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Meetan - After getting flooded with a bunch of disturbing information from Axel, you decide to try your luck at convincing Billie to get in there and help. The large Ursaring was clearly torn, you could see it on his face. He understood the urgency of the situation but at the same time, Ivan had told him he needed to stay put and guard you. He looked back and forth between you and the large truck that was down the hill clearly trying to decide what he should do. In the meantime, you gave Nina a new strategy, she was dealing with a fight of her own and you didn't have the time to leave her waiting.

Nina gladly Disabled the Sevipers Wrap, she was very over finding herself caught in such an attack. However, although he wouldn't be able to use the attack anymore, she was still currently stuck in the one he had already started which was where the rest of your strategy came in. The next part went over perfectly due to the Seviper's face being mere inches in front of Nina's. She looked him right in the eye and used her Hypnosis. There was no avoiding it, the Seviper's eyes slowly began to close as he slipped away into a deep sleep. His hold on Nina instantly loosened enough for her to pull herself free. She didn't even need her extra attack in order to free herself but since this was a battle she went ahead and used her Extrasensory anyway in hopes of it possibly knocking that Seviper out so that it wouldn't wake up. The Seviper twitched from the attack, definitely didn't KO but he's very much still asleep. (Nina gains 2 levels) "Damnit!!!!" The owner of the Seviper is angry but he's suddenly distracted by two things. The helicopter is overhead now and slowly landing! The blades from the helicopter are not only loud but are also kicking up winds and can't be ignored. The other thing was that the engine on the truck suddenly roared to life. You had just finished issuing a strategy to Axel when things took a bit of a turn.

The man inside must have finally regained his bearings because suddenly the truck began to move which was a sign that you were running out of time. At that moment, Billie had to think fast, his friends were in trouble after all. Next thing you know, your world is flipped sideways as Billie quickly lifted you up with his free arm and threw you over his shoulder then began running down the hill as you held on for dear life. It seems that you are constantly being forced to go places by Pokemon that aren't yours today. "Ursa!!!" Before the truck managed to gain any kind of speed, Billie tossed Greg to the side and leaped for one of the front tires while you were still hanging on! His claws managed to dig deep into the tire, piercing it. You fell off and rolled into the grass getting several patches of dirt and grass stains on your clothing but otherwise you're okay. Ivan saw what was happening and began to run toward you and Billie. At that moment, the popped tire caused the truck to be uneven and the hilly terrain instantly made it so that the truck began tipping toward you and Billie! Ivan was running as fast as he could but could tell he wouldn't make it on time.

"Billie! Use your Strength to stop that truck from falling over!" Billie instantly reacted to his trainer and his hands dug into the side of the truck and he braced himself with his body, but the truck was quite heavy, especially because of the hill tilting it so he was struggling. Ivan finally caught up and pulled you up by your hand and then roughly pulled you away. "I'm sorry if I hurt your arm, but I needed to get you out from under there. I just want you to stay safe." He then turned back to Billie. "If you can't stop the truck from falling over then see if you can put it down gently so that the Pokemon inside don't get any more hurt than they already are."

As all of that was happening, Axel had been working inside of the truck. His Knock Off had easily opened the doors the rest of the way but him and Franklin were stuck inside because they couldn't leave without helping the other Pokemon. Since it had worked so well on Franklin's cage, Axel had decided to use his Iron Tail to break the rest of the Pokemon free while Franklin was gently using his Water Gun to help clean off the Sludge that covered their bodies. The Pokemon that was earlier considered a mystery was finally clean enough for Axel to see what it was. A baby Skiddo. It was very tiny compared to the Skiddo that had been forcing you to ride it before and it was shaking from fear. Axel relayed this to you immediately. After he was cleaned, Tank the Mudbray was the first one to exit the truck and without Tank's very heavy weight inside, Billie was able to easily finish gently placing the truck on the ground.

"Uncle!!!!!" You turn around and see Greg who was tossed by Billie now standing up and waving his arms in the air toward the helicopter. You watch as the helicopter finally finishes its landing. Tinted windows made it so that you couldn't even tell who was inside but there was a large M on the side of it. There was a long pause, whoever was in there seemed to be in no rush to come out. "Damnit I could really use my phone right about now. We need to contact the police! And more importantly this is getting serious, we need to get these Pokemon and get out of here! Billie can carry Joe and Tank can carry-"

"Miss! Uhhh Alice was it? Your Pokemon could use a little help!" Joe, who was sitting in the grass where Ivan had left him was shouting for you. You had been distracted by everything after Billie had swept you off your feet. You immediately look over and see that the Seviper is awake once again and that Nina was completely drenched in poison from the Seviper's Venoshock attack. And because Nina was already poisoned, she seemed to be in quite a bit of pain.


myahoo - The trial continues and although Samuel is unusually quiet, he still has a huge grin on his face. On Samuel's side of the log, his Pokemon are looking extra serious. As soon as Reaper the Scyther raises his arm, Cirrus begins to pelt him with stars from his Swift. However, he is only hit by a couple of them before Gladius the Kabutops leaps into the air and Takes him Down, forcing him to stop before finishing his attack. The attack threw him off a bit, but Reaper still manages to hit the log with his Night Slash, although a little weaker than it would have originally been. Next, Reaper gives himself some space and raises his arm once again. This time Cirrus dives down with an Aerial Ace and slightly hits Reaper but before his body could make full impact, Gladius smacks him away with his Aqua Tail. Having almost been knocked over, Reaper stumbles a bit but still releases an Air Slash toward the log which makes contact and suddenly, the log is completely cut through and falls! But at the same time…

Ore had already begun to use Fury Swipes on the log, cutting away at the wood rapidly. On his third hit, he was hit by part of Odachi the Lurantis' Signal Beam but thanks to Signal's Shock Wave the beam was turned in another direction. Ore managed to continue and got 5 hits off on the log with only one of them being partial due to his minor wound from the Signal Beam. The log is barely hanging on now, it looks like even the gentlest of touches will make it completely give. Ore prepares his claws but is suddenly hit with the first of two Dual Chops before he even has the chance to do his attack, but there is still time. Odachi proceeds to finish up with the second half of the Dual Chop when suddenly she is hit by Signal's Ice Beam which instantly freezes her arm. Ore uses this as his opportunity to finish his attack and slashes away at what's left of the log with his Shadow Claw, causing the log to completely give.

Both sides fall, but the winner is clear. As the log falls there is one side that had been falling ever so slightly longer, causing that side to hit the ground first. "Well would you look at that! Congratulations!" Samuel grabs your hand and starts shaking it up and down. "You all did a wonderful job and now you deserve a rest!" He returns all three of his Pokemon, who actually all looked pretty happy as well. There wasn't a single sore loser in the bunch. "Your Pokemon all worked together wonderfully! You've earned this!" He pulls out a small badge and hands it to you along with a TM.

Congratulations! You have received the Cutter Badge and TM Fury Cutter. "That badge is all you need to get yourself up to the second level and to the Cloud Shrine where I'm sure Jet will help you find that Pidgey you're after. He can come across as a little rough around the edges but he's a good guy! Of course, if you want to get up there you'll have to climb the Starline Waterfall with one of your Pokemon first. Marina will gladly help you with that if you need it!"

Ore has grown 4 levels!
Signal has grown 3 levels!
Cirrus has grown 3 levels!


Marion Ette - You didn't seem to be enjoying yourself as much as the other trainers and families that surrounded you. This kind of place wasn't a usual stop for someone like yourself, but you had a very specific objective in mind, finding a water Pokemon, and coming to a river is one of the best places to do such a thing. You are deep in thought as you scan the river in hopes of finding a good addition to your team, when suddenly, you feel someone tap on your shoulder. You spin around and there is a person so close to you that you jump back a bit, almost stumbling into the river beside Bia. "Oh, I'm so so sorry miss!" A woman who has swollen red eyes, clearly from crying, is looking at you apologetically as she holds out a flyer toward you. "P-please…" Her voice cracks, it's clear she is trying to avoid having another crying fit. You take the flyer and look at it "LOST POKEMON" There are large bold letters at the top which immediately grab your attention. Below that is an image. A completely blurred image. This image could clearly be anything, it looks extremely distorted; it's almost as if the photos quality was already horrible but then they printed it with a printer that ran out of ink and followed that up with pouring water on it for good measure. Or wait, maybe instead of water it was that woman's tears? Below that was just some information about how to contact them.

You wanted to ask about the picture but when you looked up from the flyer, the woman was already gone. Looking around, you can't spot her anywhere but there are a lot of people around so maybe she just got lost in the crowd. You don't have much time to think about it however, because suddenly there is a loud splash. You spin around and the rivers current briefly picks up due to a large wave that must have been created by whatever that splash was. Bia is of course picked up in the wave and pulled down the river about 20 feet before things settle back down again, she is clearly alright, and 20 feet isn't all that far. Of course, things aren't so simple. "Oh ho ho!!" An older gentleman spots Bia in the river and gets very excited. "I've never seen a Pokemon quite like that one in this here river so it must be one of them super ultra rares that the kiddos keep talking about!" The man excitedly prepares one of his fishing rods and then throws the line out and the bait lands right next to Bia. "Wooooie! This here's gonna be quite a catch this one!"


Missingno. Master - Another complicated situation has arisen so once again you do your best to have your Pokemon fix it. Dudley Teleports in front of Lady and all of a sudden, he's feeling like his normal self again, in other words, slow. Back to his usual thought process, he needs a minute to get his thoughts straight before he can do what's next. However, due to him blocking Lady's path, she just charged straight into him and bounced back. Lady didn't seem to mind the sudden road block, in fact, what's the point of fetch if you don't have someone to bring the stick back to? She gladly drops the stick right there on the grass at Dudley's feet and begins to wag her tail. It is then that she is finally risen up into the air due to Dudley's Telekinesis. She's perfectly content with this as well, tail still wagging and even her tongue is hanging out of her mouth.

As that was being taken care of, you approached Kricketune once again and began to explain the situation. You were determined to get this Pokemon to understand the facts. The Kricketune was still skeptical, it didn't know what to believe but it couldn't deny the fact that if you wanted to attack it you would. Of course, it was still wary, even without wanting to attack it you could have other kinds of bad intentions and it had not forgotten that your Pokemon had put it to sleep and made it lose its Nanab Berry.

As the Kricketune was thinking things over, Dudley was taking his dear sweet time with the next step. Which isn't too good considering a flaming stick had been dropped into the grass and at no surprise to anyone, the fire was beginning to spread across the grass just like it did earlier when Kricketune was in danger. "Oh my god oh my god oh my GOD!!" Ringo was freaking out, stomping at the flames that threatened to spread to the trees. "DO SOMETHING!!" She begins to shout at Kenny in a panic, it seems she had observed that he was able to get Dudley moving. After one good chomp, Dudley finally remembered what it was he needed to do next and began to perform a Rain Dance. He seemed to be pretty enthusiastic about his dance, a little too enthusiastic. Suddenly it was almost as if the Starline Waterfall was pouring down from the sky on everything and everyone near the area. And of course, at that exact same time Miror had begun to grow a Grassy Terrain for Kricketune. After another good chomp from Kenny, Dudley dialed it back a bit so that it became a normal rain. However, the sudden downpour was perfectly timed with Miror's move which caused the grass that Miror was trying to grow to grow a bit too quickly.

Kricketune was gone, well, not actually gone, but no one could see it through the extra tall and thick patch of grass that had enveloped its entire body. The effects of such a sudden fierce downpour were evident everywhere. You, Ringo, all of the Pokemon, and the ground were completely drenched. Your clothes were completely stuck to you and your hair was sticking to your face. It looked like you had decided to turn on a shower and jump in with all of your clothes on. Ringo was in the same condition you were and all of the Pokemon had large amounts of water dripping off of them. The good news was that the fire was completely put out! Of course, it didn't take long for you to hear that familiar laughter coming from a very amused monkey. Aipom was rolling around on the ground in a puddle laughing so hard it had tears in its eyes. Looks like it's guard is down due to how hilarious it finds this situation. Ringo looks down at her drenched clothes in disgust. "Just so you know. You have somehow made this day go from terrible to worse. It was just supposed to be another average day on the farm!!" She yells at you and then huffs and crosses her arms. "And it's not funny!" She finishes by yelling at Aipom too. Kricketune hasn't made an appearance since getting enveloped in grass, in fact, the grass hasn't even moved at all and it's so thick that hopefully it can breathe in there.
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