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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
The gargantuan and grotesque Mega Abomasnow was like a runaway train that refused to stop, no matter how many Pokemon stood in its path. Thanks to a certain shower of scalding acid, Abomasnow had awakened its inner rage and was ready to lash out at everything within its vicinity. However, if Abomasnow had reached a point where it was this bothered and its anger boiled over, that was a good sign that some progress was being made toward taking it down. Not to be discouraged by the beast’s overwhelming size and power, the trainers continued to send out their Pokemon in hopes of finally quelling its anger.

As the battle raged on, Hope the Shuppet joined the fray and stared up at her foe. The Shuppet quietly slipped into the Shadows and Snuck behind the Abomasnow to reappear and strike it for light damage. Hope then opened her mouth and shot forth a nasty Gunk Shot that hit the Abomasnow from behind. Guntz the Snorlax stood before the Abomasnow, wide awake and ready to fight. Standing on his two feet, Guntz began to slowly pound on his gigantic Belly as the sound echoed across the mountainside like the rhythmic beat of a Drum. Abomasnow turned to locate the source of the noise, but was promptly struck in the back again by another one of Hope’s Gunk Shots. It scowled, still feeling the seizing pain of the previous Acid Downpour and spun around to hit the Shuppet with an Ice Punch. Hope was sent flying into a pile of snow, taking a hit that even her ethereal body would be feeling the next day.

Vi the Blaziken stood up to the giant bully next, having previously Bulked Up. The tall fighting chicken approached the Abomasnow and gave it a good Punch as she Powered herself Up even further in the process. Vi then swept her leg under the Abomasnow, Kicking it Low. She was joined by Khione the Sneasel, who dashed in with a Quick Attack and joined in with a Low Kick of her own. Abomasnow stumbled backwards as it lost its footing, leaving an opening for Helga the Hariyama to Punch Abomasnow and Power Up as well. Khione kept the creature off balance with a hard Iron Tail, but even as it tottered back on its small legs, Abomasnow breathed forth a powerful Blizzard that hit Vi, Helga, and Khione for solid damage.

As Guntz continued to pound on his belly, hitting himself hard to prove his mental fortitude, Vi and Helga both continued to face off against the Abomasnow. Both the Blaziken and the Hariyama crossed their arms to form an X shape. As their hands engulfed in a fiery energy, they simultaneous struck Abomasnow with a flurry of Crossfires for a good amount of damage. Guntz, who had now finished powering himself up, gave Abomasnow a good Punch as he attempted to Drain some of his health back. Abomasnow roared and blew a second consecutive Blizzard in the Pokemons’ path. Helga was hit for considerable damage, and Guntz, who despite had just drained some health back, had considerably weakened himself earlier and was able to hang on thanks to his Thick Fat resisting the cold. However, it was Vi the Blaziken who ended up the worst of the three, having frozen solid from the wrath of winter. Helga began to glow with powerful energy building up inside of her, slamming into Abomasnow in order to exact her Revenge while Guntz retaliated with a Super Powerful hit.

Abomasnow bellowed in discomfort, but the onslaught of Pokemons’ attacks kept coming. New to the scene, Malcolm the Seviper breathed forth a Flamethrower that scorched the Abomasnow’s feet. Pouli the Houndoom joined the serpent as she stood beside her trainer. Tate’s Mega Stone accessory instantly reacted as it began to glow with luminescent energy. It operated in sync with the chain around the Houndoom’s neck as Pouli began to glow. Powerful energy swirled around the Houndoom as bones covered her torso like spiky armor while the horns on her head twisted upward. The arrow-shaped tip of her tail split and Pouli let out an intimidating howl as her transformation finished. Abomasnow turned to face the powerful new opponent as well as the fire breathing snake and growled angrily. Pouli blew forth a few Will-o-Wisps, but the balls of fire were instantly blown away by a chilling Blizzard. Malcolm seemed a bit bothered by the cold, his cold-blooded nature not used to this environment, but breathed another Flamethrower to try and warm himself up. Pouli didn’t seem too bothered as she began to Plot Nasty thoughts of how she wanted to burn the beast alive. She did just that as she opened her mouth, a blast of scorching fire hitting the Abomasnow. Malcolm joined in with a third Flamethrower of his own, the combination of fire attacks leaving Abomasnow in serious discomfort and a bit charred.

As the onslaught of Pokemon attacks continued to batter its damaged body, Abomasnow gradually began to feel its mortality becoming more and more apparent. Sencing that it would not be able to hold up much longer at the rate things were going, Abomasnow had come to a realization. It took a deep breath and bellowed loudly as it stomped over to the cliff side and started wailing on it. Punch after punch, the beast continued to hit the mountain as hard as it could, causing the ground to rumble. “Guys, watch out!” Athena yelled out to the trainers. “I think it knows we’re close, and it’s trying to take all of us and the whole mountain down with it!” Abomasnow glared as it continued to smack the cliffs. A few rocks tumbled down the mountainside, causing Athena to have to leap out of the way to dodge them. “It’s now or never, everyone! We’ve got to take it out before that avalanche kills us and everyone on the mountain below us!” There was little time to lose as time has nearly run out on this battle. This would have to be the final stand, and it didn’t seem like Abomasnow was looking to spare anyone.

Time is running out in this story! This is your last chance to attack Abomasnow and hopefully take it down for good! Do not mind how the updates were grouped; we simply organized them that way so it would be easier to type. You are free to collaborate with people from the other updates.
Hit after hit, the Abomasnow became weaker, but more violent at the same time. However, looking around, Rorik had every reason to feel confident, despite his pessimistic tendencies.

All of us, we still have a lot of fight left. Guntz was brilliant too - he recovered a lot of the damage he inflicted upon himself after that Belly Drum, and hit his Superpower on the mark. We... we can win this!

For a moment, he managed to push the image of that dreadful Absol to the back of his mind, and concentrated on the final stretch of the battle once again. Because despite the accumulated injuries, the Mega Evolved giant had gone into a berserker rage, and could still very well overwhelm them if they weren't decisive immediately!

Everyone is giving it their all, tapping into the power of their Z-Moves... All we have is Bloom Doom, but that won't work on Abomasnow half as well as it did against Glalie.

With the sheer amount of destruction about to be unleashed on a single location all at once, Rorik knew it was unwise to order Guntz back into close-range combat. He could still make the most of that Belly Drum from a distance, and more importantly, they could also provide backup to those with the real firepower.

"Guntz! Fall back, move away from the enemy," he yelled, determined to make himself heard above all the ruckus. "Blow out a Flamethrower towards Gary's Typhlosion to give it a boost, then strike at Abomasnow from a distance with consecutive Rock Slides!"

This was it. If they failed to take down the beast here, they would all be too exhausted to put up any more resistance, and it would be their doom. But for some reason, Rorik wasn't afraid anymore - truth be told, he was thrilled!

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