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"Kawaii?" Robin repeated in a quiet tone. According to Keith, their was a guest by that name already inside.

But why did that name sound so familiar? After a moment of pondering, it suddenly hit her. Of course! Kawaii had been the pink-haired woman that Robin had met at Keith's old base, almost exactly one year ago.

But a lot had changed in a year for the young trainer, to say the least. At this rate, Robin would have to either pretend not to know Kawaii from before, or....
No. There was no second option. None that made the girl comfortable anyway.

"I don't think I remember anyone by that name." Robin lied, breaking her silence.
She wasn't quite sure that Keith would believe her, but the young trainer figured it was worth a shot. In Robin's mind, it would be slightly easier to convince Kawaii that she didn't know her, if Keith didn't know the truth either.

"I-I guess I should go introduce myself though, huh?"

Hannah tried her best to remain patient as her trainer continued to talk to Keith. While she did really want to see her brother, the Qwilfish had no intentions of interrupting the pair.
"I'd be happy to." Pom replied to Eon's question. The Ambipom wasn't quite sure if the Eevee pup had heard him though, as she was quick to race off to her friend, requesting a battle from the other Eevee.

With Eon's attention from her father gone for a moment, Pom took the opportunity to flash Cyanide a large smile, only to immediately notice the Ledian nearby.
While the Bug type didn't look hostile, the Ambipom couldn't help but remember Keith's evil Ledian, Stewie.

Even though he wasn't sure if this Ledian really was Stewie, Pom made sure to keep his eyes on the five star Pokemon. It was better safe then sorry...especially when said safety concerned Cyanide and his daughter.
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