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Wow...this really is an upgrade. Pom thought as he got his first sight of the Shadow Clearing.
It would be at this time, that one of the Ambipom's teammates would chime in...or even his trainer. But that wasn't the case this time. No, this time Pom had come completely alone.

Not by his choice, either. Despite his months of searching, the long tail Pokemon had yet to find his trainer, or even one of his teammates.
So just why had Pom come here of all places? The answer had something to do with a certain well as a white-furred Eevee.

As he drew closer to the entrance to Keith's secret base, Pom went from a brisk walk, to a full on sprint! It was no secret that Pom was rather excited to see Cyanide and Eon again.

Reaching the front door, Pom tried his best to remain calm. What if they weren't even home? He couldn't afford to get his hopes up too high.
Feeling slightly calmer, Pom gave a couple quick knocks on the front door, using one of his tails. Now all he could do was wait and hope for a response...
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