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Angry, Angry Artemis

It was a busy day at the Sludge Wave Coast, with training going on all around. In one direction, a Seismitoad could be seen landing a powerful blow on a Barbaracle with his Liquidation attack. Elsewhere, a pair of Darumaka were duking it out, one charging in with Crossfire, and the other making the first strike with Sucker Punch. In a particularly sunny spot, an Ivysaur and her Druddigon son could be seen recovering from their training matches by using Synthesis. And on the battlefield in front of the house, an Inkay launched progressively more powerful Overheats at an Alolan Vulpix, who was doing her best to block the Fire attacks with her Aurora Veil, made possible of course by the hail currently falling due to her Snow Warning Ability.

Artemis, meanwhile, was not doing so well in her own training battle. She went into a solid Harden attack, but was still blown backwards by Willow's Aerial Ace. She whipped up a Gust attack in retaliation, but Willow retaliated with Hurricane, which easily overpowered the weaker Flying move. Rather than try and fight back after this, Artimis angrily flew away from the scene, leaving a rather confused and concerned Shiftry, who hastened to follow.

"Alright," Keith grinned as he looked around. "How's everybody doi- GAH!" he exclaimed, for at that moment, something struck him in the back of the head- and as he wheeled around, he quickly noticed that it was none other than Artemis, his Shiny Dustox, having hit him with Tackle. "Artemis?" Keith said, sounding confused. "What the-"

"TOX!" Artemis interrupted. "Dustox tox Dustox, Dustox Dustox Dustox! Tox!" With that, she hit Keith with yet another Tackle, just as Willow caught up and held the seething Shiny back.

"Artemis ain't pleased wit youse," Meowth translated from his usual spot on Keith's shoulder. "She's sayin' dat everyone else keeps gettin' new tricks ta work with while she just gets left in da dust wit da few moves she learned on her own."

"Dus tox!" Artemis added, tears now coming to her eyes. "Dus... Dustox tox Dustox!"

"She's sayin' she don't deserve dis kinda shabby treatment," said Meowth. "She's done. She wants out."

Keith looked at the Dustox, who was already looking as though she regretted her words even before Meowth finished translating them. She opened her mouth, and Keith knew in an instant she was going to apologize, to take back what she said. And in that same instant, he knew that that wasn't going to fix everything. Not really. It would make things OK with this outburst, but it wouldn't fix the underlying problem what caused the outburst in the first place.

"Artemis," Keith said, forestalling the Shiny's words. "I know you didn't really mean to hurt my feelings there. There's no hard feelings, OK? But... I mean, you were right- I haven't been doing as much with you as I should have been. I take full blame for that- with all the Pokémon I choose to train, as much as I hate for it to happen, sometimes it just happens. And it shouldn't. And I'll work harder to make sure it doesn't happen anymore... but I have to know, Artemis, honestly- when you said you wanted out, did you mean it?"

Artemis met her Trainer's gaze. The honest answer was yes. Keith was awesome with Poison-types, and was able to train her up from a baby Wurmple... but she wanted to be on a team where she could be assured more attention, more training. Even if that meant departing from her parents- even from birth, Artemis had been more independent than most, and as much as she loved Severus and Fatale, she knew she would be fine without them. But... she didn't want to hurt his feelings. Already she was feeling bad about attacking Keith, even as valid as her points were.

"Hey, look," Keith said, snapping Artemis out of her train of thought. "I don't want you to worry about hurting my feelings here, alright? If you're not happy being on the team, I want you to be able to say so."

"...Dustox tox," Artemis finally nodded.

Keith nodded back. "Well, then... this is goodbye, isn't it?" he asked. Artemis nodded again.

Soon, Severus and Fatale were located and informed of this development. Severus was shocked, though Fatale didn't seem all that surprised. Or if she was, she hid it well. But in the end, they too were in agreement- Artemis had to do right by her. They wanted their daughter to be happy, even if it meant saying goodbye.

It was with a heavy heart Keith fiddled with the Net Ball until it split into two useless halves. He looked down at the halves for a second, then looked back up- Artemis had started to fly away, though turned back around to look at Keith, Severus, and Fatale.

Keith managed a brave smile. "The Pokémon and Trainer have to choose each other," he said. "Otherwise, neither of them will be happy. Good luck, Artemis... or whatever you end up being called."

Artemis smiled back. "Tox," she responded.

"Tooooox! Tooooox!" Severus called out.

"Beauuutiflyyyyyy!" trilled Fatale.

Artemis's smile grew a bit, a few tears falling as she heard her parents' goodbyes. "Duuustooooox," she called back, before turning around and flying off at last.

Not long after, Keith stood in front of his Secret Base, addressing all of his Pokémon. "Alright," he called to them. "As some of you may already know, earlier today, Artemis decided she was no longer willing to be a part of the team. She's gone off to find herself a Trainer who can give her the attention she deserves. Now... I want you all to know... I love working with each and every one of you. If ever I'm doing something wrong, by all means, let me know. And... if ever any of you feel like you no longer want to be on the team, you need only let me know, and I can promise you there will be no hard feelings. I told Artemis earlier- the Pokémon and Trainer have to choose each other, otherwise neither of them will be happy. So... any of you want out, you can tell me."

A silence met Keith's words at first. Several Pokémon exchanged glances. And then, a fedora-clad Camerupt stepped forward. "I think I speaks for at least most of us, hat man," he said, "when I says I ain't goin' nowheres anytime soon."

"I'm with Vinny on this," added Peeves. "I'll leave this team when the Distortion World freezes over."

"I'm staying, too," chimed in Liliana. "And not just because Peeves is staying, either- you're a great Trainer, Keith!"

At this, the other gathered Pokémon started to voice their agreement, including all the ones who did not speak human language.



"Inkay Inkay!"



"Led Ledian!"



Keith was in tears of happiness at this point. Meowth even put a foreleg around Keith and gave him a reassuring grin, just before Keith was grabbed and hugged by his Garbodor and Hariyama. And it wasn't long before this developed into one big, chaotic group hug from most of Keith's Pokémon.

Meanwhile, Artemis was flying aimlessly above the Fizzytopia region. As she neared a forest her parents once showed her, she felt something... a strange pulse of energy, seemingly calling out to her kind. And it came from within the forest. Driven by curiosity, the Shiny Dustox started to descend...


Cadaver Forest. Though the infamous vampire who gave the forest its ominous name was long gone, the name had stuck. Even though it was now flourishing and full of life once more. A haven for Bug-types. Including, or so a certain Orre native was hoping, those of a different color...

"Miror! Peck!" Gavin exclaimed.

"Marrrractus!" exclaimed Miror, hopping forward and striking the Dustox with a powerful blow. This caused the green-winged Bug/Poison-type to fly away.

"Alright, Miror, that brings the chain up to 37," grinned Gavin. "We're getting there! And the battery's at a full charge... here we go!" And he pressed the button on his Poké Radar once more, sending a pulse of energy throughout the area. Gavin kept a sharp eye on the tall grass surrounding him. Any moment now, the energy pulse would draw in more Pokémon, mostly Dustox since those are what he'd been battling... and hopefully...

Gavin's eyes widened as several patches of grass started shaking. And from one patch of grass that shook, sparkles could be seen, kind of a pulsing light. He quickly consulted the screen of his Poké Radar. Four dots appeared on the screen, each corresponding with a patch of grass that had shaken just now. And only three of them were green.

The one corresponding to the sparkling patch was gold.

Slowly, carefully, Gavin made his way to the sparkling patch. And a Dustox shot up out of it, blue sparkles swirling all around it. Its wings, rather than green, were a decidedly autumnal shade of brown.

"Ohh, finally!" Gavin grinned. "Miror, let's go!" he exclaimed to his Maractus. "Thunder Wave!"

"Marac!" exclaimed Miror, letting loose a feeble jolt of electricity from his flowers. The Dustox had fired off a Poison Sting, but was unable to stop the attack from paralyzing her. Miror, meanwhile, took the Poison Sting relatively well despite the super effectiveness of the move.

"Great, Miror! Now straight into a Peck attack!" ordered Gavin.

"Rrrrrractus!" trilled Miror, lunging forward and striking with his forehead spike. The Dustox had managed to use Harden, but was only somewhat successful in deflecting the super effective move.

"Let's do it! Secret Power!" ordered Gavin.

Miror glowed pink for a moment, then sent the pink glow into the ground. Moments later, glowing pink vines shot up out of the tall grass below the Dustox and struck her. The power from the vines might have put her to sleep, but her Shield Dust meant this was in no danger of occurring. What was in danger of occuring, however, was this Dustox losing the battle- she was flying lower to the ground, losing altitude and hit points in equal measure, and struggling to remain in the air at all.

Gavin saw his opportunity and took it. He plunged his right hand into his red backpack and dug out a Net Ball. Once he enlarged said Net Ball, he then held it out in front of him. "Dustox!" declared Gavin. "You shine for me now!" He brought back his right arm as he said this... and then launched the Net Ball forward. "Go, Net Ball!"

Before the Dustox knew it, she found herself inside another Net Ball. It fell to the tall grass with a soft thud and started wobbling back and forth... and then it clicked shut.

"Aww, yeah!" Gavin grinned as Miror handed him the Net Ball. "A Shiny Dustox, and it's mine!"

"Marac Maractus!" added Miror.

"Heh... now to name her," stated Gavin, looking at the Net Ball. "Y'know... her wings look like leaves in autumn. Reminds me of that time I went to visit Grandma Golurkson in Agate Village... Heh... y'know what, I'll call her Agate," he decided. "C'mon, Miror," he added. "The ol' Poké Radar deserves a bit of a break, and you deserve a trip to a Pokémon Center, yeah?"

"MaRAC!" Miror agreed emphatically.
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