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morningstar: You and Mille catch up to Snivy, who has stopped a few inches away from where the sensor would cause the Refrigeration Unit’s door to open. Another step, and the iron barrier will move to the side; beyond it is Seviper… and the corpse of Snivy’s former Trainer.

The snake is taking a moment to calm down and regain his usual composure, but you can tell it’s hard for him. You have no idea how long he and the Guard had been together, but it’s obvious his death was quite the blow to Snivy’s confidence. Now, his spirit partially restored, the Grass-Type has revenge on his mind, but even that burning desire is not enough to prevent Snivy from faltering at the last minute.

However, once he sees you’ve joined him, he smiles faintly, seeming relieved that you haven’t abandoned him. And with that, he steps forward, and the metal door slides open.


The satisfied hissing welcomes the three of you. Seviper remains coiled around the cold body of the guard, red eyes firmly locked on Snivy and a vile, taunting grin, as if it knew he would return. It takes you a while to understand that the black viper is actually trying to pin Snivy in place with a Glare, but it seems completely ineffective, as Snivy is fighting back with a Glare of his own, resulting in a stalemate of iron wills…

Once the foe understands intimidation is futile, it unwraps itself from around the corpse, and prepares to go on the offensive. Despite Mille Biding her time, Seviper doesn’t seem the least bit interested in her, instead focusing completely on Snivy; the Grass-Type, in turn, doesn’t seem to want to face Seviper in a direct clash right away, his own eyes having shifted to his former Trainer. Following his gaze with your own, you realize Snivy’s attention rests on the dead man’s bracelet, though you can’t make out any more details from where you’re standing...

Suddenly, Seviper lunges in for a Bite, which Snivy just narrowly dodges, but quick as a black lightning, the enemy coils around itself and spits out a blob of Venoshock which explodes on contact with the Grass snake, sending it tumbling across the floor of the Refrigeration Unit!

The battle has begun! What will you do?!
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