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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Meetan - After getting flooded with a bunch of disturbing information from Axel, you decide to try your luck at convincing Billie to get in there and help. The large Ursaring was clearly torn, you could see it on his face. He understood the urgency of the situation but at the same time, Ivan had told him he needed to stay put and guard you. He looked back and forth between you and the large truck that was down the hill clearly trying to decide what he should do. In the meantime, you gave Nina a new strategy, she was dealing with a fight of her own and you didn't have the time to leave her waiting.

Nina gladly Disabled the Sevipers Wrap, she was very over finding herself caught in such an attack. However, although he wouldn't be able to use the attack anymore, she was still currently stuck in the one he had already started which was where the rest of your strategy came in. The next part went over perfectly due to the Seviper's face being mere inches in front of Nina's. She looked him right in the eye and used her Hypnosis. There was no avoiding it, the Seviper's eyes slowly began to close as he slipped away into a deep sleep. His hold on Nina instantly loosened enough for her to pull herself free. She didn't even need her extra attack in order to free herself but since this was a battle she went ahead and used her Extrasensory anyway in hopes of it possibly knocking that Seviper out so that it wouldn't wake up. The Seviper twitched from the attack, definitely didn't KO but he's very much still asleep. (Nina gains 2 levels) "Damnit!!!!" The owner of the Seviper is angry but he's suddenly distracted by two things. The helicopter is overhead now and slowly landing! The blades from the helicopter are not only loud but are also kicking up winds and can't be ignored. The other thing was that the engine on the truck suddenly roared to life. You had just finished issuing a strategy to Axel when things took a bit of a turn.

The man inside must have finally regained his bearings because suddenly the truck began to move which was a sign that you were running out of time. At that moment, Billie had to think fast, his friends were in trouble after all. Next thing you know, your world is flipped sideways as Billie quickly lifted you up with his free arm and threw you over his shoulder then began running down the hill as you held on for dear life. It seems that you are constantly being forced to go places by Pokemon that aren't yours today. "Ursa!!!" Before the truck managed to gain any kind of speed, Billie tossed Greg to the side and leaped for one of the front tires while you were still hanging on! His claws managed to dig deep into the tire, piercing it. You fell off and rolled into the grass getting several patches of dirt and grass stains on your clothing but otherwise you're okay. Ivan saw what was happening and began to run toward you and Billie. At that moment, the popped tire caused the truck to be uneven and the hilly terrain instantly made it so that the truck began tipping toward you and Billie! Ivan was running as fast as he could but could tell he wouldn't make it on time.

"Billie! Use your Strength to stop that truck from falling over!" Billie instantly reacted to his trainer and his hands dug into the side of the truck and he braced himself with his body, but the truck was quite heavy, especially because of the hill tilting it so he was struggling. Ivan finally caught up and pulled you up by your hand and then roughly pulled you away. "I'm sorry if I hurt your arm, but I needed to get you out from under there. I just want you to stay safe." He then turned back to Billie. "If you can't stop the truck from falling over then see if you can put it down gently so that the Pokemon inside don't get any more hurt than they already are."

As all of that was happening, Axel had been working inside of the truck. His Knock Off had easily opened the doors the rest of the way but him and Franklin were stuck inside because they couldn't leave without helping the other Pokemon. Since it had worked so well on Franklin's cage, Axel had decided to use his Iron Tail to break the rest of the Pokemon free while Franklin was gently using his Water Gun to help clean off the Sludge that covered their bodies. The Pokemon that was earlier considered a mystery was finally clean enough for Axel to see what it was. A baby Skiddo. It was very tiny compared to the Skiddo that had been forcing you to ride it before and it was shaking from fear. Axel relayed this to you immediately. After he was cleaned, Tank the Mudbray was the first one to exit the truck and without Tank's very heavy weight inside, Billie was able to easily finish gently placing the truck on the ground.

"Uncle!!!!!" You turn around and see Greg who was tossed by Billie now standing up and waving his arms in the air toward the helicopter. You watch as the helicopter finally finishes its landing. Tinted windows made it so that you couldn't even tell who was inside but there was a large M on the side of it. There was a long pause, whoever was in there seemed to be in no rush to come out. "Damnit I could really use my phone right about now. We need to contact the police! And more importantly this is getting serious, we need to get these Pokemon and get out of here! Billie can carry Joe and Tank can carry-"

"Miss! Uhhh Alice was it? Your Pokemon could use a little help!" Joe, who was sitting in the grass where Ivan had left him was shouting for you. You had been distracted by everything after Billie had swept you off your feet. You immediately look over and see that the Seviper is awake once again and that Nina was completely drenched in poison from the Seviper's Venoshock attack. And because Nina was already poisoned, she seemed to be in quite a bit of pain.
Alice grimaced, looking anxiously up at the big bear to see what his decision was. She hoped he would comply, but hadn't thought that such compliance would involve scooping her up and throwing away Greg. "Hey, Billie, put me down! For fuck's sake!" She wasn't going to hide her frustration. Alice had her Vulpix in a battle down in the ditch and had to direct Axel, and she hadn't wanted Greg getting loose, either. It was a disaster, one that had involved wrecking the tyre like she had hoped, but almost had the vehicle falling on her as a result.

"No, it's okay. Thank you." Alice said to Ivan, sounding sincerely grateful for him having pulled her up. Even when she had been on the grass, her limbs were like jelly from dizziness and shock, and the 'freeze' response was just as valid as a 'flight' one to a situation like that. The descending helicopter made Alice hunch a little, blonde hair whipping wildly around her pale face. In spite of the noise, though, she heard Axel loud and clear. So, the Skiddo had been so desperate to get them into this to save their baby. What a resourceful parent that Pokemon was!

"Uncle? ... Massive prick." Alice uttered, glaring daggers at Greg. She pointed from Billie to Greg, knowing that Ivan was there but still hoping the big bear would go and fuck him up some more. She didn't have time to worry about it, though, as Joe called her over. "Nina!" She realised with horror, feeling sick and guilty for leaving her. It wasn't really her fault (damnit, Billie!), but still. "Nina, use your flail and endure attacks! You've got this!"

Or, so Alice hoped, but she was already prepping a switch. Alice found Nina's ball, ready to return her as soon as her comrade was ready, "Axel, I'm gonna need you to teleport down here once you're done incase Nina can't finish this Seviper." The trainer warned, "Finish it off with a surprise ice punch and zen headbutt if need be, appear and strike from behind. Then we can deal with the end of this mess." Whoever was in the helicopter. Stop it transporting, drag out whoever was hiding inside, round them up for arrest. End this rodeo, before it got any worse.
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