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Missingno. Master – It didn’t take long for a somewhat heartwarming moment to be forgotten and replaced with chaos, as usual. Fortunately, you were able to remain levelheaded in this situation because Ringo certainly wasn’t. It was also convenient that this was a situation in which you needed your Pokemon to act fast, and right now your very slow Pokemon was faster than ever. Dudley instantly forgot all about the Aipom and turned his attention toward the fire and began to take care of the flames with his Water Gun. He first aimed his water at the flames that were fast approaching the sleeping Kricketune. No surprise, he manages to stop the flames from reaching the sleeping Pokemon but his water also drenches the Kricketune, waking him up from his slumber. As Dudley turns his focus on other areas covered in fire, the Kricketune leaps up and looks around, completely startled. The Nanab Berries are both gone, it sees fire, and it just had water poured all over it. It was not a fun way to wake up and on top of everything, it’s feeling a bit sluggish. Angry, the Kricketune begins to Furiously Cut away at the air, flailing randomly. It hasn’t hit anything yet but it’s certainly a hazard.

Miror was feeling confident, his speed had increased and this time he knew he was going to be able to take the lead on that troublesome monkey. He runs up and uses a strong Drain Punch on Aipom, right in its face! Aipom recoils, annoyed at his lack of agility in this situation. It’s clear that you and your Pokemon are starting to get to it. It manages to Scratch Miror while he was still close. Then, next thing it knows, Aipom is being pelted by Seed Bombs. It uses its tail to try and shield itself from the attack but it is still causing a decent amount of damage. You can tell that Aipom is starting to get a little nervous now as it seems to be changing its focus away from the battle. (Miror gains 2 levels)

Meanwhile, Dudley is doing his best to put out the fire, but it is a lot of work for one Pokemon. “Right! Sand! You’re like, some kind of genius or something!” Ringo responds to your advice and then turns toward Lady the Herdier. “Lady, put out those flames with your Sand Attack!” Lady hears Ringo and then turns her head slightly sideways in confusion. Ringo wasn’t very experienced with using the family’s Pokemon so she wasn’t well informed on what exactly it was that the Herdier was capable of. Lady at least knew that Ringo was trying to get her to help so she wasn’t about to do nothing and figured she could maybe give Dudley a Helping Hand. On her way over to Dudley, Aipom got in the way. At some point, despite its lowered speed, it had gotten a hold of a stick with a flaming tip. Lady’s attention was drawn to the stick, completely forgetting about her plans to assist. Miror leaps into the air, preparing to Bounce down on his target. Aipom’s attention is still away from the fight, Lady went into a play bow and the Aipom threw the stick in such a way that Lady was able to catch it right out of the air. Aipom, reached out and grabbed onto Lady’s tail and next thing you know the Aipom is being taken away by Lady who is running away with a flaming stick. She was slowed down too but was still much faster than Aipom.

Miror comes crashing down to finish his move but completely misses his target since it was in the process of being carried away. “Why Lady!?! Why do you always do this!?! That stick is on FIRE, you’re going to spread it!!!” Ringo dashes off after the Herdier. Fortunately, the stick hadn’t caught anything else on fire but it was still quite a hazard. Dudley was finishing up with putting out the last of the flames from the tree, he was so fast that fortunately he ultimately managed to get it all under control without anyone’s help. However, the tree was pretty damaged and as soon as the flames were out, the Kricketune had managed to make its way over to it with its Fury Cutter and all it took was one hit to take out the whole tree and it tumbled down right in front of you, dividing you and Miror from Dudley. The Kricketune was exhausted and sat down by the tree. You could still hear Ringo yelling and the Pokemon getting away in the not too far off distance.


myahoo – The next round was beginning and Samuel and his Pokemon were fired up and ready to go. Your Pokemon seemed to be pretty into this as well. On Samuel’s side of the log, Odachi the Lurantis begins to use Growth in order to power herself up. As Reaper the Scyther goes to use X-Scissor on the log, Cirrus attacks with Air Cutter which wasn’t blocked at all, causing Reaper to get pushed back a bit, which makes it so that his attack only partially lands on the log. The team isn’t about to give up, Reaper prepares for his next move and goes to Slash the log, only this time Odachi is ready to properly defend. However, Odachi’s defense doesn’t work out too well. Cirrus releases a Heat Wave in Reaper’s direction and Odachi uses her Razor Leaf to try and stop it but the move easily burns the leaves and goes right through them. The attack hits Reaper, his Slash also only landing partially because the flames cause him to recoil away.

Meanwhile, Ore was doing his best to cut away at your side of the log. As he begins to use his Fury Swipes, Gladius the Kabutops releases an Aurora Beam in his direction. Signal is completely prepared this time and readies his Sucker Punch, sending that beam right back to its source, causing Gladius some pain. Ore has no problem getting 4 complete swipes in on the log, fortunately his confusion didn’t stop him from his attack. For his next attack, Ore readies his Shadow Claw and goes to swing for the log. This time, Gladius uses his Icy Wind and since Signal was busy using Heal Bell to fix Ore’s confusion, the wind managed to reach Ore, completely knocking him over before he managed to make any contact with the log.

Despite the lack of the second move making any contact, Ore’s Fury Swipes had still managed to not only get rid of Samuel’s slight lead, it had also managed to give you back the lead you once had since Reaper didn’t manage well on his end this time around. The log is almost finished being cut through, this is still anyone’s match but it seems the next round could potentially be the end. Samuel wastes no time and prepares his Pokemon for what is to come next. “Go all out team! Reaper, continue to cut that log and use Night Slash and Air Slash! Odachi switch to offense and attack their cutter with your Signal Beam and then give it a Dual Chop! Gladius, we’re going to need you to defend Reaper this time around make sure you Take Down anything that tries to get in Reapers way! And also use your Aqua Tail if need be!”


Meetan – It was pretty nice being so close to an Ursaring but you didn’t have time to enjoy it because this was a time when you needed to be serious. Billie gave Greg a look after you had told him to devour his vocal cords, it was almost as if he was contemplating actually doing it. “W-what are you giving me that look for?!” Greg noticed the look and didn’t like it one bit. Ultimately, Billie just went back to remaining alert to his surroundings.

Nina was not ok with being Wrapped up by a Seviper so she used her Extrasensory in an attempt to get the Seviper off of her. The Seviper wasn’t expecting such a strange uncomfortable power to flow through it and managed to loosen his grip for a split second, which was when Nina made her escape. “Come on Seviper, Wrap that Pokemon back up! Then stab it with your Poison Tail!” One of the men yells, clearly the owner of the Seviper. Nina charges in to Zen Headbutt the Seviper but upon contact, although it did hurt the Seviper, the snake still managed to Wrap her up all over again. With her head still sticking out, she releases her Swift in the direction of the truck. The stars managed to find their way around the truck and to the lock, denting it up a bit but not enough to open it up. As soon as the Swift was finished, the Seviper stabbed at Nina with its Poisonous Tail causing her to yelp and the poison began to seep into her making her feel a bit ill. Frustrated, Nina struggled but the Seviper was not going to let go this time but she did manage to make the both of them tumble down into the crater that the Electrode had created earlier. (Nina gains 1 level)

Meanwhile, inside the truck, Axel can’t see a thing. Nomally, he’d be using his psychic abilities to observe his surroundings in such a dark place but for some reason it’s not really working out for him. It’s very quiet inside the truck, Axel knows there are several Pokemon in there but none of them are making a sound. Franklin had become pretty quiet shortly after Axel had found his way inside. However, your shouts came through to Axel loud and clear. He took a moment to think about it, it was so dark that he couldn’t actually see which direction was the back of the truck. Eventually, he comes to the conclusion that he will need to guess and uses his Blow Back in the direction he hopes the door is. At this point, the second man, the one who doesn’t own the Seviper, jumps into the driver’s seat of the truck in an attempt to get away and leave his partner behind. It’s at that moment that Axel unleashes his move, the Blow Back was aimed toward the front of the truck instead of the back, Axel is thrown backwards by the force since he is in an enclosed space causing his body to smash into the doors which busts the lock even further. He also manages to put a dent in the trailer behind the drivers seat with his attack, which shoves the man who had just jumped in there into the steering wheel, causing him to struggle with getting the truck moving. (Axel gains 2 levels)

Although the truck still wasn’t open, the door was now cracked enough to allow some light in. Axel could see that all of the Pokemon were in individual cages and they weren’t looking so good. It was almost as if the cages were sapping their energy. Franklin, who had gone quiet to conserve energy was feeling a bit pumped up again after seeing that they were almost free. Knowing that one more hit would get them out of there, Franklin convinces Axel to free him before opening those doors so that they could go together, so Axel uses his Iron Tail on the lock holding Franklin’s cage shut and it easily comes open. Franklin is free now but exhausted, whatever type of cage that was, it had been sapping all of the energy out of him. With the doors partially open, whatever was preventing Axel’s abilities from working no longer had effect and so he let you in on the situation. The doors only needed one simple hit before they would burst open and Joe’s Mudbray Tank, Duchess, as well as another Pokemon covered in tar were still in cages.

On the far side of the crater Ivan was still helping Joe, he was trying to assist him in standing up but each time he would stand, even while trying to lean on Ivan, he would fall again. It’s clear that Joe must have been very badly injured. Billie is practically breathing down your neck, even though you had put some space between you two he wasn’t about to keep the space there. The helicopter still can’t be seen but with each passing second it is only getting louder and louder.
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