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Biggggg5- No alone with the Sableye, you assess the Pokemon, discussing the best way to handle it with Hotstuff. The Charmander seems confident he can handle it, however it is reassuring for him to know that Geddy can back him up. You set him to task and he leaps from cover, firing off a rippling flamethrower before the Sableye even knows he is there. The little ghoul shrieks in pain as the flames wash over its back, before it eerily twists its head around to stare at Hotstuff with its emotionless gem-like eyes.

Hotstuff is preparing for his next attack when the Sableye suddenly strikes. Moving with astonishing speed and dexterity it lands a startling blow on Hotstuff, causing the Charmander to gasp as he is flinched out of his attack. The gremlin quickly follows up, swiping at Hotstuff with its razor sharp claws. The Charmander is forced to backpedal as he attempts to parry the strikes, but he finds himself overwhelmed. As he is continually forced back, Hotstuff realizes he cannot afford to keep taking hits, already having collected bumps and bruises from the encounter with the Gigalith. Blue flames slip from between his teeth as he opens his maw, spewing a torrent of dragon fire in the Sableye's chest that sends it flying backwards into the wall.

The ghost type rises from the ground, its limbs cracking as it prepares to let loose. The creepy critter begins to cackle, pointing its clawed hands at Hotstuff. Dark bolts of lightning fire from its hands, striking Hotstuff as they wrap and worm around his body. The Fire type cries out in pain, the Sableye was certainly strong, would Hotstuff be able to handle it after having already fought a battles?

Gemini Spark- You begin your interrogation, Wendy signals that the man was working alone, at least that meant you didn't have anyone else to worry about. Tears are starting to well in the man's eyes, he was likely in tremendous pain, hopefully it would help to loosen his lips. You produce the business card you had acquired from the bikers, if this was Trent Connors then perhaps you could get this whole issue resolved nice and quick. When you show the man the card, he shakes his head. "No, that's not my name and I don't know who that is." The man's tone doesn't exactly sound convincing and Wendy picks up on it. She gives him a bit of a shake, causing him to wail in pain, pleading for her to stop. "Alright alright I will tell you what you want to know!" Wendy settles down, relaxing her grip on the man slightly. "Mr Connors hired me to kidnap her", the man points towards Emily. "He knew she would be alone while her parents were meeting him, his plan is to exchange her for the deed to the ranch."

Emily looks furious as she storms towards the man, her hand clenching into a fist. The young woman swings a nasty right hook, striking the man in the jaw. Stepping back she shakes her hand, likely hurting herself as much as she hurt him. "You scumbag! What about my parents? Are they alright?"

"I guess they would be okay for now, but Connors will be expecting to have heard from me by now. I was meant to check in a while ago but I was too busy running for my life." The man spits a glob of blood onto the ground, Emily's punch having split his lip open. He goes silent for a moment, unsure if you wanted anything more from him. Suddenly his jacket begins to buzz, then music begins to play. "That's my phone, that's probably him!" The man scrambles for his phone, thumbling through his jacket. The phone drops to the ground and Wendy lifts the man up before he can grab it. The phone vibrates on the muddy ground, the ringtone continues to chime.

Emily stares at the phone, unsure of what to do. "Do we answer it or what?"

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