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"Oh, cool," smiled Keith. "I actually adopted an Alolan Vulpix last month, if you'd like to meet her?" Before Kawaii could answer, however, there were more knocks at the door. "Peeves? Could you get that?" Keith called.

"No can do," came Peeves's voice from the general direction of the kitchen. "Nature calls."

Keith rolled his eyes. "Peeves, the jar of chocolate chip cookies does not count as nature," he said.

"That's your opinion," retorted the Dusknoir.

"Right. At least save some for Lil, OK?" asked Keith.

"He's way ahead of you there," came Liliana's voice, also coming from the kitchen.

Keith couldn't help but chuckle. "Some things never change," he said to Kawaii. "Excuse me a moment, lemme see who it is."

And so Keith walked over to the front doors and pulled them open. "Oh, hey, Robin," he smiled. "Good to see you! Come in, come in," he invited her in. "Hannah, good to see you again, too," he added to the cheerful female Qwilfish. "Glad to see you found her, Robin. And who's this?" he added, spotting the Mudkip.

"OK," smiled Pomona, leading the way onto the green warp panel. And moments later, they were in the Battle Room, where a brown Weavile seemed to be practicing his Double Team, as numerous copies of him kept materializing all over the battlefield. Then, he noticed the others arriving, and the copies vanished as he ran up.

"Hey! Hi, Pomona, hi, Aletri!" grinned Lenny, hugging the Ivysaur and Druddigon by way of a greeting. "Who's your friend?" he asked, noticing the Skitty.

"This is Rumpleteaser," said Pomona. "Rumpleteaser, this is Lenny."

"Pleased to meet ya!" smiled Lenny.

Eon laughed happily as her father's twin tails picked her up. "All sorts of stuff!" she smiled. "I've been learning lots of attacks, and Mommy taught me how to swim, and I just made a new friend, too- that's Gersemy, that's Miss Freighya's daughter, and she's gonna be a Sylveon someday, which is so pretty! But I'm not gonna evolve," she shook her head. "I'm gonna be an awesome Normal-type like you!"

Cyanide couldn't help it. She smiled, big-time, so adorable was that last thing her daughter just said.

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