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Ribcage Mall

Naruxami: I don't want to die in here.

Poor Alana. This is no place for her. This is no situation to be in. She -- and you! -- really should be somewhere else; somewhere safe. Not in an abandoned mall in gang territory. And for that matter, where was the gang?! This was supposed to be the heart and soul of Ribcage country, but you haven't seen a single person. Shouldn't gangbangers be coming out of the fucking walls around here? The lack of thugs is beginning to become more worrisome than their presence would have been, but you're largely undaunted, and press onward.

Climbing the escalator-turned-stairs to the mezzanine level, you find yourself staring into... darkness. Squinting into the abyss, your eyes eventually adjust to the pitch black, and you can make out the faintest of shapes. This section of the mazzanine appears to be cluttered with small tables and many chairs; at some point, this was probably a food court. More or less tidy considering the nature of the mall, it looks like this is probably a space that is still in use by the heretofore missing inhabitants of the structure. Alana's eyes are more keen than yours, and she quickly alerts you to something, gesturing concernedly towards what -- based on its silhouette -- is some sort of food stand. You can't make out much more than the vague image of its counter, and something hanging above said counter... probably a menu. Alana is adamant though, that it needs exploring. You're not sure how much you'll find when you can barely see your hands in front of your face. What will you do?

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