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You asked Lauren first if she had anything to help out the wounded Lapras. At least, something to patch the wound enough until the both of you could get the Lapras to the Pokemon Center. The girl thought a bit, and started to rummage through her bag. Her face lightened up when she found what she was looking for.

"I have this water proof gauze and some medicinal tape for water-types. I can take the harpoon out and apply this if the Lapras would let me..." She told you. "Though it will stop the bleeding, I feel it'll only be a temporary fix. I don't want to move the Lapras at this point. I know! I'll go grab Nurse Joy once Lapras settles down. Though, you'll need to defend it. Are you okay with that?"

You nod, and Lauren starts to prep. Meanwhile, you look at the food in your hands. A Chocolate Pokeblock and a Passion Pokeblock. Both of them had sweet flavors, and you hoped that the Lapras would enjoy them. The shining plesiosaur sniffed them, and then happily ate them up. It chewed them with great enthusiasm. It then looked at you, happy for a treat it never had before. You had a feeling it would definitely enjoy some of the other leftover confectionery you had. Loren let out a happy cheer as the Lapras ate, and the Transport Pokemon looked safe.

It then swam over towards Lauren, baring the side with the harpoon. While it did eye her suspiciously, you could tell the Lapras knew the help the girl was offering was vital. She grabbed the harpoon and started to pull it out. The Lapras winced in pain, and let out a few cries until the spear was gone. Tossing the bloody spear aside, Lauren started to apply the gauze and medicinal tape to the Lapras. Your Lotad continued to act as a support for the Pokemon, and soon after the wound was all patched up. Though, you could tell that there was a heavy blood flow, from the gauze quickly turning red and the water around the water turning red. You hear something in the water, and a Sharpedo jumps out. It looked hungry, and you could tell from its gaze that it was what was watching you.

"Quick, Alice, dispatch it! I'll stay here for a bit to make sure the Lapras is okay before I go grab the nurse," Lauren shouted, and you knew she was right. Loren looked ready to defend his new friends, and patiently awaited orders.

What do you do?


Your Pokemon immediately jump to your defense after the Whiscash's warning shot. Hope the Shuppet immediately starts off by tossing the giant catfish up in the air with a Telekinesis. The Shuppet strains a bit, obviously not use to the weight of the fish, but manages to hold it a foot above the water. With the target locked out of mobility, your two grass-types start conjuring the power of nature. Channeling the grass underneath, the two fire off Energy Balls at the Whiscash. The Pokemon cries out in pain, but tries to endure. However, your squad continues their assault. Caeda tries to chill the fish with an Icy Wind, making the already immobile catfish even more slow and sluggish. She then slammed into the water and ground type with a Brave Bird, knocking the fish through the air a few feet over Orta Lake. Once again, the grass types release the power of nature while your Caterpie launches an Ice Beam, an attack of somewhat unnatural affinity for the small bug. At that point it's clear to see the Whiscash can't fight back, and Hope releases her hold. The Whiscash falls into the lake, clearly defeated. The Barboach weakly swims towards it crying. No kill like overkill, huh?

The two Pokemon slowly submerge, seeming to have given up on bothering you. Now it was finally time for a nice picnic at the lake, right? You couldn't help but think your Pokemon overreacted. This didn't feel like a victory, it felt hollow. Like a bully completely destroying an easy target. There was nothing to gain from this, and your Pokemon didn't even look terribly stronger. Though, it would make sense for the experience to be split between the five. Your Pokemon all start to gather around you, clear they don't want anyone to hurt you. It was sweet. Though, this moment of peace didn't last. You all felt another tremor, and saw the water shaking violently.

Emerging from the depths was not what your were expecting. It was the Barboach once more, this time obviously angry. It started to yell, but you couldn't figure out what the little fish was saying. Hadn't it learned its lesson by now? Then, a large shape emerged from the water. You could only watch in horror as a large, blue serpent stared you down. If looks could kill... well your body would be a pile of bones and blood. Blue whiskers twitched in hatred and rage, and the serpentine, almost draconic body started to twitch and writhe. It was obvious what that Pokemon was. Gyarados. Daddy was here, and daddy was pissed. You looked up at the sky, and was surprised to see the once clear skies turn dark and grey.

It soon started raining, and you realized at once what that Gyarados was doing. A rain dance. It soon concentrated it's hatred into its breath, and let out a stream of violent winds. It had the force of a hurricane, and with this new weather you knew it was gonna hit its mark. You quickly start to feel your body assaulted by the horrendous winds, and quickly try to grab the grassy ground so you don't fly away. The assault soon stops, and your body hurt. A lot. You hear a few soft thuds on the ground, and look to see your Petilil, Cottonee, and Caterpie knocked clean out. This was not a battle you could win. You quickly returned them, and looked at the Gyarados. It started to charge up a beam of pure energy in its maw. Hyper Beam. If that hit you... you were sure you'd be dead. You tried ot move your legs, but couldn't. Your body was locked down by fear. The serpent unleashed the attack, and you saw a flash. Caeda quickly appeared in front of you, and took the full brunt of the attack. The Skarmory gets knocked back into you, and the two of you tumble across the shore. Your Skarmory chirps, obviously extremely hurt but still kicking. How she survived, you didn't know. Hope appeared next to you, trying to look over you before looking at the Gyarados with murder in her eyes. This was a fight you couldn't win. You knew this, but you couldn't exactly run in your condition.

What do you do?

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