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Abomasnow’s rage was unyielding, and with each attack it took its anger grew. Patches of its fur were singed or cut by attacks, but it continued surrounding itself with more and more freezing cold air. Its angry cries resounded throughout the Cloud Garden, meant to intimidate its opponents.

After the Avalanche had fallen, the battlefield had become much more quiet. Rorik and other trainers watched on to see if Volg would emerge from the rubble and snow. Rorik enlisted his Starmie for help, and together they started a telepathic search for the Charizard. With a low rumble, a section of the rubble lit up like a flashlight and then exploded. Fire and rocks flew from the pile of snow and Blasted Abomasnow with Burning flames. Volg emerged, looking worse for the wear, but determined to deliver his powerful attack. Relief spread across the Charizard’s face as the attack hit Abomasnow and caused it to reel back in pain and surprise. Volg collapsed to the ground, exhausted and ready for a break.

A Howl pierced the air as Alice directed Atsumu the Whismur to prepare to attack. Akame prepared herself as well by raising her Defense with the strength of Iron. Atsumu began to rush around and started yelling in an Uproar. This annoyed Abomasnow, and it began to Stomp the ground to try to get the Whismur to stop. Akame ran in as soon as Akame’s gigantic arm collided with the ground, slamming into it with Iron Head. Mio the Pikachu, despite being all turned around from Abomasnow’s Swagger, managed to join in with a Growl. Though Abomasnow was not intimidated by the small Mouse Pokemon, it recognized that she was another tiny nuisance it would have to deal with. Abomasnow quickly learned it could not hit such small targets with its huge limbs without making itself even more of a target. The spines on its body fluttered and thousands of Magical Leaves began to scatter and fly at Atsumu, Mio and Akame. Unable to get past the barrage of leaves, Akame took the hit and decided on her Revenge. She used her full strength to slice at Abomasnow and pierce its tough skin with one of her blades. Atsumu’s yelling mixed with a yell from Mega Abomasnow. A few leaves found their way into Atsumu's gaping mouth but the Whismur was able to dislodge them with his continued uproar and a few coughs. Mio tried to Mimic Abomasnow and utilize the sparkling leaves as her own. Leaves, sound, snow, and ice all swirled around Mio and added to her overwhelming confusion. Though she was able to gain control over the Magical Leaves, she ended up hitting herself with several of them instead of hitting her target. Mio was even more dizzy and looked to Patches and Momo with the indication that it might be time to change things up.

The chaos on the other side of the field gave Hotstuff the chance to continue his attack from behind. He jumped up into the air and was able to slice an Aerial Ace up and down across Abomasnow’s back. The colossus was unable to reach behind itself or even move before the Charmeleon was crawling up the rest of the way to one of its shoulders. Hotstuff breathed a Flamethrower, singeing one of the eyebrow-like formations on Abomasnow’s face. Abomasnow shook its head, causing Hotstuff to struggle to stay on and use his second Flamethrower. The jet of flame ended up propelling the Charmeleon off of Abomasnow and down with a painful smack. Hotstuff worked on standing again, but the fall along with the freezing cold air took its toll on the Fire-type. Hotstuff was not able to stay conscious any longer and was knocked out.

Sound and wind spiraled around the trainers and their Pokemon. Kimball felt overwhelmingly confused from everything going on as well as from the Abomasnow’s Swagger. The Vanillite floated around, teetering and dizzy. Luckily she was able to hear her trainer’s voice right before she smacked into a particularly large boulder. Though she was still rather confused, she nibbled at a piece of chocolate nearby and felt a bit better. It was enough to help her take a huge breath in and join in the Uproar Atsumu had already started. The Vanillite and Whismur cried out in unison, their sound-based attacks ringing in the ears of every Pokemon and human on the field.

The barrage of sound caused some more rocks to tumble down the mountain and onto the battlefield. Abomasnow was pelted by a rather large boulder that had fallen down. With several small Pokemon running all around and on top of Abomasnow, things were only getting more and more chaotic. Abomasnow backed up a bit and increased its abilities with Growth, the ground rumbling as it took nutrients from the earth.
It was a glorious sight. Like a volcano, Volg’s Blast Burn erupted from the depths of the snow field, pillars of flame exploding upwards with a ferocity that Rorik had not seen since the Fire-Type was still a Charmander, possessed by a mysterious dark aura in the Black Bayou. Abomasnow clearly felt the hit, and many others after that one, and despite its anger growing even more, something told Rorik the beast could be toppled. All it took was one final push, but Volg wouldn’t be the one to do it.

“You were amazing,” said Rorik with a smile. How could he be smiling in such a dire situation though? “Thank you for your effort, Volg.”

The dragon, panting from exhaustion and on the brink of fainting, managed to return Rorik’s smile. Although he would have preferred to defeat this formidable opponent on his own, he knew he was not at that level just yet – maybe, one day, when he attained his own perfect form. He’d done a lot, but it was time to let someone else end the fight – and he knew exactly who Rorik had in mind!

“Return,” whispered the Professor as he recalled the Charizard. “Guntz, ready to do this?!”

The Snorlax grinned and stepped forward, cracking his knuckles in anticipation. In his youth, nothing beyond eating ever seemed worth the effort – but, ironically, it was under Rorik’s guidance that he discovered the pleasures of battle, and he grew to love fighting just as much as eating. Everything else was still a waste of time, though.
Overtime, Guntz became Rorik’s strongest partner, with more experience and raw strength than anyone on the team, on top of the training he had already received from the Heimlan Champion Gottfried in his early days as a Munchlax. Volg was improving by the day, his own power growing leaps and bounds with each fight, but both Pokemon knew the difference between them was still considerable. Still, Guntz waited impatiently for the day when the Charizard could stand toe-to-toe with him, without the need to pull any punches. Hopefully that day would come soon.

What… is that?

He hadn’t noticed it at first, but he could see it clearly now, looking at him from atop Abomasnow’s lair. Red eyes glimmering, it filled him with a sense of dread: an Absol stared directly at Rorik, unmoving, and deeply unsettling. And then, just as quickly as it had appeared, the beast vanished into the hailstorm.

What was the meaning of this? And why am I feeling so terribly anxious all of a sudden? I… I can’t lose my focus now. Concentrate!

“Guntz!” he shouted, surprising the Snorlax with his sudden shift in posture. “Let’s get this over with quickly! Boost your strength to maximum and take the fight to that monster!”

The bear hesitated for a moment, taken aback by Rorik’s bold and blunt orders, but he knew what the Heimlan meant. Slamming his fists into his gut like a war drum, Guntz prepared a Belly Drum to hype up for combat.

“Drill a Drain Punch into that thing, then while you’re up close, make it feel your Superpower!”

It was a risky tactic, and nothing like Rorik. But the Professor couldn’t erase the sight of that Absol, nor ignore the terrifying feeling it instilled into his heart; the faster they finished off this beast, the sooner he could put all of this behind him.

Or was the Absol trying to warn him of… something else entirely?


((Ignore the Absol obviously, it's for self-RP purposes ^^))
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