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Le Cimetičre des Cœurs Oubliés

Balmund: You're practically the perfect guest -- polite, charitable, and deferential -- which only renders it all the more bewildering that you are not in the least bit well-received. Amelie's father considers your request with a scowl on his face, fork and knife poised in the air. He did not intend to host you, but you're here regardless, and it would be rather unbecoming if he did not show a certain graciousness. He had a reputation to maintain, after all.

"If you like," he finally dismisses, flicking his hand -- and his fork -- slightly, before returning to his breakfast. He lifts a portion of egg to his mouth, taking his time to chew and swallow before resuming his train of thought. "Amelie can show you the grounds after breakfast. I daresay people will talk when they see the two of you together, but if she wishes to behave as a strumpet, she will have to reap the consequences."

Amelie's face remains placid; if her words are true, then she has endured this breakfast -- and her father's cruelty -- innumerable times. You can only assume that she has grown numb to the abuse. More telling, however, is the way her mother's face falls, eyes dropping to her plate. Though it is not a high bar to hurdle, this woman has been the kindest out of all of Amelie's family towards you, Amelie, and even the Ghost-types; not so much cruel as put-upon, and exhausted. It likely isn't easy to live under the patriarchy of her husband.

"Geoffrey..." She pleads, her voice small and quiet. She swallows, before putting more energy into her words. "Perhaps it isn't so terrible? It's only a friend..."

"Mathilda, please," he says, curtly, as if shutting down an unruly child, rather than his own wife. "Her behavior is unseemly. She needs to hear it. You never went gallivanting around with young men at her age."

"No, I suppose I didn't," Mathilda sighs, defeated. For a fraction of a second, Amelie looks truly sad, eyes fixed on her mother. It was hardly a grand defense of her honor, but at least the woman had acted in some small way on behalf of the child she had given birth to.

In the kitchen, Brantley has made something of a grave error: he's turned his back upon Iskra and Yuki. Having busied himself at the sink, he has begun to wash the utensils he had used to prepare the food for the Pokémon, and does not take notice of Iskra's mischief, though Yuki does, giggling eerily to herself.

What will you and Iskra do?

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