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"Hebenon's been helping him work on Thunder Punch lately," Keith said. "Chinchou can't normally learn Thunder Punch... but then, neither can Qwilfish," he chuckled. "Like father, like son." Just then, he heard a knock at the door. "Peeves, can you get that?" called Keith.

"I'm on it," replied the Dusknoir as he rose up out of the floor a few feet away. "Hi, Kawaii," he added casually just before floating through the wall and into the entrance hall.

Pomona nodded. "Yeah, you seem a lot more confident now," she smiled. "That's really great!"

Just then, Peeves entered the entrance hall by passing straight through the wall. "Hey, there," he said to Rumpleteaser, while approaching the front door.

"That's Peeves, by the way," Pomona said to Rumpleteaser. "He's really nice."

"And strong, too," added Aletri. "I've seen him battle, he's good!"

"Oh, cool," smiled Eon. "Let's go, then!" And she jumped into the water without further ado.

Peeves reached the front doors and pulled them open. "Hey, Pom," he greeted the Ambipom. "First door on the left," he added, indicating the door to the pool room. "Pretty sure they'll both be very happy to see you again, to put it mildly."

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