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The Beldum's eyes widened, a wild look in it's eyes. It was terrified, filled with fear towards the young man that was approaching him. He didn't want to be captured, he wanted to see his family again. As the trainer came closer, it seemed as though they were here to comfort him. He felt a wave a relief sweep over him, until he saw the look in your eyes. The Beldum could not run, it could only squirm feebly on the floor in a poor last ditch attempt to get away from you and your Litwick. It let out a weak 'Bell...' begging you to just let it die, let it die here in peace surrounded by the rubble that was once it's home. It was poetic in a way, the sense that everyone and everything came to ruin. Although the Beldum was noble, you couldn't resist the urge to help it pass on. As you eyed it's suffering and contorted body, you felt compelled to ensure it's passage to the great elder gods. As your throat began to feel tight, you realized there was no escaping it now. The Beldum wanted to scream, but unfortunately, it had no mouth to do so.

As you began to chant, the Beldum could only watch in frozen horror --- it's entire being feeling like it was cemented in place. As the black bile poured from your mouth, Wisp could only watch in horror. It was a reserved sense of horror, it knew that everything you were doing had a purpose and that it must finish it. As you raised your hand, smearing the bile on it's eye, it began to struggle rapidly. It didn't want this, it wanted no part of this. Wisp looked at the struggling creature with a sense of duty, beginning to trap the poor metal creature in a rapid vortex of swirling flames.

You took this chance to begin crawling ahead, finding your way through the dark tunnel without your light. It wasn't the first time you had been alone in the darkness, and you were sure it wouldn't be your last. As you made your way down, you saw a small flicker of light just ahead of you. You crawled more rapidly at this point, finding yourself in another part of the castle --- seemingly further down than you were before. You don't remember being on a slope, but maybe this was a simple part of the madness that was gradually consuming every inch of you as you encroached yourself deeper. But that was just a silly old folktale, right? As you stood, brushing yourself off, you noticed a few locked jail cells ahead of you, as well as a few skeletons hanging off of shackles on the wall. It seems that you had found yourself in the dungeons of the castle, why that creature wanted you down here was a mystery in itself. However, you decided to trudge forward.

As you walked down the stone halls, you noticed something standing by a (hopefully) out of order guillotine. It was a black object, shining yellow eyes piercing your very presence. You realized that this was different from what you were pursuing earlier, but it seemed to be waiting for you.

A͚̖̟͖͇̯͘ų̘̮̱̮s̺̤̟̥ț̛͉͉̞͙̟i҉̮̩̭̼̥͕n̤̥̜.́ ̗͍͙̲͔͉

You felt yourself get dizzy, you swore you could hear this ghostly apparition speaking to you... but it's words were jumbled. Loud garbles that seemed to permeate themselves into your very skull, not words that you were actually hearing.

J̵̧̺̦̭͚̭͘͟͞ó̧͙̟̤̟̬̻͘͟ì̴̶̼̲̠̩̰͖̱͞ń̪̼̮̗̗͉̬̥͜ͅͅ ̴̛͇͙̣͉̞̮̫̯͉͔̤̱̰̦͠͠m͏̺̘͎̳͕̰̯̬̞̀͡e͟҉̭͖͍̫́̕,̵̧̡̞̙͖͈̞͖ ̘̖̪̙̙̺̲͔͍̙̝̲ ̢͚̪̲̬̗̹̟͙̤͍̪̣͉͜͜͡A͏̬̖̹̠̱̩̦̦͇̜̝̜̲̻̙̝͢͜ͅù͚͉̪̫̝̘̠͞͠s ̶̡̡̘̭͙͍t̨̨̼͎̦̖͎̳̙̭̱͍̀̀͡ͅi̫͓̠͇̥̦͖͍̝̟̘̻͘͜͡ņ̸̴͍̰̖̩ͅͅ ͇̫̳͇͕

It wanted you, and you could feel yourself being dragged towards it. It's grin shining, like the reflective sheen of a zipper. Was this how you met your end, you could feel your body forcibly bending down --- almost ready to put your head on the cold wood of the guillotine.

What do you do?


The Honedge huffed, staring defiantly up at the mighty brown owl that would bring forth it's undoing. If it was going down, at least it would be going down with a fight. It's eyes widened as it saw Atalanta disappear in a brilliant flash of red light, causing it's gaze to come to rest on you and Sylvi. It's gaze was filled with pure hatred, and you swore that if it was still in fighting condition it would be coming at you with unbridled fury --- swinging itself rapidly. However, it just laid on the ground, like a discarded sword from a battle that was long ago fought on this very field. It's banner hung loosely, feeling defeated. Sylvi couldn't help but pity the poor creature, but she knew that Jayson had only done this to protect the two of them. She felt relief wash over her as she watched the Pokeball soar through the air. At least he didn't leave the poor creature defenseless out here all alone.

The ball hit the sword squarely, causing it to shake on the ground a few times. With a few short vibrations, the ball clicked itself shut, rolling onto it's side. Sylvi smiled as you bent down to pick up the Pokeball, watching you intently. Although you already had a nice sword, she was sure that such a marvelous Pokemon would suit you greatly.

Congratulations! You caught a Level 22 Male Honedge! // Atalanta gained 3 levels!

With the battle coming to a close, Sylvi approached you, some Pokemon medicine in hand. "Here, let me at least heal Atalanta for you." She smiled, "it's the least I can do, Mr. Knight." She gave you a kiss on the cheek, her lips feeling very soft on your skin. Sylvi smirked coyly, pulling out the map once again and pointing at a few other areas. "I know I was rude before, but seeing you handle yourself makes me want to explore this decrepit place. What part of the castle would you like to see next?" She pushed herself next to you, letting you take a look at her map. Upon her hip brushing against yours, you couldn't help but feel something hard push itself into your leg. Looking down, you noticed that in all the action, Slyvi's overskirt had lifted slightly --- revealing her tights, as well as a weapon holster that was hidden by the long skirt. It was secured to her upper leg, and looked as though it was containing a shining silver blade. Maybe your "bard" was more than she appeared to be.

Where would you like to go? What do you do?


The young Togepi was growing to be quite the little ball of spunk, as you set him down to pose for a picture in front of the new castle he slowly began to waddle away from you. Trying to get closer to the castle, he looked like an ant. Especially as he pushed on the hulking doors that made up the entrance way. You smiled to yourself, coming to it's side and pushing open the doors. To appease the little egg, you also made sure to make it look like you were struggling until he began to help you push. He might be a handful at times, but you had to admit that having such an adorable baby-like Pokemon was somewhat fulfilling. As you entered the door, you immediately noticed that the castle was in poor repair. Most likely from the years of neglect that plagued the building, but you had to wonder why the locals wouldn't want to maintain such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

As you walked forward, you noticed lavishly coloured carpet pointing you forwards. However, you also noticed two hallways branching off on either side. There was no map to point you in a direction, but judging by the banners lining the center-most hallway that bared the royal crest --- it was a safe assumption that the center path lead to the throne room. The entire castle was dimly lit, the torches that lined the paths were unlit... but you couldn't help but smell the faint aroma of smoke that filled the castle. You couldn't help but feel like something.... or someone, was watching you. Shaking off the feeling slightly, but still feeling a little concerned, you stepped into the center of the room --- trying to get a look down the other two paths.

You noticed that down the left path you could see what appeared to be a table, but that was all you could make out. However, down the right one... you just saw a long hallway, it didn't seem to lead to any particular destination, unless there were stairs down it that lead to the higher reaches of the castle?

What do you do?

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