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Despite Celese’s natural abilities as the vocal Pokemon that Chatot is being suppressed by the Sneasel’s Throat Chop, Mint was cool under pressure while ordering her Pokemon to turn up the heat against the ice type. However, in spite of her trash talking, Marcus was hardly fazed and remained focused on the battle at hand. As he overheard Mint’s strategy, he smiled and called out to his Sneasel, “You know what to do, Sneas. Don’t let it hit you!”

Celeste coughed again, trying to clear her throat as her wings flapped before Sneasel. The weasel glared back at the parrot and displayed its claws. As Celeste began to flap her wings harder, the friction began to heat up the air as she summoned a Heat Wave. However, as her wings kicked up a gust and pushed the air current forward, Celeste was shocked to find that the Sneasel had suddenly disappeared. Before she could realize that it had slipped past her defenses, it was already too late as Sneasel rammed into the Chatot from behind with a sneaky Feint Attack.

Marcus smirked and called out, “Now so tough now, are you? Let’s counter their hot air with some cold!” The Sneasel quickly nodded and began blowing a harsh Icy Wind that chilled Celeste to the bone. It was a direct hit, and the bird winced as she spun around. She was trying to keep up with the Sneasel to target her next attack, but it was just too fast for her at this point. When it looked as if Celeste wasn’t going to be able to keep up any further, a surge of energy suddenly flowed into her body. A whistle-like tweeting could be heard as it was none other than the small yellow bird on the sidelines dancing away and shaking its pompoms as it offered Celeste a Helping Hand. Now filled with a newfound confidence, Celeste began flapping her wings once again. This time, she summoned a Heat Wave so powerful that no amount of running around could dodge its effect.

Sneasel was clearly bothered as the temperature continued to rise. “Hey, that’s cheating!” Marcus called out through gritted teeth. “If that’s how they’re going to play it, then two can play at that game!” Marcus tossed two Pokeballs, releasing Ratty the Raticate and Kimmy’s old Sentret. Sneasel looked at its companions and beckoned them over as it smacked Celeste. Ratty joined in next, helping Beat the Chatot Up, followed by the reluctant Sentret. With tears in its eyes, Sentret was too timid to disobey its new trainer and lunged forward to hit Celeste as well. Celeste had taken quite a few hits this turn, but Sneasel wasn’t doing so hot either. What will Mint do?
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