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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Maskerade: The pale woman smiles and clasps her hands together in joy at Staryu and Munchlax as they take a seat in front of her. You decide to take the spot offered next to her and prepare your listening ears. Something about her seems familiar, but it is hard to place. Perhaps someone you had seen in passing?

"The Stone Shrine has been here for many, many years..." She starts, looking of into the distance wistfully. As she speaks, Baltoy spins slowly. "This underground shrine was created by the people who were saved by Diancie, the one you see in the mural. Even in my time, that story was ancient history, but I have always found a comfort in this place. I met him when I was a very young girl, and he was always so intriguing to me. He was from far away -- I always wanted to travel you know --, and that red hair...!"
She looks at you, remembering. Munchlax and Staryu turn to look at you as well, and Munchlax points to your hair.
"That's right little one, I'm sure that's how Baltoy mixed you up. Anyway... He wouldn't even notice me at first, always lost in those books!"

You aren't sure if it is Baltoy projecting images into your head again, or because of her talent at storytelling, but you can see the scene play out. A teenage shrine maiden peeking around the corner of the Stone Shrine at a foreign visitor, being teased by a giggling older sister. She goes on and you can see the two of them talking, him teaching secret codes and her teaching poetry. Both of them blushing. Young, starcrossed lovers sneaking away to the isolation of the cave, discovering the secret of the torches on the wall. They look over the mural together in awe, hands interlocked.

"He left one day..." The woman's voice is so quiet, you have to lean in to hear her. Though the story has gotten sad, she still speaks as if it was the most wonderful thing to ever happen to her. "I always meant to go visit him, but I got so caught up with my responsibilities here at the Shrine. I always hoped he would come back, even if everything had changed."

Munchlax is sitting leaning foward with elbows on the ground and chin in his paws. Staryu looks just as interested, its gem sparkling. You had been so invested in the story until you did not notice that Bunnelby had joined the group and was snuggling up to the woman.
"You're kind to listen to an old woman," She looks at you and places a hand on yours. You can't feel it, but you understand the gesture. "Maybe I just needed someone else to know."

It goes dark again. You can sense that it is time to go. The Baltoy lights up and together with Bunnelby it leads you and your Pokemon out back out of the cave and to the entrance. The sun has almost set, the moon slowly rising in the sky. Baltoy spins back into the darkness of the cave and Bunnelby scampers off. A strong gust of wind blows by and you notice a small wrapped package at the entrance of the cave.

You have recieved:
TM 99 Dazzling Gleam
TM 39 Rock Tomb
Cleanse Tag
Heart Scale
Munchlax and Staryu have gained 2 levels!

Hope you enjoyed your adventure Mask! Please continue to adventure in the CG if you'd like! c:
To this day, Rorik does not know the true nature of the woman he met way back then at the cave beneath the Stone Shrine. Was she a spirit? A magician? A... goddess?...

OoC: Picking up my rewards, thank you very much for this lovely, riddle-filled adventure morningstar! ^^
- Teaching TM Dazzling Gleam to my Starmie
- Teaching TM Rock Tomb to my Snorlax

Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Rose Garden: A colorful garden that has been beautifully maintained. Roses among maybe other kinds of flowers of all sorts of colors and shapes make this scenic area a must-see for those who have come to sightsee. The fragrant aroma has made this garden the home for a number of species of grass and bug type Pokemon. The garden is home to one of the trial leaders for the Galea Foothills. (Please reply in springgreen)

He had considered lingering around the Stone Shrine and perhaps see what the resident "trial captain" had to offer in terms of a challenge, but he found himself growing bored of the dry, uneventful vistas and moved on to another area of the Garden, carried by Abaddon. Once the Aerodactyl flew over Rose Garden, however, Hush's interested was peaked once more, and he ordered the prehistoric dragon to land.

He was here not long ago... the 'War of the Roses', they called it. As if these Fizzytopian idiots know anything about war.

Once he dismounted, Abaddon was recalled into his Ball immediately. Hush treasured his angels, but he wasn't keen on the idea of showing his hand before the game had even begun. For now, he would explore the Rose Garden by himself.

A certain Lilligant was supposed to have won that little competition, if I recall from the intel I gathered. If only for that, I expected to see more signs of its influence in this garden... either that was all for show, or the Lilligant is just a weak ruler.

Dry and disillusioned as always, Hush pressed forward, ignoring the beauty of the blossoms that surrounded him. He had more than one reason for being here, but stopping to smell the roses wasn't one of them. Ultimately, he aimed to weed out all that remained of Heiml, even abroad, and to his knowledge, his cousin Rorik Holstadt had journeyed to this same location not long ago. But a more immediate goal was finding the Trial Captain who oversaw this Garden, the one responsible for hosting such a large-scale battle as the War of the Roses while still maintaining order and control over the region. That seemed like a Trainer worth meeting... and beating.

Such absolute freedom... Never had I needed something so badly and not realized it until I got it. I could get addicted to this... this feeling of total liberation.

As he kept walking, Hush burst out into laughter, lost in his thoughts. If anyone had crossed paths with him at that moment, they would've
called him crazy. And actually, they might've been right.
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