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Cortoza Updates - Set Twenty

Missingno. Master: Ieni’s eyes widen at the sight of the necklace and then narrow thoughtfully when Meowth translates your words. At the end of it, he nods and climbs onto his Ponyta’s back. He tells you that he’ll help however he can. It’s his home and his family that are in trouble, so he should go with you to see how things play out.

That decided, you and Ieni hang on as the Ponyta bolt, startling villagers and other Pokémon as you ride past. They run across the ridge for as long as they can towards the mountain before dipping back down into the valley to find the path to the top. The path in the valley is somewhat familiar from yesterday’s race, especially as you reach the base of the mountain, but the trail the Ponyta take splits off early from the path to the rewards. It’s steep, the path to the top, and the Ponyta slow down dramatically, digging their hooves in and pulling themselves up.

You’re not sure how long it’s been since you got the warning, and glancing out towards the ocean doesn’t give you any clues, but maybe about two-thirds of the way up the mountain, Ieni and his Ponyta yelp and whinny respectively in surprise. When you glance back, Ieni is grimacing with one hand pressed flat against the air as though a transparent wall blocks the way in front of him. He tells you that he’d hoped that going up with you would’ve let him through, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Sunfire suggests that you might have to pull him through and Ieni perks up, saying that that might work. She takes you back to where Ieni is and you grab his hand as he nudges his Ponyta forwards. Once past the wall, you experimentally let go and Ieni continues forward with no problem. Nodding at each other, you continue up to the peak.

The temperature rises the closer you get to the peak and, as you crest the top, you immediately spot the hole in the ground, lit orange-red by lava. Nearby, a cluster of Larvesta and Volcarona shift uneasily as the volcano rumbles and the lava bubbles. About half the individuals have red horns and wings, while the other half have gold ones. One in particular stands out, though: a Volcarona with pink horns and wings.

Ieni suggests that you dismount and approach carefully as he slides off his own Ponyta, staying away from the cluster of Pokémon. He’ll hang on the Sunfire for you, while you talk to Pele.

Well, you’re here now. What will you do?

(Declared: Tentacruel, Meowth)
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