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As they headed down into the dark depths of the cave, Jayson, Ajax, and Tomoe began to take in the senses of everything around them. It was when they heard whimpering of a small animal nearby that Tomoe the Wimpod scuttled off to investigate it. With no time like the present to work on his training, Jayson called for Ajax to light their path with a Flash. The Chespin focused hard for a moment, trying to remain calm and positive in order to be of use to his comrades.

The quills on Ajax’s head suddenly began to pulse with a very faint light. The light grew a bit stronger after a couple of moments, causing Jayson and Ajax to smile with excitement, but it was far from prefect. Like a sputtering flashlight that was running low on batteries, visibility was upgraded from ‘nonexistent’ to ‘dark forest during a new moon.’ It wasn’t great, but it was a start.

Using their hands as buffers to catch them from tripping over or crashing into anything, Jayson and Ajax made their way through the cave as they followed the whimpering noise. As it got louder and louder, eventually they came across Tomoe’s shaking backside as she was peering into a small hole underneath a few boulders. Calling Tomoe to move out of the way, Jayson crouched down and pulled Ajax close to get a closer look. Before he could see anything else, Jayson spotted a few dark streaks across the cavern floor- likely dried blood. Staring into the hole, Jayson was met by a pair of blue eyes staring back at him. Taking a moment to adjust his eyes, the blue eyes belonged to a small brown canine with a fluffy white tail and dark diamond-shaped rocks around its neck. The dog let out a soft, defensive growl at it tried to protect its space from being invaded. There was something not right about the positioning of its leg, however. They had come down a pretty significant slope of steps since they entered the cave, and it was highly possible that this dog had fallen down and broke its leg in the process. It would be best to try and get it some medical attention back outside, but trying to coax an injured animal that wanted to be left alone wasn’t going to be an easy task.

The fight between Stufful and Pancham was coming down to the wire as Patches, Mio, and Kei eagerly watched on in support of the brave little teddy bear. Pancham was ready to end the match with an intimidating Karate Chop, so Stufful had to think fast to counter it. Once he thought of a plan, Stufful defiantly stared down his opponent and prepared to fight.

As Pancham charged in with its arm raised, Stufful quickly flashed his Baby-Doll Eyes at the unsuspecting attacker, temporarily catching him off guard. Pancham’s hand came down, the Karate Chop hitting Stufful in the head, but much of the contact was absorbed by his Fluffy plush fur. Stufful then began to retaliate by flailing his arms around wildly, hitting Pancham with a Brutal Swing who grimaced as it was knocked back. “Paaaaan!!!” Pancham called out as it lunged back into the fray and unleased a flurry of Comet Punches. “Fuuuullll!” Stufful answered as he continued to flail, hitting Pancham back with another Brutal Swing.

The two Pokemon were knocked back by the impact of each other’s attacks and slowly attempted to get to their feet. They both wobbled for a minute before Pancham fell back onto the floor, unable to continue. Stufful had finally done it; he stared his bully in the eye and overcame it! Kei, Mio, and Patches jumped for joy as they were finally allowed into the ring to congratulate their friend.

“Ding! Ding!” the bell chimed and they looked over to see that Timburr was conscious again and had rung the bell with his plank. “Burr,” he spoke, giving a knowing nod to show that he acknowledged Stufful as the winner. The Mankeys parted the ropes to allow for everyone to climb out of the ring. With the fighting tournament now over, it was time to go. Patches and her Pokemon were unsure of what would happen to Stufful, and considered the possibility that they would soon be parting ways. However, Stufful had other plans as he followed Patches and firmly stood before her. From the look of it, Stufful had made up his mind that he wanted to join Patches’ team and continue growing with his newfound friends. Congratulations, you are now able to add a lv.16 male Stufful with the Fluffy ability to your team if you please!

Overjoyed and now ready to go, Patches and her Pokemon were stopped once again as a “Cham!” called out to them. Stufful turned around to see none other than Pancham standing behind him with a serious look on his face. Pancham reached out and handed Stufful a Black Belt as well as a small disc. He then shook Stufful’s paw and stated that Stufful better use those because the next time they met he would need them. With Patches and her Pokemon now free to roam wherever they pleased, they knew that Stufful had a new rival waiting for him.

Patches has gained the following items:
1x Black Belt
1x TM Bulk Up

Thanks for the fun adventure, you are now free to go elsewhere on the lower level of the Cloud Garden! Stufful is now yours to keep if you wish to do so!
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