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morningstar: Snivy’s eyes remained locked on the floor as you speak, and for a moment, you wonder if it heard a single word. A long silence follows your vow to take down the criminal, tense and uncomfortable; the snake remains unmoving, as if nothing in the world matters anymore, to the point where you briefly consider that going on alone, without Snivy, might be your only remaining option.


A vine is released from beneath Snivy’s collar, and it stretches towards you. The rope-like plant makes its way into your Bag, and retrieves a Pokéball from within, all as Snivy keeps staring at the floor – though something in its eyes has definitely changed. Without your input or consent, the Grass-Type pulls the vacant Ball close and taps it on the forehead, forcing itself inside the device!

The Ball shakes once, twice… three times, and clicks shut! But a mere moment later, Snivy breaks free on its own, staring at you with a fiery determination, its spirit renewed by your words and by the vow it unilaterally made to see this through to the end… as your partner.

Congratulations! You’ve… well, a Level 16 Male Snivy has just captured itself! It knows the Egg Moves Glare and Magical Leaf.

Although unexpected, you’ve come to understand Snivy’s actions quite well over the course of this adventure – an extremely pragmatic and practical creature, it knows the best way to avenge his old friend is to ally with a new one. Something tells you Snivy hasn’t made this choice out of sentimentality, but out of need… who knows, however, if after all’s said and done, he won’t actually want to remain by your side? For now, it seems to be more of a means to an end…

The Grass-Type runs back out of the room, and once more heads straight to the Refrigeration Unit, fuelled by a thirst for revenge against the Seviper that dwells within. But is he really prepared to face the enemy, and the sight of his deceased companion? He will need all the help you and Mille can give him now!

Schala: You can’t be sure if the cat is listening to you or not. Its yellow eyes constantly shift between you, your Rufflet and the scrolls on and around its little desk, as if nothing can capture its attention for long. It licks its fur, waggles its tail and readjusts its position on the wooden bench several times, but when it finally settles down and begins to write again using the tip of its claw to draw each letter with the care of a monk, you realize he’s been listening all along.

You pick up the parchment it hands you, and glance through the words. Once again, it’s hard to believe… is all this really being written by a cat?!

"I assume the old human had a stroke. I wish I was there to see it," you read. "As for me, I am myself. Back then, humans referred to me by a variety of names, from "stray cat" to "little devil" to just "Litten". They could not seem to make up their minds."

A long silence follows, and you realize Litten is staring off into space smiling, lost in its own thoughts that possibly involve the elder collapsing from shock at the sight of the fallen bookshelves. Then, remembering it had forgotten to answer your remaining questions, the cat suddenly comes back to reality and quickly writes another note, which it then hands to you while grinning strangely.

"This room is... solitary confinement? The old human has kept me locked in here for ten years, three months, twelve days and sixteen hours. She wants to prevent me from reclaiming my library, which she stole from me, on grounds that she is a human and therefore more fitting for the job. I recall her saying that her family has looked after this building for the past four generations... but my family has owned the library for twenty six generations."

The cat smiles at you, as if you believing its story is a foregone conclusion. It seems to think of you as an ally without even having asked you anything. And then, it writes yet another note.

"A large maze of tunnels runs underground from this room, the old corridors of the very first library that once stood here - now swallowed by the earth, lost and forgotten to all but myself. Somewhere inside is a document that details my entire lineage, and with it I can reclaim what is rightfully mine. Now, do not let me down and solve me this little riddle to get us started, will you? Look around this room and bring me a book - any book - written by the human who once said that charm is the way of obtaining "yes" for an answer without needing to ask the question. It feels appropriate."
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