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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Abomasnow bellowed loudly as rocks and ice continued to tumble down from the cliffs above. The abomination was a horrifying sight as its body was charred black and its eyes glowed a fierce blue as it continued to summon an Avalanche to attempt to snuff out all life around it. “We have to end this now! Go Artemis, use Flash Cannon!” Athena yelled out to her Mawile, who stood in front in an attempt to protect the Pokemon nearby. Athena’s Mawile opened the jaw-like appendage on her head wide and a powerful silvery beam shot out at the Abomasnow, who countered with its own Ice Beam. The two beams pushed back on each other, neither side relenting in power as they struggled to push the other one over the top. After a few moments however, Mawile’s Flash Cannon began dwindling in power and the Ice Beam pushed it back closer and closer to Mawile’s body. Mawile yelled as her beam gave out, getting struck by Abomasnow’s unrelenting Ice Beam.

“Artemis!” Athena yelled, concerned for her Mawile. She took a big hit but still stood strong. “Metal Burst!” Artemis yelled in unison with her trainer as the Mawile began glowing red, pulsing with energy. A massive red beam shot out of the Mawile’s jaw-like horn, blasting through the Abomasnow’s Ice Beam and ramming into the Abomasnow at full power. The beastly Abomasnow let out a booming, pained roar as an explosion of light erupted from its body. As the smoke and snow slowly dissipated from the air, the trainers could see Abomasnow lying face down in the snow. All was quiet, save for the occasional rumbling of rocks tumbling down from the mountain above, and people were beginning to wonder if the fight was finally over.

However, to everyone’s dismay, the Mega Abomasnow began to rustle as it slowly got up to its hands and feet. The creature looked completely exhausted, but still possessed a fierce determination to keep going. A commotion of noise suddenly erupted from all around the area as a number of ice type Pokemon began to appear on the scene. Vanillites, Vanillishes, and Vanilluxes floated in the air alongside Cryogonal. Sneasels, Vulpix, Swinub, and Cubchoo watched on as well as the Weavile from the Oran Orchard. Several Smoochum, Snorunt, and Snover showed up while some Delibird fluttered down from above. All of the Pokemon seemed to be in an uproar, and the trainers feared the worst; a much bigger and more drawn-out fight coming up as they were completely surrounded by the army of ice Pokemon.

Abomasnow seemed a bit more confident now that its troops had returned to its side. “Snowww!” it bellowed, calling them forth to attack the trainers. However, the Pokemon remained where they stood. “Gla… lie…” The Glalie from the waterfall floated forward, back in its normal form as Froslass stuck by his side. Glalie looked up and around at the mountainside, as it looked like the aftermath of a warzone. Several rocks continued to fall from above. “Glalie!” it called out again, and the ice Pokemon began to converge on the Abomasnow. For the first time yet, there was a look of panic in the Abomasnow’s eyes as it began to blow a powerful Blizzard to try and defend itself. It was no match however, as the army of ice Pokemon breathed their own flurry of Powder Snows, Icy Winds, Frost Breaths, and Ice Beams at the behemoth.

“I guess the ice Pokemon are upset at their leader for nearly destroying their home,” Athena commented as the Abomasnow’s body began to freeze solid. Pieces of rock seemed to chip off of its body, causing it to shrink in size to that of a normal Mega Abomasnow, although still slightly larger and still in its Mega form. Once the Abomasnow was completely encased in ice, the Pokemon began firing a path made out of Ice Beams into the cave from which Abomasnow came. They then worked together and pushed the frozen beast onto the ice and let gravity take over as the icy slide took it back into the mountain’s depths. With the Abomasnow now put on ice hopefully for a long time, the wild Pokemon began to slowly disperse into their natural environment. The avalanche coming from higher up the mountain seemed to have finally quieted and the Hail trickling down from above seemed to have finally ceased. All that remained was Glalie, Froslass, and a couple of Vanilluxe. Glalie looked at Athena and then to the rest of the trainers and gave an apologetic look, hoping to let bygones be bygones. They then conjured up a small pile of icy rocks and crystals and left them in front of the trainers before departing into the cave’s depths as well, presumable to lock away the Abomasnow and hibernate until next winter.

“We did it!” Athena called out, falling back into the snow as she let out a sigh of relief and made a small snow angel. Sitting back up, she thanked her Mawile for her hard work and recalled her into her Pokeball. “I can’t thank all of you enough for everything you’ve done,” she said, addressing the trainers. “You all have helped save my home. You’ve saved everyone’s home. I can’t thank you all enough!” As she wiped a tear from her eyes, Athena looked out at the remains of the battlefield. Caught up in the action of the battle, a giant boulder caused from a Continental Crush remained front and center. The exterior of the stone had chipped away, revealing a crystalline mineral underneath that shone an icy blue. It was cold to the touch and seemed to emanate a powerful energy. It was too heavy to bring with them, but Athena loaded up all of the smaller crystals into a bag. “Let’s head back down the mountain where it’s safer. I’m sure the townsfolk would like to thank you too!”

For all of their hard work, the following Pokemon have received levels (if a Pokemon is lv.100, you shall receive an equivalent number of rare candies to levels received):
Alex: Mistilteinn the Abomasnow (5), Nothung the Infernape (3)

Battered and weary, the trainers made their way back to the waterfall, where Marina and Jet were waiting for them. They were relieved to see that everyone was in one piece and congratulated them as they listened to the story of the epic battle that had taken place. The sun was out in full force now, and much of the snow and ice had already begun to melt across the area. After everyone was loaded back onto the raft, Marina’s Gyarados and Jet’s Drifblim took them back down the falls, where they were greeted by Samuel and Madoka.

Eventually everyone had been loaded up into the carriages where they were taken back towards town. Much of the snow across the plains had already turned to slush, the mysterious force of nature disappearing nearly as fast as it arrived. Once they arrived back in town, the trainers were met by a swarm of people, who roared with cheers upon their return. Arriving into the town square, the trainers were let out where doctors and nurses quickly tended to everyone’s injuries and healed everyone’s Pokemon. Hot cocoa was passed out to everyone, from a group of citizens led by none other than bundled-up Primrose, who had recovered enough to walk. She might have still been fairly weak, but she was going to express her gratitude no matter what.

“Everyone gather ‘round,” Athena called out as she brought forth the loot she had collected up at the mountain. “On behalf of everyone who calls this mountain home, I would like to thank all of you for your valiant effort from the bottom of my heart.” The gathering of citizens erupted in applause once again. “As thanks, I would like to give all of you a piece of the parting gift that Glalie left us with,” Athena said, laying out an assortment of items for the trainers. “Hopefully we can see you return to the Cloud Garden again on better terms; when everything isn’t frozen and covered in snow!” As the trainers gazed across the shiny assortment of crystals and rocks, the sunlight from the sky above reflected off of them in a beautiful glimmer of lights. It was a bright new day for the Cloud Garden, a day that the citizens of Galea Town would never forget.

All trainers have been awarded the following items:
Never-Melt Ice x1
Icy Rock x1
Ice Stone x1
TM Hail x1
Trainers may also select ONE of the following packages:

Package 2: Icium-Z x1

I want to take a minute and thank everyone for participating in this campaign over the last three months. It was quite the grind, but we made it through! I especially want to thank Patches and morningstar for all of their hard work in assisting me with this campaign. There is absolutely no way I would have been able to tell this story without their help and their contributions. I really had a lot of fun coming up with this story, as it helped me create quite a bit of world-building for this zone I am so proud of, and so I hope you all had just as much fun participating in it. If you aren’t already adventuring in the Cloud Garden, I hope to see you there in the future, and if not maybe we will get the chance to update you again in a future campaign! Thank you all!
The behemoth was furious, and with desperate times everyone let loose everything they had. A pair of fully evolved fire starters launched incredible fireballs at the Abomasnow. A Golett unleashed some unusual energy strikes at it. Many other pokemon assaulted the beast, and yet it stood strong, retaliating with brutal strength. As Z-moves were blasted at the beast, it withstood each and every single one and retaliated in devastating fashion, striking down pokemon after pokemon. Nothung's own assault was equally ineffective apparently, and worse yet had condemned a Snorlax and Hariyama to repeated wood hammers from limbs the size of vehicles. Nothung himself was subject to a painful strike, and amplified he let loose another infernal blast of heat, powering himself up further.

Alas, such a strategy would ultimately be futile, as the titan screamed in anger, ripped a chunk of mountain off and hurled it in the direction of the Infernape, the Inkay and a weary Blaziken. "No! Nothung, stop that boulder!" Winded, the ape turned and drove a blazing foot into the incoming avalanche, causing snow and ice to burst and shower the three of them, sparing them from a potentially fatal strike, but as the Infernape landed, he collapsed to his knees, exhausted by the cold and recoil from the impromptu assault. And worse, the Abomasnow was relentless. Even as Athena's Mawile returned fire and knocked it down, the beast simply rose to its feet once more, and as hordes of ice pokemon gathered, Alex was readying Isaac's ball once more, determined not to give in. Not after what he had been through.

The ice types, to his relief, weren't on the side of the monster. As a wave of frigid energy washed over the scorched demon, it shrank and ended up encased in ice before being sent packing back into the depths from whence it came. Alex was relieved, as a Glalie seemed to apologise, while there was no sign of the massive Beartic from before, and a good thing too. With all said and done, the return trip to town was relatively uneventful, as Alex supported his wounded starter onto the raft, and as the crew entered town, they were greeted by the townsfolk, who handed cocoa to help stave off the chill. At this point, Alex was glad he only had one flesh and blood hand, for he was sure that the cold would have given him frostbite.

Speaking of which, the girl from before, Athena, was pleased with the work, and offered rewards for the trainers who helped in the fight for the mountain. Looking over the spoils, Alex found a couple of rocks, as well as a disc for hail, which he swore wouldn't be of use to him. And then there was the crystal. Much like the one he received only a couple months prior, this was one of those objects he heard of. Zenith crystals, or Z-crystals as most called them, bringing out the full force of pokemon techniques. As he held it in his hand, recollection flashed in his mind. Yes, that boulder. Isaac had called upon it, and brought out the absolute maximum strength in him to bring the Beartic down once and for all. If he ever ran into the ursine again, he'd have to have a rematch with it.

Giving his thanks, Alex left Galea Town, heading home. He wanted to warm himself up, and given his insight into Zephyria, he wished to make a return trip. He'd just have to make a call to someone first...

Picking up the above goodies, and confirming 3 candies from Nothung, which will be fed to my level 42 Abomasnow along with the 5 claimed levels to take him to an even 50. Many thanks for the campaign.
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