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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
The trainers had really done it now. The Mega Abomasnow was fed up with dealing with these pesky Pokemon, and the latest assault had really stung. The beastly creature meant business now, and to show it, it began Growing bigger and bigger as it prepared to unleash more powerful attacks than ever before. And then, as the Mist slowly dissipated from the trainers’ side of the battlefield, Abomasnow blew forth a harsh Icy Wind that chilled all Pokemon to the bone.

Freshly captured from Delibird Ridge just up the mountainside, Carmen the Delibird took in her surroundings as Hail trickled down from above and opened up the pouch-like appendage of her tail feathers. An array of colorful lights poured out, surrounding her vicinity with an Aurora Veil. She then blew a Frosty Breath at the Abomasnow before reaching into her tail once more and pulling out a glowing orb. Carmen tossed it over to Abomasnow, offering it as a Present upon contact, it exploded for very light damage. Abomasnow didn’t really seem to be too bothered by it, but swatted the Delibird away with enough power to Break a Brick, which caused the veil to dissipate as well.

Squaring off against the Abomasnow next was a Sableye by the name of Ore as well as a Porygon named Glitch. Ore began to buff himself up as he Plotted Nasty thoughts of what to do to the Abomasnow. The Mega Abomasnow unleased a Powder Snow in the Sableye’s direction, but Glitch used its Agility to jump in front and take the attack with its resisted water typing. Glitch quickly began to run its Conversion program Version 2.0 once again, while Ore flashed a Ray of Confusion in Abomasnow’s direction. With its perception temporarily impaired, Abomasnow mixed up its opponents, firing an Ice Shard intended for Ore at Glitch instead. However, the attack bounced off of the Porygon for light damage as Glitch emerged with an icy sheen and immediately began to Recover its health.

Abomasnow was then knocked back as Mistilteinn the other Mega Abomasnow crashed into it with a chop hard enough to Break Bricks. Mistilteinn then spat a vile, Toxic glob at Abomasnow, but its reflexes were fast, blowing its Frost Breath to freeze the poison midair and fall into the snow harmlessly. Ore followed up the attack with a Dazzling Gleam, distracting it while Vi the Blaziken began to Bulk Up. Mistilteinn suddenly began to glow a yellow-orange energy that swirled with a light purple aura before charging forward and slamming into the Abomasnow for a powerful Giga Impact. Abomasnow had seen enough of its smaller counterpart as it recoiled from the crushing hit. As Mistilteinn lay there in the snow, unable to move after the last attack, the icy behemoth began to glow light blue before smashing its fist into the cliff side. The mountain began to rumble, and rocks and ice quickly crashed down from above like an Avalanche. Mistilteinn, Ore, Glitch, and Vi were all hit by the attack, but only Mistilteinn was unable to crawl out of the wreckage. Unable to move, Mistilteinn reverted back to its normal form, knocked unconscious.

As she brushed the snow off of her, Vi the Blaziken stared down the gargantuan Abomasnow before her. She suddenly began to glow blue and leapt forward, hitting the beast with a powerful Brave Bird. Abomasnow roared angrily and pulled its head back, bracing itself and raising its guard. This left it wide open as Vi Jumped High into the air before coming crashing down for a powerful Kick. The attack hit Abomasnow hard, but it was ready as it Bashed Vi with a crushing hit from its Skull. Vi winced as she was knocked backwards.

It was now Keith’s time to shine as he stood beside Kyle the Heatmor. After feeding him an Aspear Berry to thaw out his frostbite, the trainer’s Z-Ring began to glow purple as he called out, “Acid Downpour!” Kyle was soon enveloped in a toxic energy as Keith held one arm out as if he was imitating a cauldron and pantomimed sprinkling an assortment of potions into it. Keith then crouched down onto his knee and held out his arms to the side spookily as Kyle began to channel that energy and unleash it onto a devastating attack. A toxic mist blew low across the ground as the Heatmor spat a shot of toxic gunk high into the air. Upon reaching the peak of its arc, the gunk exploded and a torrent of acid poured down from the sky and onto the Abomasnow. RAAAAAAARRGGGHHHHHHH!! it bellowed loudly in anguish, as its unsettling cry echoed off the mountainside. Abomasnow writhed in pain, bashing its head against the mountainside over and over, and the ground began to shake. A massive Avalanche tumbled down from above, as the Abomasnow covered itself in snow in an attempt to wash off the burning acid.

Once the acid was mostly gone, Abomasnow shook the snow off and revealed a grotesque new appearance. Pieces of fur had melted off of it while other parts had turned sharp and black. Much of the fur and needles on its back had melted off of its spikes, making them look bigger and sharper than ever before. Its eyes were blood-red in a rage as it reached out with one arm and grabbed Kyle by the chest. With one quick motion, it slammed the Heatmor against the cliff, taking a deep breath. “SNOWWW!” it bellowed, breathing a Sheer Cold wind that shut down the Heatmor’s senses and rendered him unconscious instantly. Abomasnow was still seething as it threw Kyle’s unconscious body into the snow before his trainer’s feet.

Abomasnow pounded on its chest and bellowed another deafening roar. It was beside itself with anger now; having set off a fury that would not be quelled easily. As Abomasnow thrashed about in the snow, it began to Grow even bigger than before, becoming stronger and scarier in the process. With its rage-fueled adrenaline now driving it forward, it was unlikely that status effects and psychological tactics would have much of an effect on it going forward.

Time is running out in this story! It’s time to give this monster everything that you’ve got in order to quell its rage for good. There are two weeks remaining in this campaign, so make them count! Do not mind how the updates were grouped; we simply organized them that way so it would be easier to type. You are free to collaborate with people from the other updates.
The bitter cold was getting to Alex at this stage. The chilling wind, the biting hail, he was far from a fan of it, yet as he kept his one living hand bundled in clothing he could only watch as the Abomasnow was assaulted further. Mist's Brick Break landed true, but his toxic technique was thwarted by a blast of cold air, and despite this setback, the mega pokemon was ready to throw in the towel, proverbially. Shining gold, he bellowed before slamming full force, putting every bit of his might into one powerful blow that the giant certainly felt. Exhausted, he could only kneel in the snow as the larger opponent slammed a fist like redwood into the mountain, snow and ice cascading down upon him, and as a glow emanated, Alex had the feeling that Mist had done his job. Defeated, the Abomasnow brushed a little snow off, exposing face, before losing consciousness, yet quite comfortable in the rubble.

"You did well, Mist, return..." he whispered, recalling his fainted pokemon before anything worse could befall him. The good news was that it was the opening that a Blaziken needed to strike forth, while Keith's Heatmor once again demonstrated his noxious mastery with another stellar display of Acid Downpour. Watching the billowing poison rain upon the titanic snow monster, Alex scratched at his head, as a flash came to mind. Isaac, standing before a large figure, leaping into the air. A massive boulder crashing down with meteoric force. The beast trying in vain to escape, and falling. Yes...this is what Z-Power is...he was shaken from thoughts at the aftermath however, and thankful he got his own out of the way.

The giant was scourged, snow and fur melted off, icicles on back sharper than ever, and eyes bloodshot and berserk, as it let loose its vengeance on the Heatmor, blasting it with the most bitter cold imaginable, the fire type passing out on the spot, before pounding on chest and bellowing a war cry. It was at this point furious, and likely wouldn't be fooled by anything. Alex looked around, at his allies, at the colossus, and furrowed brow. It was no longer a case of trying to take it down, but in surviving in the process, and that meant no more games.

"Nothung, come forth!" Gauntlet reached for a ball, and released its occupant, his longtime companion and starter. The Infernape landed deftly on the snow, staring defiantly at the Abomasnow, before turning his head to trainer as he scanned the vicinity, eyes settling on a sleeping Inkay. "Nothung, we need to hit that massive thing hard and fast, and you're best for the job now. Head to the Inkay over there and role play his natural ability, copy it and override your own iron fist, then use your natural agility to climb up the giant while he's distracted, onto his back, then blast those ice spikes with overheat to weaken them, then try and shatter them with a close combat! If what I suspect is true, then the temporary change in ability will bolster your might against him. But above all else, be careful."

As he watched Nothung dart into the thick of things, Alex sighed, before drawing out a flute of glass, blue in tinge, and aiming towards the sleeping Inkay began to blow into it, hoping the tune would awaken him before the Abomasnow made sure the nap was eternal...
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