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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Raves: You followed the Starline River as it lazily winded down from the icy peaks of Mt. Zephryia. It was still a bit cold, it was winter after all, but down by the river it was definitely still nice enough to enjoy a picnic. You were not out of place at all with your towering Golurk and other strong Pokemon. All around the river were trainers with their Pokemon, some looking to battle and others just appreciating the great outdoors of the Cloud Garden. The river gets wider as you walk further down the path. The water has gotten deep enough for fishing, and there are several small boats and canoes positioned on the water. Some of the people fishing give you a dirty look. The shadows you and your Pokemon are casting are scaring the fish. You take the hint and hurry along.

You’ve spent a good amount of your day walking and your Pokemon seem ready to take a break. A sign points you to an area labelled ‘Campgrounds’, and Golestandt is happy to put the gear down and start setting things up. Caladbolg helps out, if only to go through the food and pick out his favorites first. The river is obscured by tents and trees but you can still hear the gentle rush of water. It is certainly peaceful, and would be calming, if it wasn’t for the group of people sitting at a campsite not too far from yours. The group of teens is eyeing you and whispering. You also see them pointing and occasionally laughing. Your Pokemon see a bit wary of them, but wait for your call.
After the relatively hectic atmosphere of his previous visit, the peace and quiet of the river was a welcome change for Alex as his group wandered along the banks, trainers dotted here and there in battles or just enjoying the crisp chilly air, while the trainer looked back at his team. Between the fiendish looking Zangoose, the big terrifying dragon hopping around daftly and the even bigger Golurk serving as pack mule and impromptu sunshade, he felt perhaps a bit out of place among the younger trainers with their Sentret and Starly and whatnot.

The river widened as their wandering continued, and as it deepened he had the feeling that perhaps taking something over thirteen feet tall was not the wisest idea, judging by the scowls fishermen were giving him, the shadows over the water definitely intimidating. "Let's head a bit more inland then, guys." A couple of hours passed, and as his legs started to protest, he felt that taking a break would be ideal. Before could search for a spot to rest, Totsuka poked him roughly, making him recoil. The last time the Zangoose laid a finger on him ended tragically, and he was always a bit more wary around her, but the pokemon merely pointed to a sign. "Ah, right. We'll find a spot there and settle down for a break."

The campsite was big enough for them, and on finding a suitable spot the Golurk eased the large satchel down, as Cal quickly dived into it and started hauling out a basket with his claws, the dragon's agenda quite clear as a stomach grumbled. Alex gave a small chuckle as he pulled a checkered cloth out and began to unravel it while Golestandt slowly lowered himself to a sitting position. He didn't eat, and didn't need to, but was appreciative of the respite, while the Zangoose did what she did best: nothing. The gentle rush of water was calming, though the teens at the nearby campsite not so much.

Gazing in their direction, he could see them eyeing him up, whispering and having the odd laugh. Standard teen fare. The automaton didn't react, instead turning head in their direction, while the Zangoose simply ignored them, focusing instead on the basket. There were biscuits in there with her name on them, and she was intent on getting to them. Cal on the other hand waved a claw at them, giving the youths the biggest, cheeriest smile he could, though all three were at least wary of them. "No need to be concerned. They're kids, they're pretty much doing things kids do at that age. Let's relax, get a bite to eat, and ignore them. Hell, if they're up for some battling afterwards, we can afford it."
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