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Lorin started to waddle over to the water, ready to execute the next round of orders. He channels the currents within the water, starting to entangle the Sharpedo in a small Whirlpool. There was a good amount of distance from the shark and the Lapras, so the purple plesiosaur was safe from the Lotad's pull. The Shark, realizing it had nothing to reliably attack the Lotad with, just loud out a small snarl as it got swept away in the attack. Aiming carefully, the grass-type once again produces explosive seeds. The Seed Bomb flies into the Whirlpool, exploding and giving the Sharpedo a good knocking. The Sharpedo just stares at the Lotad, and decides to cut its losses. It swims away from the cove at high speeds, grumbles being heard from the Pokemon. The Lapras lets out a cheer, happy you were able to chase away the predator.

Lorin has gained 1 Level!

"Hey," Lauren started to speak. "Seems the coast is clear now. I'm going to go head out and try and get Nurse Joy. You'll be okay here by yourself?" You gave a nod. "Okay, good. I left some supplies next to where I was in case the gauze needs to be redressed. I believe in you Alice, protect this Lapras the best you can."

And with that, she started to run out of the cove. It was just you, Lorin, and the Lapras. You could see your Lotad and the wild Lapras starting to converse once more, and it eyed you every so often. While the Pokemon has warmed up to the Lotad, it seems a bit wary of you still. It makes sense, considering the state you had found it in. Anyways, what was with that harpoon. You could try to investigate it to get an idea of the poachers, or try and befriend the Pokemon with you some more.

What do you do?


As you make your way towards the back of the cabin, using the walls as support, you see the woman from yesterday chopping some logs. Her ax swung down, cleaving the wood in two. She picked up the logs, and tossed them into a pile. Putting down her ax, she swipes her head and notices you.

"Good morning Liawe," she smiled at you like a mother would her own child. "I hope you slept well. Anyways, I'm just creating some more firewood. That was a a decent storm last night, and some of our old logs got soaked. Anyways, I got a list of what I need you to go harvest. I've already gotten the meat prepared. As a carnivorous predator, Gyarados tend to eat smaller fish. Though, once in a while they don't mind some terrestrial food. I have a few Miltank steaks preserved in case the King gets wild... That usually calms him down. Anyways, I need you to go collect an ingredient. A jar of Honey. There's a honey tree just north of here. I checked stock today and I have the rest of what I need. The Combee there are a bit timid, so don't startle them. Usually they're fine with people taking their honey if you give them some berries," she explains, and then hands you an empty jar. It's small enough that you should be able to completely fill it up with honey.

With your task given to you, Maie returns to chopping firewood. Seems simple enough, head north, get honey, and then come back. Considering your injuries, things could be way worse. The sky was clear, and nothing out of the ordinary was in sight. Then again, yesterday seemed like a perfectly ordinary day for a picnic that ended in you almost being killed by a Gyarados.

What do you do?

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