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The Sharpedo let out a fierce cry, obviously hungry and attracted to the scent of blood. The Lapras let out a small, meek noise, a bit afraid of the oncoming predator. Lorin's rallying call, though, quickly comforted it and seemed to give the Lapras back a sense of hope. It let out another noise, seeming to cheer on the pink Lotad. It was obvious that the shiny Pokemon was in no condition to battle, so it was doing its best to give the small lily pad its support.

With your orders in mind, the Lotad starts to turn around from the Sharpedo. He then swiftly jumps off and gives an astonishing tackle to the shark. He lets out a cry of pain, seeming to be hurt by his foe's Rough Skin. The Sharpedo seems a bit out of it, before switching its attention on Lorin. While the Astonish looked like it barely did any damage to the shark, it certain caused it to switch its aggression towards Lorin. It bit down on the Lotad, shaking him in its maw before throwing the Lotad out of the water and into a wall. He slinks down to the floor, taking a decently sized chunk of damage from the Sharpedo's Bite. Lorin, not willing to give up, starts to channel his inner grass-type, and formed seeds within his mouth. He shot them out like grenades, the Seed Bomb raining down on the Sharpedo. The shark lets out a cry in pain, and then stares down the Lotad in a look of pure hatred.

The Sharpedo's stare starts to get more and more intense, as if it was focusing its energy on taking down the Lotad. A red aura started to surround the Sharpedo, soon beign absorbed into the water and dark type's body. Lorin takes advantage of his foe boosting up by using Giga Drain. Green tendrils erupt from Lorin's pad, and wrap around the Sharpedo. They start to drain the shark's very life force, and replenish Lorin's. The Lotad starts to look more and more healthier, as if any of the damage he just took was nullified. The Sharpedo, not in a particularly happy mood after its life force being drained, starts to twist its body. A geyser of water erupts, carrying the Sharpedo out of the water. With the force of a torpedo, it slams into Lorin with an Aqua Jet. The shark then uses the momentum to bounce back into the water. The Lotad just laughs, barely taking any damage from the attack. You obviously had the edge in this battle, and your Lotad awaits his next set of orders.


Seeing you pass out, your Shuppet and Skarmory quickly realize the severity of the situation. However, Hope is also filled with uncontrollable rage. How dare that Gyarados do that to her trainer? Staring down the raging serpent, the Shuppet let out a Shock Wave. Electricity traced the air, before a wave of it flew towards the Gyarados. It let out a roar, and switch its attention to the Shuppet. With its teeth becoming shrouded in darkness, the serpent crunched its way through the shuppet, rapidly biting her like a chew toy before throwing her off to who knows where. Caeda, seeing this, quickly starts to move your unconscious body to safety. The Gyarados does not take notice of this, and starts to charge another Hyper Beam. Was this how things going to end...? Your adventure barely has even started... And this was your fate.


You wake up seeing a bright light. Were you dead? Were you in heaven. It was really hard to see anything, and your body was aching from pain. Did the dead feel pain? At least, those not cursed to feel their demise for the rest of eternity? You couldn't tell. The scent of chamomile wafted through the air, and you were on a soft bed. You could hear the crackling of a lit fire, and the soft pitter-patter of rain on a wooden roof. You weren't dead, that much you were sure of. You then hear a voice.

"Ah, finally awake? Be happy I found you when I did. I don't know what you did to piss off the King of Orta, but he was incredibly pissed. And if the king is mad, then we can't have people fish here. The conditions are simply too dangerous. Oh, excuse me, where are my manners. I'm Maie, Maie Ruddson. My husband and I live here in this quaint little shack near Orta Lake. We run a fishing business for both tourists and residents of the island who want to try freshwater fishing. Our son Mason also helps us out occasional, but he's been out on an ocean fishing trip with his friends for the past few days."

You turn your head to see a short, stout woman. Her dark, raven hair was tied back into a bun, and her skin was sun-kissed. She was relatively well toned, most likely due to fishing almost every day in her life. Her eyes were warm and motherly, and she held a cup of tea in her hands. She took a sip and looked over you. She let out a small chuckle, before leaving her seat.

"You're a greenhorn, aren't you? I can tell a fresh trainer from the sight alone. Anyways, where are my manners? What is your name lass?" You then tell her your name. "Liawe? An interesting name. Anyways, my Breloom and Jellicent were able to help subdue the king enough for me to bring you here. I'm not sure what you did, but it seemed you were reckless enough to cause the king to get mad. Every trainer needs to learn the best course of action when it comes with dealing with both people and Pokemon. And speaking of actions, you're going to atone for yours. Rest up for the night. Tomorrow I'm going to help you out in making an apology for the king. I will need you to go gather the ingredients. Luckily they're all in the little grove behind my house. Let me know if you need anything deary, just stay there and rest. Your Pokemon are being treated by my husband now. He's out in our shed. If you want to see them, let me know. I'll walk you over there," the woman lectures you as she starts to prepare food. You were luck enough to make it out of that situation with your life. Though, it seemed that you were in for a long day tomorrow. Best to rest up now, but your Pokemon must be worried sick.

What do you do?

And there may come a day
Where you forget the faces, and voices
Of those you've met along the way

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