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Originally Posted by OkikuMew View Post
Birthday Bubbles Bash Venue
FB Calendar

Pokémon Birthdays

Pokémon Birthday Presents:
  • x1 Birthday Candy Cake: What's a birthday without a cake? Gives 3 levels.
  • x1 Birthday Berry Milkshake: A nice refreshing shake so good, it can make a Pokémon feel a totally new experience, or remind them of young, blissful times. Teaches either an Egg Move or a Move Tutor move.
  • x1 TM
  • x1 Birthday Poffin: Amazingly crafted by dedicated bakers, all Pokémon love it! Raises all contest stats by 10.
  • x1 Birthday Gummi: That rare treat can't be found anywhere but here! Raises Bond by 2.

What's this, now? M.M.'s squiddo's trying to show mine up, and even went for the same TM I was planning on getting mine from the moment the rules for such things changed? Surely there must be rules against this sort of thing?

: Yawyna, gniht nwod-edispu eht od t'nluoc uoy!

Who's side are you even on, Elen?

: Nwo ym!

...Just get your things, already.

*Elenchos was elevated from Lv. 20 to Lv. 23!*
*Elenchos learned Psybeam!*
*Elenchos learned Switcheroo!*
*Elenchos learned MT Ally Switch!*
*Elenchos learned TM Overheat!*
*Elenchos' Contest Stats were elevated from 10 to 20!*
*Elenchos' Bond was elevated from 21 to 23!*

Two level-up moves in a single post, and none of them were Stockpile and its derivatives? That can't all that common, can it?

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