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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Mega Abomasnow stared down its opponents with a twisted, marred face. It breathed heavily, sending powerful bursts of Icy Wind with every exhale.

In the chaos of the Acid Downpour, Ore the Sableye had gotten up close to Abomasnow once more. Before Abomasnow could take a swing at him, he Sucker Punched it on an area of painful looking acid burns. Abomasnow hissed at the pain, and Ore delivered a Punishment to the same area, boosted by his earlier Nasty Plot. The Sableye delivered his final strike with Foul Play but Abomasnow had enough of this little imp’s meddling. It struck Ore with its more furry and grassy arm. It Wood Hammered Ore deep into the snow, wincing from the recoil it received from making contact with the ground.

After recovering from the Abomasnow’s Ice Punch, Spartacus went after the beast with a slash of Metal Claws. As soon as the move hit, the Scizor took off high into the air, attempting to escape the reach of Abomasnow as it reached up to try to grab him. Spartacus performed a Swords Dance as he flew, sharpening his attack skills. One of Abomasnow’s claws collided with Spartacus, throwing the bug off of his track and sending him spiraling down toward his trainer. Sigurd the Gallade had to reach out to grab the Baton Pass with Spartacus’ stat boosts before the Scizor crumpled to the ground.

Alex and Nothung approached the sleeping Elenchos and let his trainer know they were there to help. The Infernape studied the Inkay and began to Role Play the ability Contrary. Once Nothung had a grasp on the ability, he took off to attack Abomasnow. Alex retrieved a Blue Flute and played a a short, upbeat tune that immediately made Elenchos stir. The Inkay awoke and after shaking off the sleepiness, followed Nothung back into battle. Elenchos floated through the air and slammed into Abomasnow with Superpower. He reeled back to deliver the attack again, and Nothung took the opportunity to leap off the levitating Inkay and up on to Abomasnow. Nothung climbed up one of Abomasnow’s huge arms, having to grip patches of fur as the huge Pokemon tried to shake him off. Two more Superpowers from Elenchos prevented Abomasnow from moving too much more and Nothung was able to reach a steady spot on Abomasnow’s back. The flames on the Fire-Fighting Type's head danced higher as he sent an Overheated burst of fire at one of Abomasnow’s icy spikes. Abomasnow groaned and shook its entire body, throwing itself in different directions. Nothung barely could hold on long enough to deliver a Close Combat to Abomasnow with one fist before he went sliding down the Pokemon’s back, flailing in the air and trying to grab on to anything he could.

In her new form, Akame was energized as ever. The Bisharp was more than happy to run back into the battle and slice Abomasnow with Aerial Ace using her new blades. Though she was still getting used to her new form, she was able to aim the sharp blade on her head skillfully as Abomasnow tried Stomping on her. This time, the blade on her Iron Head did not get lodged in the Ice-type, leaving her free to unleash a Burst of Metal power. The blast of the move sent Abomasnow’s arm back into the air, allowing her time to move before it smashed back down. The deep cut she left was slowly being sealed up with snow and ice.

Reluctant Momo approached the Abomasnow with as much Charm as he could, striking a cute pose. Abomasnow was by no means impressed by the tiny Fairy type, but Momo got his attention. The Sylveon released a Dazzling Gleam of light directed at Abomasnow’s face. Also new to the battlefield, Geddy the Tynamo sent a Charged Beam of light to add to Momo’s. Together, the two moves left Abomasnow seeing starts. It covered its face and grumbled as it tried to repair its eyes. Momo blew a Fairy Wind to combat the ice and snow still coming his way. Geddy again added to the dazzling show of light and sparkles with a Signal Beam. Just as Abomasnow was beginning to regain its vision, Geddy sent another rainbow-colored beam. The light reflected off the snow and messed up Abomasnows sight once again. In anger, Abomasnow inhaled and blasted the field with a strong Blizzard. The freezing air buffeted Momo, Geddy, Elenchos, and Ore along with their trainers. Akame was bracing herself against the attack, and thanks to her typing she took much less of a hit than her companions. Just as the Pokemon were beginning to recover from the first blast, Abomasnow sent out another Blizzard, intending to freeze anything he could. Luckily, none of his targets were frozen in place, but they were definitely feeling overwhelmed from the continued attacks.
The blue flute's tones resonated through to the snoozing Inkay, rousing it from slumber as Nothung utilised his respectable psionic skills to examine the squid, tracing its ability and giving a nod to Alex as he confirmed what he had hoped: Contrary, an ability that reversed the effect of stat changes. With this, both the Infernape and Inkay turned to the scarred giant, the latter opting to distract him with a superpowered offensive while the fire starter nimbly leapt onto the beast and began to scale it. Paws took care not to touch any of the lingering acid, and as he reached the back, stabilised, he readied himself.

Erupting into a plume of intense fire, the Infernape blasted the spike with incredible heat, and what should normally be mentally exhausting seemed to have the opposing effect, Nothung appearing more determined. The Abomasnow definitely felt that one, however, and shook around trying to dislodge the Infernape, and the unstable ground eventually sent him tumbling off, only managing to get a partial strike with Close Combat, though he felt himself more resilient. Flailing as he fell, the Infernape opted to simply land in the snow and crawl to safety, despite the Abomasnow's blasts of frigid air. He was already heated up, and was ready for round two.

"It's getting weary, shouldn't take too much more of an assault. I have to give it credit, it's much more formidable than I would have given for..." Alex calmly stated, as the onslaught of attacks finally seemed to be doing something. As if realising it was going to lose, the colossus turned to the mountainside with a bellow and began to slam fists into it. This had the effect of the ground trembling, as Athena warned them of the dangers: if this continued, the mountainside would collapse, bringing them all down the side, and the avalanche from it would level the town beneath.

"Crap, we need to hit it hard, now! Nothung, hold nothing back! Fall back and nail it with a fire blast, followed by a focus blast, then slam it with another full-force overheat before it tears this place down!"
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