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Cortoza Updates - Set Twenty-Four

Ex-Admiral Insane: You take a moment to figure out what exactly you want to do about the flicker in the world and you decide that, for whatever reason, you’re being stopped from heading up. You take a leap and tell Sam and Abby that you’re planning on heading the other way on the assumption that it might at least lead you somewhere further.

Sam glances over when you call out to her, looking frustrated, and she nods. “Yeah. I dunno what’s going on, but it doesn’t look like we’re gonna get any further going this way.” She sighs. “We’ll follow you the other way.”

As you turn to lead the way back, you blink and…it’s abruptly cold. And bright. And there’s…snow? Moving snow. A bunch of vulpine heads turn your way as the Alolan Vulpixes notice you, but you blink again and you’re back on the path with Rags, Sam, and Abby. Last time, you were by yourself when it happened and you saw the man under the full moon; this time, it seems like no one else saw the snow and Alolan Vulpixes. Rags has noticed that something’s happened, but he doesn’t seem to know what.

Still, you lead the way back, retracing your steps, and it feels like it takes you almost no time at all to walk back to the cave. You continue past it and towards the path to the left, dark probably-rock walls rising up on either side until the only light comes from the full moon above and Abby’s Flash floating along with you.

As you walk, you begin to hear a low…something—maybe murmuring?—but it quickly resolves into some rhythmic chanting coming from somewhere ahead of you. Sam and Abby don’t notice as they close the distance, walking almost on your heels as they huddle closer together. You can see the end of this corridor, shadows flickering across the rock wall as though in firelight, and you pause to take a look around before walking out into the open.

The corridor opens up into a bowl-shaped area with a crowd of people standing at the base of what you recognize as the altar. The torches are lit and the fires flicker as the chanting continues. At the top, the man with the feathered headdress spreads his arms wide under the full moon, saying something that you can’t make out.

Sam peers around the corner and her brow furrows. “What is this?” She studies the scene for a few moments and frowns. “I don’t see any way to climb the mountain, but there’s gotta be something here. Why else would the path lead here?”

Why indeed. What will you do?

(Declared: Gallade, Wailord, Gible, Axew, Bagon)


Missingno. Master: With Meowth bringing you the bad news, you tell Kyle to stand down and ask Meowth to ask Ieni for any ideas on how to stop it. The Larvesta and Volcarona regroup as you do so, but don’t move to attack.

Pele turns her burning gaze to Ieni with a rueful sigh. “I hadn’t expected anyone to still remember the old tales, though I doubt there’s anything he’ll remember that’ll help. They’ve forgotten so much…” She mostly sounds like she’s talking to herself, but she isn’t exactly being quiet.

Sounding desperate and stressed, Ieni yells back that none of the stories he remembers hearing from the priestesses said anything about how to give Pele a quick burst of power. He glances around a bit frantically and says that maybe healing Pele’s Pokémon form might help? It’s connected to her, so it could maybe give her energy?

Sunfire nudges him and whispers something, but you’re too far away to hear what she says. Ieni stares wide-eyed at her, then at the rising lava and Pele, before shaking his head, responding vehemently to whatever she’d said.

Barely a moment later, a rumbling rolls through the air and the ground begins to move. Ieni and Sunfire stumble as they try to keep their footing, but the earth jerks and they fall. Same goes for you and Meowth as the ground jumps, knocking the two of you down. Kyle has to fall to all fours to keep steady, but he glances over at the lava pit in worry. The lava roils and bubbles, but mostly remains in the crater, though it slowly creeps ever closer to the lip. Pele closes her eyes and frowns, brow furrowed as she…does something.

The earth’s shaking and shivering goes on for a bit longer and slowly settles back down. Pele exhales and opens her eyes. “A precursor to the larger earthquake.” She looks out towards the sea and grimaces. “I won’t be able to hold that one, but there is…something I may be able to do.”

She turns to you. “That necklace my priestess gave you. Give it to the boy. He listened to my priestesses, though he may not have believed them. He knows what he is charged to do.”

Ieni stares wide-eyed at Pele as he takes the necklace you give him before dropping to one knee and bowing. He says he doesn’t think that he would do much to help, but if she says he must, then he will.

Pele scoffs and tosses her head. “It is too late for sacrifices, child. I need someone to remember what happened here, to remember why the festivals and sacrifices were needed. When I lose the volcano, there will be…more than enough to keep me going until the people return, but it will all repeat itself unless the people remember. That is what I need you to do.”

Ieni nods, relieved, and says that he and her other chosen priestesses can do that. They’ll make sure that all who return remember.

“Good.” Pele nods decisively and turns back to study you. “Traveler. I know not who brought you here—though I have my suspicions—but I believe you were meant to be here. To…witness the end of an era, as it were.” She grimaces before her expression smoothes out. “The dance of the world continued despite your arrival with nary a misstep and that is all the evidence I need. A gift.” She nods at you and motes of red-gold light gather into a ball at around chest height. You stick your hand out and the light settles into your hand, coalescing into one of the red-orange-gold pendants that Keahilani and the older priestess were wearing. “Wear it and recall your Pokémon. There is not much time.”

Seems like there’s something special about the pendants, but it doesn’t sound like you’ll have an opportunity to ask. Doesn’t seem like you’ll have a chance to check on the rest of the villagers either, from the way Pele’s talking. Will you take her at her word?

(Declared: Tentacruel, Meowth, Heatmor)
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