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Marshal's Headquarters

: While the state of the man leaves you perhaps a little taken aback, you nevertheless remain composed as Slice and Tremor listen to your orders as you declare your intentions to bring him along, with instructions not to falter. Vega backs up your statement as the pair gulp nervously, before slowly shifting as they raise the unconscious man off the ground and start as you release your Ninjask, Betelgeuse obeying your orders and zipping off faster than the eye can blink. While the Drilbur's waddling and the Combusken's striding steps initially cause strain on the man, after a couple of minutes the avian, with the 'friendly support' of the menacing Seviper, keeps at a pace he's comfortable with as your motley crew weaves through the streets.

After about fifteen minutes, you catch sight of the first outpost, Betelgeuse reporting frequently and delivering the news of safety during the travels. The outpost itself isn't much to see, a large concrete yard with walls as tall as Vega is long, and a couple of granite buildings within. As one of the Marshals outside spots you, they approach and upon seeing the man, shakes his head.

"Another one...that's the seventh one in this state we've had this week," he sighs before pulling a walkie-talkie out and requesting assistance. A couple of minutes later a couple more marshals, accompanied by an Audino race out with a stretcher, and handle the injured man in. "Thanks for bringing him here, civilian, but there's not much more you can...oh?"

Before he can continue, the marshal notices Slice and Tremor, the former shaking his tired arms while the latter wobbles around trying to reorient himself, as well as their badges, and the man gives a wry smile. "Ah, I must be the, ahem, eloquent fellow Sarge was on about. These two have tried the patience of many a man and woman, that you actually managed to get them here without much property damage is surprising...anyway, training."

Following the marshal into the yard, you and the crew are brought to a set of blocks roughly clumped into a sizable mound, and a small machine that seems to be off with a pair of small plates attached by wires. "Right, so as marshal pokemon these two are expected to be able to provide search-and-rescue support. Under this pile of bricks is a dummy that represents someone." He pauses to take a breath, before raising hands in front of him. "Picture the scenario: a recent explosion has trapped a man, who is injured under rubble. Without immediate aid, he will certainly perish. As proxy officer your role will be to direct his rescue and recovery to ensure he won't succumb to his wounds, or the dwindling air supply. The machine here's a basic communicator, but the explosion's also knocked it out! You'll have to find a way to power it up to radio in support."

The instructions are simple enough when he points a finger to his wrist, before raising three fingers. "While the trainee pokemon are expected to do much of the work, you may have your other pokemon help out in whatever way you can think of. Either way, you'll have to work quick with your commands and strategy, as the man only has three minutes before he permanently loses consciousness! When you're ready, I'll start the timer."

The first task is simple enough, and as Slice and Tremor look at the pile of debris as tall as you are, the pair are evidently nervous. Polaris, Vega and Betelgeuse stand by, as your challenge is laid before you.
((Thank you very much once again for allowing me to switch characters!))

As Luc listened to the instructions, Tremor and Slice looked on at the test scenario with apprehension. But once the Kalosian prepared to
step forward with the operation... his PokéGear started ringing.

"Allo? Oui, c'est moi, qu'est-ce que... Comment dites-vous?! C'est... c'est pas possible!! Je... j'arriverai prochainement!"

As he hung up, Luc's face was pale white. He couldn't believe what he'd just heard. His mother... could she really be?... No, not her. Not
Madeleine Chevalier! It was simply not possible! But... what if?... He had to sse for himself. He had to be sure, even if it meant he would be
unable to fulfill his promise to Officer Whetsone. And that was why...

"My apologies for the intromission," said a voice from behind him, soft but somehow heavy with wisdom. "You seem unwell."

Turning around, his head still spinning,Luc saw a man about his age dressed in strange white robes and an almost completely bald head. A

"My apologies," he continued, his words feeling warm despite the absolute absence of a smile as the monk spoke. "I have neglected to
introduce myself. I am Sai Hajimoto, a monk from... from the region of Saigo."

Luc noticed the brief moment of hesitation in Sai's voice, but said nothing.

"I am on a quest for personal betterment, and you seem to have been given some unfortunate news," the Tatakami Sage continued. "If you would permit, I would like to continue these Pokemon's training on your behalf. I believe you are needed elsewhere."

The Kalosian, for all his pride, could not deny it. He had to know what had truly happened to his mother, and if he couldn't give his absolute
best to complete a task, he would rather not attempt it at all. This offer served both sides.

"... Et bien, I am in no position to refuse. Thank you, Monsieur Hajimoto..."

With that, after recalling his companions, Luc rushed out of the room, leaving Sai behind with a very confused pair of clueless recruits. Sai
smiled ever-so-briefly at the pair, reached inside his white robe's sleeve and pulled out a Ball from inside.

"To me, Shiou."

A Gengar materialized from within the device, grinning eerily like he always did.

"I hope this sudden change is still in compliance with what you had envisioned for this training, officer," said the monk, in an apologetic tone.
"I believe I know how to surpass this challenge, if you would let me."

Looking at Tremor and Slice, Sai dropped to one knee and stared each of them in the eye, with the cold glare he'd learned from
his own father.

"You will be the ones to rescue that target," declared Sai, wasting little time with reintroductions. "Shiou will provide support, but neither he nor I are being tested here - this is your responsibility. Still, I am completely certain you would never let down the Marshalls, would you?"

Right on cue, the Gengar floated over to the broken communications device, while Sai nodded at the officer to start the timer.

"Tremor-san, clear the wreckage as fast as you can with Rock Smash. Slice-san, no time to loose; dash full speed ahead between the boulder fragments with Aerial Ace and grab hold of the victim as soon as you can spot him." Then, Rorik shifted his attention to Shiou. "We must provide electrical power to that communications device in order to turn it back on: aim a Thunder Wave at it, I fear a stronger discharge might permanently damage the wiring."

With that, Sai bowed in Saigonese fashion, and prepared to watch the events unfold. He had his own personal motives for taking Luc's place, but he was also intrigued at the prospect of contributing to these two's training. He had, modesty aside, done a good job raising Jin to be his equal, so maybe he could also be of use to Slice and Tremor...
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