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Noxie's tail wagged even faster as Kawaii started scratching behind her ears. She responded by licking Kawaii's face a few times.

"Happened just before Christmas," Keith explained. "We were headed to that winter market thing." At that point, one of Kawaii's Pokémon floated out from behind her, smiling as she noticed Keith. Keith returned the smile as he saw the Ghost-type. "Hey there, Tonks," he greeted the Shuppet, most appropriately switching to Shuppet language to do so. "Good to see you again." Then he turned back to Kawaii. "But yeah- come on in, come in," he invited Kawaii and her team, ready to lead the way inside. "Have a look at my new home."

In the pool room, meanwhile, Cyanide was smiling as she watched a white-furred Eevee swimming across the pool. "Now you're getting the hang of it," she smirked.

"I'm doing it, Mom!" exclaimed Eon. "I'm swimming!"

"Damn right, you are," smiled Cyanide. "That's my girl!"

"Hey- Hi, miss Freighya!" Eon smiled as she climbed out of the pool, for indeed, Freighya had entered at that moment, along with the Eevee on her back.

At this, Cyanide turned, smiling at the sight of her best friend. "Hey, there," she greeted Freighya. "Oh- and who might this be?" she added, her smile widening as she saw the young Eevee on the Espeon's back, and more to the point, forming a shrewd suspicion as to just what that meant.

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