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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Meetan- Jasper races ahead after David, shifting state to stay concealed and safe. Its a few moments before he returns, beckoning you to follow him. As you begin to move, he continues to call, what was wrong with him? Thankfully Janie and Terry catch on, he needed all of you to follow. The group of you rush down stairs, just in time as something else crashes through the windows. You hear and explosion, followed by another, what was going on? As you reach the bottom of the stairs you turn to look back. You can hear the crackling of flames, you could see the light flicker as the second story of the house was consumed by fire. David is standing out on the street, shouting as he words were muffled by the roar of motorbikes.

The three of you exit the house as smoke starts to pursue you, your Pokemon close behind. It is hard to make out the scene in the blacked out street, only the burning house serves to illuminate your surroundings. Three motorbikes fly up and down the street. One slams on the breaks as he nears the house, hurling a flaming bottle that erupts as it collides with the roof. David's Marowak tries to attack the biker but he's off again before the Ground type can even get close.

Two of the bikes race off, turning the corner at the end of the street and disappearing into the night. The last bike comes to a stop about twenty metres away from David. The bikey reaches for a holster at his hip, drawing a pistol and pointing it straight at David. "Yo don't fuck with the Ribs", turning the gun sideways, the man doesn't even blink as he fires two shots at the boy. David throws his arms up hopelessly, there was no shielding himself. As the gunshots rang out, everything seemed to slow down. David's Marowak leaped, flying through the air the ground type pushed the boy out of the path of the hissing bullets. Next came the resounding crack as the bullet collide with the Marowak's skull, splintering the rock hard bone as it crumpled to the ground. The man turns and mounts his bike, quickly race off after his mates while the house continued to burn brighter.

It takes a moment for you to take everything in. David held his Marowak tight, a massive crack stretched down the middle of its skull. It seemed to still be breathing, however it was in a bad state and needed immediate medical attention. The fire was spreading through the house, quickly making its way downstairs. Chances of saving the house were slim, but if the fire continued to burn it could spread to surrounding houses. With the gang members gone, families were beginning to rush from their houses, unsure of what exactly had unfolded. You needed to act fast, your next actions could have dire consequences.
Alice followed Jasper when she was told it was safe to, making sure to stay low, trying to remember where the creakiest of floorboards were. She didn't want to make noise, and any time there was a window the young woman moved a bit faster, afraid of more bullets flying. "What's up, Jasp?" She asked of him, but it soon became clear that he wanted the others to come with them. It was a questionable decision, but thank goodness they had, because when they were at the bottom it was revealed that the house had been set ablaze.

What the fuck was wrong with that other brother? He was worse than a monster. He had really gone to the Ribs, tried to murder his brother and his friends and burn their bodies and his own fucking home. There was no logic, just violence, and it was beyond understanding and belief. "Hurry up, get out, go go!" The blonde waved the kids out first, heart racing, and she was quick on their tail. Fire was her biggest fear, and Alice was soon reaching for Lorin's Love Ball again. Jasper stuck close, sensing his trainer's distress, not keen for her to be distant in this dangerous place.

Another bottle went flying and Alice ducked with a screech, cursing the fact that the Marowak's attack missed. After that, everything sped up and yet slowed down. It was a horror show. Said Marowak took a bullet, the boy who had captured him alive and holding the poor thing in his arms. People fled their homes as this one burned. At first, Alice just stared, but Jasper tugged needily at her hand. She needed to be the adult here, or nobody else would.

"Shit, fuck. Um." She flailed for a moment, and then haphazardly released the scared pink Lotad again. "Lorin, I want you to use water pulse on those flames!" That wouldn't be enough. "Peaches, use your mud slap and fling some mud in there! Nina, mimic Lorin's water pulses and then use freeze dry!" The bright Pichu came out next, an Alolan Vulpix of regular fur following suit. She couldn't do this alone, though, and Alice turned her attention to the others, "We need Muddy now! Its ground and water moves can help put out the flames! And anyone else here--" Alice raised her voice as loudly as she could, "If you have water, ice, rock and ground types it's time to help douse and smother those flames! If you don't help us put this out, the other houses might go down! We need to hurry!"

Finally, another Pokemon. Alice released her trusted Abra. "Axel, take David, Janey and Marowak to the nearest Pokemon Centre and then come straight back, okay?" Her blue eyes shifted to the mentioned kids, "We'll join you after, but one task at a time. Just get Marowak the help it needs and keep your heads down, okay? If there are any Ribs or your brothers' friends around, keep out of sight. They wanted things to end here. But we'll sort that later." Alice added. There was so much going on, but Alice was only one trainer, and right now, she felt very out of her depth.
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