contents, he cries out in shock and anger. He pulls out up a biscuit that has clearly been torn in half. The Shadow Zangoose is immediately accused, but she shows him that she really has only taken two, whole biscuits. You take a look yourself and try to deduce what could have happened to the other half of the biscuit. There aren’t any Pokemon or people nearby, and you know that your Pokemon would have noticed if some kind of Flying type had come down and snatched it. The only thing that seems out of place is one of the bushes nearby. If you look closely you can tell it has been disturbed, there are several leaves on the ground and a small hole where something must have gone through. On top of that, you hear a loud outburst of laughter from the teens again, and one of them has just returned something into a Pokeball.
The plan of ignoring the teens was easy enough for Alex and Golestandt, while Totsuka remained neutral. Cal's response was met with laughter, but after some time the teens lost interest, a good thing to Alex. The last thing he wanted was any trouble, just a nice bit of relaxation before they made plans for the mountain. As the Zangoose dove into the basket, the dragon was quick to remind her of her quota of biscuits, to which the shadow pokemon gave a half-hearted grunt, well aware of how quickly the Garchomp changed when anything was stupid enough to mess with his food.

As she took her share, Cal quickly dived into the basket as the human sank teeth into a sandwich, but his tranquil mood soured on an all too familiar cry of shock from the pseudo legendary. With both claws grasping, the Mach pokemon pulled out a biscuit that had been snapped in two, looking at Totsuka in accusation. The Zangoose merely raised her brow, and the two biscuit quota she had. "Perhaps it snapped in half during transit?" Alex quizzed as he leaned forward and dug gauntlet into the basket to look for himself, only to discover there was no other half. As he scratched his head, the automaton turned its own to a nearby bush. Ever vigilant, the Golurk noticed the bush was disturbed, loose leaves and dirt evidence of something digging, and as an outburst of laughter caught the group's attention, Alex caught sight of one of the teens recalling something into a ball.

To say Caladbolg was upset would be accurate, and as the Golurk motioned towards the hole, it hit the trainer. "Seems we've got some jokers in the midst..." he sighed, as he reached for the tea flask, only to be stopped by the cold stare of the shadow pokemon. Totsuka did two thing well: nothing, and pranks, and she had just been showed up by some nobodies. She was seething, and this intimidated Alex. As he backed off, he shrugged at his dragon in apology, yet as the normal type examined the scene, she found a way to retaliate for this amateur work.

Gesturing to Alex, the Zangoose pushed the flask towards him, and a short moment later she had a cup of hot tea. Taking a sip confirmed indeed that it was hot. Feigning pain, she waved her paw in front of her mouth, before giving a mewl towards Cal, raising the cup between him and the tree that the girl was climbing. The Garchomp saw her eyes and instantly understood the pokemon wanted the tea cooled down. Taking a deep breath, Cal prepared to blow on the tea, failing to realise that he had taken a breath too much and that his breath would send the tea flying back, and the rest of the technique would generate a rather powerful gust of wind that'd surely give the climber of the tree a considerable case of turbulence. If these kids wanted a prank war, then the Zangoose would deliver, as she was ready to detect and evade the scorching hot liquid.

While these shenanigans were happening, Golestandt took a closer look at the bush and towards the other campsite. The machine's emotion control centre hummed, and he was ready for any escalation in trouble.
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