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Stitches: Solemn jumped out of the water and came to you, obviously becoming worried by the urgency at which he was called over. You both watch the strange blue object being slightly jarred by the water rushing by. At your command, Solemn jumps back into the water and steadily builds up speed. He tucks himself into his shell and Tackles one of the rocks. It’s enough to chip the rock slightly and the round blue orb is dislodged. Your Squirtle seems proud of his work and looks over his shoulder at you. When he turns back, the orb is right in his face. Solemn reels back in shock, worried about what would happen if it touched him. The blue object suddenly bobbed under the water, and something larger and round popped up. Two big ears and small cute eyes revealed themselves from under the water. The Pokemon coughed and sputtered. Though it looked to be a Water-Type, it lacked gills and had swallowed a bit of water after being caught on that rock. You and Solemn had saved the poor thing!

The Marill’s face did not show relief and gratitude like you thought it might. Instead, it furrowed up its brows in anger and puffed up its cheeks. It reared back and then Tackled your Squirtle, sending him sliding back in the water. You watched as the Marill dived under the water and then jumped back out, landing on one of the rocks it had originally be stuck on. Solemn recovered from the sudden attack but was blasted with a Water Gun before he could do anything else.

Maskerade: As you land in the Rose Garden, you immediately notice it is rather quiet. Though new to the region, you were aware that this was a rather touristy area. The War of the Roses that had taken place a few months ago had brought record-breaking crowds to garden. The gardeners had barely finished re-sodding the grass that was trampled by the hundreds if not thousands of guests. You paid little attention to the foliage, though the smell of fertilizer was pretty hard to ignore. It was late in the afternoon, and Pokemon that enjoyed basking in the sun were retreating for the day as the shadows grew longer. A flock of noisy Spearow flew by, looking for a place to roost after a long day.

You pass a few tall hedges, one sculpted in the form of a Torterra, a bonsai used as the Grass-types signature tree on its back. There are several more sculpted hedges, but lost in thought you do not take time to think about what they might be. You break the peaceful silence with a laugh, stepping between two rather tall hedges. Your laugh is echoed by a much higher pitched giggle. You’ve almost bumped into someone. A young girl, several inches shorter than you, with a relaxed look on her face. Her blonde hair falls gently past her shoulders and over a white sundress. She holds a sunhat in her arms, almost like hugging a pillow. You notice a pinkish glow about her, and smoke twirling around her ankles. A pink and purple Pokemon is floating by her side, fast asleep, but very much aware that you nearly knocked over its trainer.
“Looks like we found a trainer on our walk today, Ole,” The girl smiles with closed eyes. Her Musharna hums a low note of acknowledgement. “Aren’t we lucky…” She trails off, and you notice the entire interaction she hasn’t looked at you at all. She turns, and heads in the direction of a gazebo with vines delicately wrapped around its columns. Her Musharna follows, emitting a trail of pink, swirling smoke.

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