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Keith smiled as his friend walked inside, and also as Hannah greeted him with a smile of her own. That really took Keith back to when Hannah was on his own team.

Robin introduced the Mudkip as Bell, explaining that Hannah had put together a small group in order to go and look for her. "Somehow that doesn't surprise me," Keith grinned. "Hannah's never been one to just wait around for help to come to her- she can get stuff done. But yeah, come in- Kawaii's actually here as well," he added, gesturing to the door leading to the living room. He was, of course, quite unaware of Pom's presence at the moment.

Meanwhile, in the living room, another Water-type made its presence known in the aquarium. And I use the term "made its presence known" very loosely, for indeed, the shy little Wishiwashi was not doing anything to draw attention to himself beyond no longer concealing himself behind a patch of fake seaweed. Zygill looked at Kawaii, still rather shy, but at least willing to be seen now. M-maybe.


Pom was beaming with pride at his daughter, which in turn got her tail wagging even more. She smiled happily as Pom told her that he already thought she was the most awesome Normal-type around."YAY~" she exclaimed. "Daddy, Daddy, wanna see me battle?" she asked. "I... um... Oh!" she exclaimed suddenly. Wheeling around, Eon ran up to her new friend. "Gersemy, do you wanna have a battle with me?" she asked. "I want Daddy to see the cool attacks I can use!"

Meanwhile, a large red insect flew into the pool room, landing on the floor near the Eeveelutions. Stewie approached the pink Espeon. "Hello, Freighya," he greeted the Espeon, his tone of voice by far more respectful than any tone of voice he'd ever previously used to address the Psychic-type.


"Aww, yeah!" grinned Lenny in response to Rumpleteaser's question. "I love a good battle! I was just practicing my Double Team just now, in fact. What about you, Rumpleteaser, do you like battling too?" he asked.

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