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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Maskerade- With Volg succumbing to the dark aura, you place hope in the Riolu. The young fighting type had managed to purify the water, surely he could do something similar for Volg? You try to reach out to the Riolu, hoping it would be able to sense your intentions. The Riolu seems to understand what you want, but whether it will be able to fulfill your requests is unsure. You ignite Volg's fury further, talking about Zyll in order to get the Charmander to focus his energy of the Deino. The tactic is successful, perhaps too much so as Volg attacks with relentless force. He rushes the Zyll, the Deino attempts to roar and put a bit of reluctance into the Charmander, but the Fire types mind is not his own. Coated in Dragon energy, he slams into Zyll, sending the blind dragon crashing into the wall of the tunnel. The Riolu seems reluctant to approach Volg in his current state, seemingly lacking the confidence to carry out such an action.

Zyll groans as he rises to his feet, Volg wasn't himself but he was still as strong, perhaps even stronger. Bellowing, the Deino rushes forward and headbutts the Charmander, slamming head first into his stomach. Volg skids backwards, remaining on his feet as he flinches. Zyll rams the Charmander with another headbutt, but Volg almost seems to grin. Suddenly his tail erupts as his Blaze is activated, the towering, black stained flame symbolized a drastic increase in his power. At close range Volg smashes Zyll with a Fire Blast. Despite resisting the attack, the sheer power Volg is packing at the moment means the Deino is devastated by the blow. Burns cover the Deino's chest, Zyll appears to just be clinging on. A sinister smile rests on Volg's face as he prepares to finish off Zyll, who can do nothing to defend himself at this point. Suddenly the Riolu leaps at Volg, spurred on by Zyll's fighting spirit. It slams its palm into the possessed Charmander's side, hitting a pressure point that causes his body to stiffen with paralysis.

Zyll was all but beaten, Volg was weakening but possessed incredible strength and the Riolu had shown some signs of strength. Hoping that mark on the bottom of the pool could provide some assistance, you submerge yourself, reaching out to touch the mark. As your fingers reach the glowing symbol, your body is struck with unimaginable pain. You quickly pull your hand back, but not before your mind is flushed with thoughts of pain and suffering. You feel unmeasurable anger and hatred like nothing you had ever experienced before. Gasping for air you retreat to the side of the pool, it appears the mark might actually be the source of the darkness.....
As Rorik touched the mark, a sudden rush of images flooded his mind, each more unpleasant than the one before. The death of his mother from an unknown illness when he and Erik were infants; each and every time Ulrik had insulted or beaten him; the look of sheer disdain on Champion Gottfried's face for some failure he couldn't quite recall; a terrifying vision of all of Heiml burning...

This... this isn't the solution. It's the heart of the problem!

Immediately, he pulled back, hand burning. All Rorik could think to do was return to the surface for some much-needed air and to clear his head of those bone-chilling visions. Not that what awaited him up there was much better...

Zyll had been beaten within an inch of his life, and Riolu had failed to purify Volg. The Charmander's flame burned as fierce as Rorik had ever seen, and his eyes were still clouded by malice and savage instinct. The paralysis inflicted by Riolu was almost certainly angering him further, and unless Rorik moved fast, a catastrophe might happen. He didn't want to do it, but it seemed there was no alternative - if they had to hurt Volg to snap him out of that trance, like they'd done to Decidueye...

... so be it, damn it!

He had to summon all of his strength to pull himself out of the lake, out of that pool of alluring darkness. Dragging himself to shore, the Professor-turned-Trainer dragged himself across the rocky floor, before muscling back to his feet.


Rorik's shout, uncharacteristic and desperate, intended to draw the enraged drake's attention. It was the only way to... do what had to be done.
Slowly, moving cautiously not to elicit an enraged strike, Rorik made his way over to Volg, attempting to position himself between the Charmander and the downed Deino.

"Where does that hatred come from? Volg, what are you really after?" inquires the man, moved by some strange and foreign courage. As he spoke, he looked not at Charmander, but at the Riolu behind him. "Is it me you're after? Am I the cause of all that pain? If so, I... I'm right here!"

Please, Riolu... strike again! Another Force Palm, quickly!

All he could hope was that the Aura Pokemon could strike unopposed; if he succeeded, and with Volg already Paralyzed, maybe Zyll would have an opening. He could sense the usually quiet drake's rising restlessness, his own darkness being stirred by the pain inflicted on him by Volg. Soon, that anger would explode in a Dragon Rage...

If we can weaken Volg enough, you should have an opportunity to try and heal him! Please Riolu, give it another shot!
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