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Upon speaking her name, Pom was quickly greeted by Cyanide, and though the Umbreon tried to seem cool, the Ambipom could tell that she had missed him. Just as he had missed her.
In contrast to Cyanide's somewhat cool approach, Eon's excitement was rather plain to see as she raced towards her father, before running right into him.

Pom couldn't help but giggle as the Eevee pup began to jump up and lick his face.

"My, have you grown since I last saw you. You're so big now!" Pom exclaimed as he scooped the shiny Eevee up, using his twin tails.

"So tell me, how have you been What have you been up to? I want to hear everything." The Ambipom smiled.
It seemed that Pom certainly wasn't the last guest intending to visit Keith's secret base that day. Not long after the Ambipom entered the pool room, did a group of three arrive at the Shadow Clearing.

The first, was none over then Robin Eclair, the aspiring Electric type Master. Cradled in the girls arms was Hannah, who started staring at Keith's new base with a look of wonder.
The third guest? That was Bell, who was currently resting on his trainer's shoulder. While he originally had no intentions of leaving the house today, the Mudkip was eventually persuaded to come along, all thanks to Hannah.

"I can't wait till we go inside!" Hannah exclaimed. "You're going to get to meet all my old friends Bell. Oh, and my brother too! It's going to be awesome."

"I bet." Bell murmured, before letting out a yawn. The last thing the mud fish Pokemon wanted was to talk to a bunch of Pokemon.

Robin decided to ignore both Water types, instead her mind was on Keith's secret base as she drew closer and closer to it.
Knowing Hannah and Bell, it wouldn't be long before the two were to break into a fight of some sorts, and the young trainer wanted no part in it.

She had come here to relax, and catch up with her friend. After the situation at the Tempus Ruins, she definitely needed it.
Ok, maybe that wasn't the only reason. It had originally been Hannah's idea to visit.
The Qwilfish had really wanted to see her brother after so long, and Robin had had no intention of denying her request.

Finally, after much back and fourth from Hannah and Bell, the trio had reached the front door to Keith's place.
Taking a deep breath, Robin gave the door a few knocks, before waiting patiently for someone to respond.
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