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(OOC: I might be wrong, but didn't Freighya already meet Eon earlier?)

Keith nodded in agreement. "For sure," he said. "Hebenon's actually a father now, too. In fact, you want to see him with his son, follow me." And he led the way into the living room, where a Qwilfish and Chinchou were swimming around in the aquarium. "Meet Brighton," smiled Keith, at which the Chinchou smiled and waved.

Something was definitely different about Rumpleteaser, Pomona couldn't help but notice. Much more confidence, for sure, and that alone was enough to put a smile on Pomona's face. "You seem like you're really doing good," smiled Pomona.

Eon's tail started to wag at Gersemy's compliment. "Thanks!" she replied. "Hey, do you know how to swim? Wanna swim with me? My mom's been teaching me how to swim, and it's kinda fun!"

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