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Cloud Garden - Stone Shrine
Lunar New Year Festival

Madoka swept the last bit of dust off the shrine and the last drop of sweat off her forehead. She had completed all the preparations for the Lunar New Year Festival, and just in time too. A bark from one of her Lycanroc and the sound of people coming up the long stairway signaled that it was time for the event to begin. The young shrine maiden hurried to the shrine gate to welcome the guests, wishing them happy new year and chatting with the ones she was more familiar with. Lala the Midday Lycanroc sat by her side, wagging her tail and letting children pet her.

The Stone Shrine was alight with lanterns and decorations in the traditional, auspicious red. Signs glittered with characters symbolizing luck, wealth, and general good fortune for the new year. The grounds of the shrine were soon packed with celebrating visitors and their Pokemon. There were plenty of activities for people of all ages to enjoy, but the way the crowd was flowing through the Shrine, it would be hard to get to everything before the ceremony ended with a huge fireworks show.

Year of the Dog
*Note, this does not count as your activity, but please claim a treat for your favorite puppy!(or their evolution) One per trainer. These treats give +2 bond and +1 level*
Madoka’s Midnight Lycanroc, the more intimidating Lulu, sits near the main shrine building next to a sign.
“The following Pokemon may receive a special gift. Homemade with all natural ingredients (taste tested by Lala and Lulu). May it bring you luck and strength in the new year!”

Below the sign is a large bowl filled with bone shaped treats, wrapped in a charm made of red string. Lulu is drooling so much there is a puddle on the ground in front of her. Madoka promised her that she can have any leftovers, so she is keeping a Keen Eye to make sure nobody takes more than one.

Cookie’s Fortunes
In a secluded, much more quiet area of the shrine is a table. Upon it are small carved statues of Rockruff holding the character 福 in its mouth. A shrine maiden a bit younger than Madoka attends the table, patting the head of an actual Rockruff in her lap. The pup’s nametag reads “Cookie”. A box on the table is labeled “fortunes”, and looks impossible to open up and see what is inside. A nearby tree has several pieces of paper tied to its branches, and you can read bits and pieces of them. It seems other visitors have gotten fortunes ranging from “Great Blessing!” to “Great Curse”. Will you try your luck and see what the Stone Shrine will grant you this year?
"Wealth. Good fortune. Bunch of nonsense", muttered Hush as he approached the Stone Shrine. "People just can't appreciate the beauty of randomness."

Hands in his pockets, lit cigarette in his mouth, the red-haired man glanced through the charms dangling from the shrine itself, as well as the signs and lamps that had been put up to make the atmosphere more fitting. Someone had gone through a lot of trouble to set all this up... the "Lunar Festival".

These Fizzytopians may hold on to some pretty ridiculous beliefs, but they make the most of their times of peace, I'll give them that.

He'd spent most of his time between two other countries, both during his time in the army and... afterwards. Heiml was a nation of one-track-minded warmongers, not much different from the bloodthirsty savages that were their ancestors; they took pride in their infantry, their Pokemon bred for war, and ironically, their bombs. Saigo was riddled with uptight traditionalists, religious zealots who couldn't take a leak without offering a prayer to Dialga; interestingly, they had bombs too, proving that war is great for making hypocrisy surface pretty quick.

I did them both, and the rest of the world, a favour. Not that they'll ever see it that way, even after they figure out what actually happened to wipe Heiml and Saigo off the map at the same time.

Behind him trailed his angels, considerably more interested in the festivities than Hush. Helel, in particular, was lured to the large bowl guarded by a Midnight Lycanroc up the steps of the Main Shrine. The Absol approached with her usual caution, eyeing Lulu as she did, but once she realized it wouldn't make a move, her attention shifted to the bowl's contents.

"Hm? You want a treat? Sure, suit yourself," casually said Hush without stopping to look back. "You're not really a dog, though."

Helel broke a faint smile. Whoever put this up seemed to think Absol were related to canines, and that was all that mattered - she was allowed to take a little something for herself, which she did without hesitation. She turned to leave and join the others, but stopped mid-motion to give Lulu a respectful bow. If Hush had seen that, his eyes would've rolled all the way to the back of his head.

"He's not here," mumbled the man, after some fifteen minutes of roaming the area. "Rorik didn't come."

It hardly surprised him. The Professor was allergic to people, as he recalled. Even if he had caught wind of the event taking place, it was no wonder that he stayed as far away from the crowd as possible. No matter; Hush had time to handle that lingering issue.

"Hmm. Cookie's Fortune... Finally, some appreciation for the element of chance."

He looked over his shoulder at the Pokemon who accompanied him. Who should take the cookie? Helel was out of the question; she'd already had her dog treat, demeaning as that was, and her Super Luck would tamper with the random nature of this little game. Before he could pick one of his angels, the small automaton called Pahaliah stepped forward to retrieve a cookie by itself.

Golett were man-made, they say. Programmed to obey. Hah, bunch of idiots!

Amused, he watched as the knowledge-hungry robot scanned the area, only to discover that there were no "cookies" at all - but instead a Rockruff named as such. The machine stared at Cookie for a long time, running all sorts of algorithms and calculations in silence... before determining that in Fizzytopian culture, living Rockruff were neither considered cookies, nor consumable. If it was in any way disappointed, the expressionless Pahaliah did not convey it, instead methodically proceeding to remove one of the slips of paper dangling from a nearby branch and handing it to Hush, without so much as glancing at its contents.

"Hum... good effort nonetheless. Well, alea jacta est."

Hush dropped to one knee, took the paper from his Pokémon's grasp and took a long, curious look at what was written...

OoC: Absol takes the Year of the Dog treat, Golett takes a Fortune paper.
Thanks for this fun little event! ^^

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