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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Ribcage Mall.

: Self-preservation on your agenda, your pursuit of Aimee leads you to an old warehouse, and the traitorous Shell within, with the girl in the midst of a large sandy beast. As you reveal Yuke, the Shell's sneer continues. "Riiight, whatever, you're not leaving here. Ever looked at the floor?" At his comment, your sight drifts to the ground, to find the whole floor of the warehouse covered in sand, and with a snap of his fingers the Palossand growls, beckoning the complete control of the sand to shift and billow behind you, blocking your escape path, trapping you and the Spheal, before the main body envelopes Aimee and swallows her into its core before turning to Yuke, the girl crying as the sand rips her grip off the floor.

Barking commands, the Spheal takes a breath as it spits out a gush of water towards the sand castle, the beast grunting as the gunfire douses its walls, and as the Shell laughs, you find the sandy body stiffening as the water compaction indeed bolsters its defensive properties. Shredder, on seeing this, reacts accordingly by bounding forward and snapping with fangs in assurance, as the Palossand rumbles in irritance. Despite the physical resilience, the boosted power of assurance certainly left its mark on the beast.

"You're a madman, I'll give you that. Shred them!" At the command, the Palossand raises its rampart arms up before giving a haunting wail as the sand beneath you all begins to swirl ferociously, as you and Yuke are caught up in a localised stormfront, the particles grazing into you like sandpaper, fittingly. Uncomfortable, Yuke nevertheless decides to go with his own storm, blowing a snowy gust at the sandcastle, and as the Shell spy watches confidently, the powdered chill comes into contact with the castle, causing it further discomfort, yet at the same time your hypothesis seems to be working, as the soaked segment of sand seems to be stiffening. Shredder, caught in the storm and already weakened, takes a moment to focus himself, putting his dwindling energy into biding his time.

With a point of its master's finger, the castle opens its maw as a great dark mass emanates from it and wraps around Yuke and Shredder, the Spheal suddenly wailing as the humming energy infests him, and as the bug energy starts to bite at him, he inadvertently releases a second flurry of powder snow into the castle's maw, chilling it from the inside as it visibly winces. Taking the opportunity, the Carvanha envelopes himself in water before jetting into the cold and damp wall section, with a battle cry the aquatic pokemon barrels clean into the section as a crunching sound echoes through the warehouse and the castle gives a pained moan, body compacting once more as one of its arms are smashed open, the critical strike delivering a fierce blow.

"What th - oh, cheap shot..." the spy snarls, as the castle's eyes focus on the wound, as it tries in vain to gather the wet and cold sand up. Your suspicions confirmed, you look towards the Carvanha only to find the fish has passed out, having put all it could into delivering a powerful blow as the Palossand shifts its attention to you and Yuke, with murderous intent. You can't see Aimee within, but her faint cries tell you she's still conscious at least, but the glower the castle's giving you, it's clear that the creature is taking things much more seriously. Yuke seems relatively healthy despite the wear and tear of the sand, which at this point is starting to cause you some considerable discomfort, while the Shell doesn't seem too fazed, likely used to things.

"Sap the life out of the seal, then lull the brat into eternal slumber," the Shell commands, as things take a drastic turn. You're down one ally, though the Palossand's taken a notable injury. What next, 'hero?'

"Wonderful!" Austin laughed, seeing the Palossand writhe as its arm froze off. His battle fervor was taking over, and there was no logic or reason in his mind. He was out for blood. If only he had his knife on him... Destroying the Sand Castle limb by limb would suffice.

The teen observed the warehouse, though it was a bit hard with the sandstorm obscuring his vision. The Carvahna was passed out in the corner, seeming to have given its all. Even if it didn't listen to Aimee... Austin could see the sharkling cared about her. After all, they did have some type of bond between them. He could hear Aimee screaming out, trying her hardest to fight for her life. Sand littered the floor... If only he had a way to clear it. Though, it felt like that wouldn't matter too much in the long run. His foe was without an arm for now. Yes, this was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

"You think you can beat me with that?" Austin scoffed, deeming the situation was in his favor. Or are you just stalling until the girl gives her out last breathe? I don't care at this point. Why should I? Kill her and I'll kill you." A deranged smile broke across Austin's face, and a somewhat demonic aura seemed to surround him.

"Now then, let us continue this litany of water and ice Yuke! Let this sinner repent! Water Gun again, focus down the other arm at this point! Then two more Powder Snows! A tad repetitive, yes, but if it works why change it up?" He ordered, trying to stifle his his laughter.


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