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Sylvi nodded hearing your response, she had never really thought of the castle as being a place where someone could actually set something up to call a home or a base. She lived near here, or at least she thought she did. Some of her memories were jumbled and messy, almost as though they had been altered by some unseen force. Perhaps that's why she had been so scared of the castle, because part of her felt drawn to the force she could feel emitting from the terrifying maw of the gate --- almost as though it was a ravenous beast that would swallow her up if she gave it the chance. She shuddered at the thought.

As you arrived at the armory, your eyes were immediately drawn to a suit of armor, curiously asking Sylvi if anyone would miss it. However, she seemed a little preoccupied. She ignored you outright, walking towards a glistening rapier in the room.

That sword in the armory swallowed her up, to the point she could no longer hear what you were attempting to say to her. She stared at it, it seemed to be calling to her in a way. A memory jumped into her head, blood, war, a demon that lurked behind the corner. What did it all mean? She tried to make the flashes stop, but they kept coming. She wanted to run in terror, but her hand kept drawing closer and closer to the sword, attempting to grab her and pull her under. The flashes stopped upon hearing a roar. Sylvi was back, standing there looking bewildered at the sword. Her hand trembling hovering over it. She pulled herself away, half mumbling to herself about what the was.

Admirable as you were, you asked Sylvi to stay behind for now as your Pokemon got set up. She nodded, glancing back at the sword. Surely that was something important, it wouldn't have had such an effect on her if it was just some sort of regular sword. She nodded to you, as you and the two spiky kids ran into the sound where you heard the noise. Upon turning the corner, you spot the source of the shattering roar. A tremendous dragon, coated in scales of golden and red was standing over a small blue bug. Clearly the bug had done something to piss this dragon off, it's bellowing roars were directed solely at the creature.

"K-Karra!" Yelped the creature, backing away in an attempt to get away. The dragon was much larger, it could easily squash the bug with one swift motion. As you watched, your Pokemon readied themselves as they had been instructed to. Iron Maiden set up her stealth rock, followed by springing upward and launching a Leech Seed at it. The hulking dragon turned towards the small steel ball and gave a loud guttural roar, running forward while Automatizing itself for battle. Ajax sprung out, his stats boosted by Curse but his speed impacted --- he sprayed another Leech Seed. Due to the sheer size of the creature, it didn't seem to be extremely affected by the seeds, but they certainly pissed it off. It glared at the Pokemon with a Scary Face, ready for it's next attack.

What do you do?


Croquette wanted to go into the child's room after seeing the movement, sure that it was something to play with. The little ball of energy was so sure that everything on Earth was his a friend, and while it was certainly charming to see his naivety, there were some things that he must learn about the world and the way it worked. Nonetheless, you let the little egg waddle into the room, following closely behind it and ready to grab it at a moments notice. As you walked into the room, you realized that the source of the movement was far too large to actually be that of a wild Pokemon... unless it was an extremely large Pokemon. You grabbed Croquette, cautiously approaching whatever had moved.

You saw a man on the floor, around your age. He was laying face down on the floor, reaching under the bed, as if he was trying to find something. He groaned with the effort, mumbling something about hidden treasure and riches under his breath as he ran his fingers across the weathered floor. He didn't seem to notice you, too preoccupied on what he was doing. He's dressed in a regular pair of pants, jeans that are somewhat torn --- you are unsure if it was done on purpose or bought like that. He's also wearing a muscle shirt, hanging loosely off his frame. His hair is a messy brown, tassles that look like they actually took effort to get that perfect bedhead. His arms are muscular, as if he had trained himself rigorously. A few Pokeballs hang off his belt, making it clear he's a trainer. He must be here looking for something, or at least attempting to locate something. But what on Earth was he doing under a child's bed talking to himself?

He doesn't seem like a bad guy at least? Or so you hope. Maybe you should try to get his attention? What do you do?

Severus Snope

The landscape here was much different than you were used to. In your very short span of time in Fizzytopia you had hardly seen all the bounty and beauty that the land had to offer. Yet here you were, standing in the middle of the fantastic swamp of Celebi. Legends had spoken of the creature, but you had never in your wildest dreams thought that you could be in the same place as the creature.

The gnarled trees that towered over you made you realize the sheer scope and the age of the swamp in which you walked. Countless puddles and deeper bogs made your eyes dart to various areas of the swamp, just hoping that out of the corner of your eye you could see the cryptid yourself. You had an offering in your hands after all, perhaps you could make it to the shrine that the locals had put in place and give it to the divine creature yourself. However, you weren't exactly sure as to where this shrine was located within the swamp. Whatever the case, you were here, and you had plans to explore. It couldn't be too deep in the swamp, locals gave gifts all the time.

As you continued forward, you couldn't help but notice little eyes watching you all along the pathway. Eyes that seemed to disappear as you walked closer, but eyes that were certainly present as you continued. As you walked forward, you couldn't help but feel as though the eyes had alerted something much bigger to your coming here. As you swore you were being followed, maybe for the scent of the berries or simply because you had disturbed this sacred place.

You suddenly heard a rather loud rumbling, followed by something pushing you over and stealing your berries from right out from beneath your nose. The rumbling continued once again, and then utter silence. As you stood up, you couldn't help but feel robbed. Those berries were for Celebi! Not whatever greedy creature had grabbed them! You turned around, looking at the strange pawprints that lead deeper into the trees. It looked as though they went into a darkened hollow... but was it really such a good idea to go that way? The way you were going before the rude interruption seemed so much brighter.

What do you do?


Mio rolls her eyes as you gush over what the terrifying abomination had become. A rather harmless looking black fox creature, who simply looked quite irritated that you had ruined it's disguise. It had worked really hard on it you know! It wasn't nice to just go shattering carefully crafted illusions like that! It cried out in a whiny tone producing a few Fake Tears, looking up at you with these adorable puppy dog eyes. You can hardly contain yourself as your bend down to look at it, however upon doing so a fire stone and a Pokeball roll out --- causing your once shy Eevee to transform into a Flareon.

Mio is shocked at the sudden change, as is Hana, but you yourself are so focused on the idea of transforming like the creature had that you can hardly focus on it. Mio quickly caught Hana up to speed, causing the Flareon to grin with delight. She loved battles! Especially when the other Pokemon deserved it. She quickly got to work kicking up sand in the fox's face, causing it to begin to rub it's eyes in an attempt to get it out. Following that Hana quickly tackled it before spewing some embers in it's face.

"Zorua!" It screeched, angry at the big red fox for attacking it. It was all that dumb Pikachu's fault! Messing everything up that it had worked so hard to put together. It hissed, trying to Leer at Hana to catch her off guard. It followed it up by Furiously Swiping at her, hoping to do as much damage as possible.

Despite it's valiant efforts, the small fox has quickly used up more energy than Hana has. What do you do?
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