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Patches- With Mio suddenly being ensnared by a camouflaged Shiinotic, Sir Tibs bursts out of his ball heroically, determined to free the distressed Damsel. The brave Sneasel readies himself, he begins to goad and taunt the strange mushroom Pokemon. The Shiinotic grumbles with anger, how dare Sir Tibs, an honorable hero make such startling accusations about its mother. The Dark type doesn't stop their however, he quickly rushes to Mio's side, swiping furiously at the tendrils that ensnare her. The sharp claws of the Sneasel slice through the tendrils, freeing Mio who retreats back to your side, clearing the way for Sir Tibs to fight the Shiinotic without her getting in his way. Annoyed by the Sneasel's interference, the Grass type's natural luminescence intensifies, letting out a blinding flash that leaves Sir Tibs dazed as you find yourself covering your eyes.

As the light fades, Sir Tibs finds his vision slightly blurred, however he could still manage to see the Grass type fairly well. Taking a deep breath he exhales are chilling Icy Wind, causing the Shiinotic to shiver in pain. Sir Tibs seems to be doing fairly well in the fight, but then a creepy smile spreads across the Shiinotic's face. Raising its hands, the Shiinotic begins to form clouds that quickly spread out along the ceiling. The clouds quickly darken, turning a smokey grey before they burst open, letting out a steady deluge of rain. The Shiinotic grins as it absorbs the rain, using it in conjunction with terrain and its roots to recover the majority of the health it had lost. Too make matters worse, the Shiinotic seems to be going through some Growth, becoming larger and more threatening than before.

Mio looks up to you with concern. The Shiinotic seemed to be a master of healing itself, possessing a myriad of ways to heal away any damage it took. How was Sir Tibs going to overcome this before the Shiinotic managed to wear him down?

Meetan- You gratefully accept the invitation to join the house party, setting a few rules in the process. David laughs, unsure if you're being serious or not, but glad that you will stay and celebrate with him. He withdraws his Marowak into its Pokeball and leads you into the old double story townhouse. The first thing you notice is the lock on the door is busted, not exactly safe. There isn't much on the ground floor, a small kitchen and tiny bedroom are all you see before the boy leads you up the stairs. The wooden boards creak under your feet, Jasper follows you upstairs while Lorin wriggles around in your arms, trying to get a good look at the house. You eventually reach the top of the creaking stairs and find that the second level is much more spacious. A couple of couches are sprawled out around the open space living room, while an old tv sits on a cabinet on the far wall. A low table rests between the couches, littered with empty beer bottles and chip packets.

"Oh excuse the mess, my brother was a bit of a pig", David gives you a quick tour, pointing out another bedroom upstairs, as well as the bathroom. It isn't long before the rest of the kids show up, one kid brings a CD player with him and before long the house is shaking with music. Some of the kids brought snacks and drinks with them. You spot one kid that is a little older produce a couple of beers which you quickly confiscate, the last thing you needed to deal with was some drunk kids. It isn't long before the sun sets, the kids pay it little mind, intent on partying and enjoying themselves. Jasper seems to be having a rather horrid time, the Sableye not fond of all the music and activity while Lorin doesn't seem to mind the tunes. As the night wears on, some of the kids depart until only David, Terry and Janie. With the music off, the trio seem happy to just relax and talk, David and Terry let their Pokemon out of their balls so they can relax as well. While they are busy talking, you hear a noise coming from outside, voices.....

Everything happens so quickly, you all dive behind the couches as bullets cut through the house. The bullets seem to storm the house for minutes before stopping, sending the house into an eerie silence. Still unsure if it was safe, David rushes downstairs, his Marowak closely behind him. You quickly look around to make sure everyone is okay. Lorin and Jasper are fine, the same can be said for Terry, his Mudkip and Janie, although the kids seem frozen by fear. With David rushing towards danger once more, you had to decide what your next action would be.

Sandaa- With the battle drawing to a close, you realize it is an all or nothing moment. If Kratos didn't fight back now, he would surely fall to the Gyarados and likely never overcome his hatred of the species. Not giving the Golduck a moment to prepare himself, Gwen swings her tail around with incredible force, striking the opposing water type with a brutal blow. Kratos is sent flying backwards, crashing into the water before rising to the surface, body aching. Concentrating, the Golduck begins to relax. His body glows green as he refreshes himself, his limbs loosen as he clears the paralysis from his body. Now free from the electrical torment, Kratos feels more energised, he might actually have a chance of winning. As Gwen's maw begins to crackle with electricity, Kratos does the same, intent on getting off the move first. Swimming in closer, the Golduck fires a crackling orb of electricity, which slowly shoots through the air towards the Mega Gyarados. Startled, Gwen fires her own Zap Cannon, causing the two orbs to collide and exploded. Tendrils of electricity shoot out in every direction, the explosions closer proximity to Gwen results in her taking a large amount of damage, while Kratos takes glancing hits from the wayward tendrils. As Gwen struggles to recover, Kratos surges through the water. He goes straight from a swim into a run, mounting a boulder before leaping into the air, fist raised. The Golduck seems to freeze in mid air, his fist glowing with intense energy. With one mighty swing he sends Gwen crashing down into the water, striking her square in the middle of the head with a Dynamic Punch. The Gyarados returns to her regular form as she passes out in the water, Jasmine quickly recalls her before she is dragged down stream by the powerful current.

Kratos gained 5 levels!

"Well it seems you have beaten us as well", Jasmine smiles, but you can sense a little disappointment in her tone. "You certainly are a capable trainer, however whether you possess the skill to wield a Mega Pokemon is yet to be decided. Keep making your way towards the summit, the battles will only get harder as you get closer to your goal." Jasmine tosses out another Pokeball, revealing a rather large Barbaracle. "Honcho, give our victors a bridge to cross", the Barbaracle nods, before slamming its two hands into the ground. Rock shoot up out of the water, creating a makeshift rock bridge for you to cross.

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