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Maskerade- Pulling yourself out of the pool, you continue to taunt Volg, hoping to draw his attention. Mind still shook from the painful encounter in the water, you attempt to reach out to the Riolu once more. The young pup stares at you with concerned eyes, before looking down at his palm, apparently understanding your intentions, at least in part. As Volg's tail burns out of control, he Leers at you, causing your heart to flutter as you fail to see anything but hatred burning in his eyes. The Charmander moves closer to you, chest heaving, legs twitching as he fights against the paralysis that restricts his movements. Flaming fangs showing, the Charmander lashes out at you, causing you to toss up your arms in a futile attempt to protect yourself. The Charmander's fangs crunch down, searing the fur on the Riolu's left arm as it intercepts the attack, shielding you from the blow. The Fighting type thrusts its palm into the Charmander's chest, sending him skidding backwards with force. Zyll hobbles past your side, belching out a torrent of raging dragon fire.

Volg lets out a pained cry, his black tail flame bursts and he collapses to the ground. His tail flame soon returns to its regular colour, however the size of the flame is concerning. The flame burns dangerously low, you knew that if it was to go out, you would lose the Charmander forever. Zyll slumps to the ground, exhausted from the exchange with the Decidueye and Volg. Riolu rubs its right arm, it appears to be burnt where Volg had chomped down on him. The Decidueye was still unconscious, it was likely still recovering from damage it had taken, as well as the effects of the aura. Suddenly, Riolu lets out a bark, someone was coming.....

Zyll gained 3 levels
Rorik's eyes widened. Volg, possessed by that destructive dark aura, lunged at his Trainer like he was nothing more than a roadblock, fangs covered in dark red flames. All trace of reason had been erased, consumed by darkness. All Rorik could do at that moment was the single most useless act of self preservation any man could attempt - he braced himself.

But the blow never came. Reopening the eyes he had involuntarily closed, the Professor saw Riolu intercept the hit. But... why?

Why would he take that risk for me?

Enduring the hit with admirable effort for a Pokemon with such little inclination for conflict, Riolu successfully protected Rorik and, fighting through the pain, retaliated. The energy-infused palm found its mark, and immediately afterwards, Zyll dealt the decisive blow with a torrent of blue fire.

Volg... I'm so sorry...

He had tried to avoid this, but in the end, there was no alternative. Disheartened, Rorik watched as Volg collapsed, robbed of his remaining strength - and as he did, much like what had happened to Decidueye, the darkness surrounding him faded.

Looking at the scene before him, the Professor felt equal parts guilty and powerless: Volg, Zyll, Riolu and Deicdueye all lay on the ground, either fainted or on the brink of doing so. What Pokemon he hadn't injured intentionally, had also wound up hurt due to his incompetence, and as such, it fell on him to make things right now.
Reaching for his Bag, Rorik retrieved all two of his remaining Hyper Potions and his only two Revives, and walked up to the fallen warriors one at a time, spraying each of them with the contents of a vial - the Potions were administered to Zyll and Riolu, while a Revive was given to Volg... and Decidueye as well.

"Hang in there, all of you..."

Shortly afterwards, while he waited for the medicine to exert its effects, Riolu's barking put him on high alert once more. Someone, or something, was coming into the cave!

It was then that Zyll, recovered, stepped next to Rorik and prepared to face whatever came to harm them. As the usually silent drake prepared for another battle, his body began to glow, bursting with the power of experience accumulated overtime; the fight with Volg had broken his chains, and now, as his frame grew and a second head sprouted from his body, Zyll was prepared to assume a new, more powerful form - the shiny dragon evolved into a !

"Z-Zyll, look at you..." whispered Rorik in disbelief, before regaining his composure. "Thank you for standing by my side, dear friend. Come on now, we have to protect them while they recover! Whatever comes our way, at the first sign of hostility, fight back with your Dragon Pulse!"

Please, make it stop... I'm tired of all this conflict... I'm not a fighter! But I... I have to protect Riolu. The same way he protected me...

OoC: Using Hyper Potions 1/2 and 2/2, Revive 1/3 and 2/3.

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