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Most folks would be rather relieved at their five-day stint of picking up garbage was nearing its end. But then, as has been previously established, most people weren't Keith Masters.

"Kind of a shame that it's just today and tomorrow and we're done," Keith remarked. "I'm basically getting paid to feed Gemini, Mustard, Strychnine, and Ariana. And Elliott's even getting better behaved."

"I'd argue wit youse, except I ain't even had ta do nuttin'," Meowth yawned. "And ain't nuttin's tried ta kill us, so it's been way tamer den most o' yer adventures."

"Oh, come now, it hasn't been that bad," Keith chuckled. And before Meowth could retort, Keith threw the various Poké Balls he'd brought with him, sending out his Weezing, Muk, Garbodor, and Binacle. "Alright, guys, you know the drill by now," Keith stated. "Let's make this place a little cleaner, huh?"

"Weez!" agreed Gemini and Mustard before hovering off towards one of the hiking trails.

"MUUUUUK!" Strychnine exclaimed, smothering Keith in a sludgy hug, before oozing away towards the hills.

"Gar! Bodor!" smiled Ariana, also hugging Keith before stomping off towards the plains.

"Bi Binacle Binacle!" exclaimed Elliott, before hopping away towards one of the lakes.

The day, for the most part, went about the same as the past three days. Gemini and Mustard wolfed down loads of garbage littering a hiking trail. They even came across a garbage can that was overflowing, and made quick work of its contents. And of its intended contents, for that matter. Strychnine took care of all the garbage and weeds on a particularly tall and rocky hill. And Ariana left another grassy plain looking beautiful once more.

For Elliott, however, the day was quite different.

"Alright, Leroy, I think we got it all in this area," Elliot said as the pair of Binacle heads met back up at their rock. "Let's move on to the next area, yeah?"

"You got it," nodded Leroy, and they both reattached themselves to their rock, and started to drag it across the lake bed.

They didn't get far.

"AHA!" came a booming voice from behind the Binacle. "So you're the one cleaning up my lake?!"

"Yeah. You're welcome," retorted Elliot, not looking back.

In response, a large claw held the rock in place with a powerful Vicegrip, and forcibly turned the Binacle to face the large, angry Crawdaunt that said claw belonged to. "I! WASN'T! THANKING! YOU!" the Crawdaunt roared. "I happen to LIKE the litter! It keeps intruders the hell OUT of MY LAKE!"

"What about the other Pokémon in the lake?" asked Leroy.

"THERE ARE NONE!" Crawdaunt screeched. "Don't you two know the first thing about my kind? We Crawdaunt are solitary creatures! We move into a lake, we take over the lake, and any other living being FOOL enough to enter is an INTRUDER! LIKE YOU!! YOU ARE INTRUDERS!!!"

"Yeesh. A little louder, why don't ya?" retorted Elliot. "I don't think they quite heard you in Unova."


For at that moment, the Binacle made the first move. Well, moves. They used Crawdaunt's monologue as an opportunity to set up a Shell Smash, and they were now hacking away at the Water/Dark-type's face with Fury Swipes.

In response, Crawdaunt opened his mouth and unleashed a powerful spray of foam that sent the Binacle backwards. The Bubble attack wasn't especially powerful, but it did stop the Fury Swipes, which was Crawdaunt's intention. Crawdaunt then lunged, claws aglow, prepared to follow this up with Crabhammer. But Elliot and Leroy, with their increased Speed from the Shell Smash, swam out of the way, dropping their rock to the lake bed in the process. They evaded the Crabhammer with great efficiency.

"Hey- Leroy, don't forget- teamwork," said Elliot as he swam down to the lake bed, and proceeded go for a Mud-Slap, getting some mud right in Crawdaunt's eyes. Seeing an opportunity here, Leroy swam right in and landed a powerful Slash.

"GAAAAAAAAH!" bellowed Crawdaunt- the Slash had landed a critical hit, and had definitely hurt it. "FINE, THEN!" And with that, his claws glowed a harsh white. A glow both Elliot and Leroy knew was associated with a devastating move- the Guillotine attack. They exchanged looks, and silently agreed on a course of action- to Withdraw into the confines of their rock, and wait out the attack. And they did just that, pulling themselves completely into the holes in the rock. And they felt the rock shake as Crawdaunt grabbed hold of it. And they heard it start to crack. Crawdaunt was squeezing intently, trying to crush the rock and the Binacle within. The pair of Binacle exchanged worried looks.

But then, Elliot's face turned resolute. "It's time, Leroy," he said. "We're not going out like this." And he poked his head back out and defiantly shot a Water Gun at Crawdaunt's face. Unfortunately, this only made Crawdaunt squeeze harder. As deep cracks formed in the rock, Elliot focused hard. If they had any hope of surviving this...

Keith happened to be walking past the lake when he saw the bright light erupt from it. "What the-" he murmured. He peered in, trying to see what was happening, but quickly withdrew his head- once the glowing stopped, something came charging up out of the water. And once it was on land, Keith's jaw dropped- the Crawdaunt wasn't so much the surprise, so much as it was the that the Crawdaunt was still holding onto. The Guillotine fizzled out in the wake of the evolution, and the top rock was stronger than the Binacle rock had ever been. Amazed, Keith dug out his Pokédex and aimed it at the new Pokémon.

"Barbaracle, the Collective Pokémon. A Rock and Water-type, and the evolved form of Binacle," droned the device. "Barbaracle's legs and hands have minds of their own, and they move independently, though will usually follow the head's orders. Two Binacle split into seven to form this powerful Pokémon."

"Elliott, did you evolve?" Keith murmured.

"Bar! Bara!" Elliot responded with a nod- he ended up the head after all.

"Awesome!" grinned Keith.

"Craw craw! Crawdaaauuunt!" bellowed Crawdaunt, charging forward for a Crabhammer.

Keith wasn't sure what this Crawdaunt's deal was, but if it caused Elliott to evolve, he realized it had to have been messing with their efforts somehow. "OK! Elliott, use Stone Edge!" he ordered.

"BARACLE!" exclaimed all seven Binacle simultaneously, as they fired a volley of sharp stones at Crawdaunt, impeding its progress significantly while also causing great damage.

"Now!" exclaimed Keith. "Go for Fury Cutter!"

The pair of foot Binacle charged forward, while the four arm Binacle, Leroy included among them as the top left hand, began to slash and swipe with great speed and vigor, striking Crawdaunt with numerous super effective blows in rapid succession.

This was too much for Crawdaunt. As the Fury Cutters landed, the Rogue Pokémon reasoned that if it had to face this level of opposition, then this lake wasn't worth his time. He turned around and fled immediately, hoping to get far away from this whole damn park.

Keith smiled proudly at his new Barbaracle. "Way to go, guys," he said. "Now, ready to finish cleaning up this lake?"

"Baaaarbaracle!" agreed seven voices in unison. The Collective Pokémon dove back into the lake, and found that with their new form, the job was way quicker and easier.

Soon, the day was done. Elliott's teammates were quite surprised by the evolution, though found it easier to be happy for them now that they weren't constantly fighting. And this time, as Keith led the way home, Elliott was able to follow behind, now able to walk instead of having to hop, or drag the rock along the ground.

What? Binacle is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Binacle evolved into Barbaracle!

*Elliott learned Skull Bash!*

*Elliott learned Stone Edge!*
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