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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Marshal's Headquarters

: With both of the Marshal pokemon in a state of bickering and a larger commotion ahead, you take point with dividing your two loyal companions to bring the pair under control and to investigate the crowd ahead. As Polaris takes to the skies, easily levitating to a height of a couple of metres above the crowd, Vega takes your commands to point and the large Seviper lunges forth, whipping her bladed tail around the bird and mole and catching them in a tight grip, wrapping around them while giving them a predatory glare. Slice and Tremor, caught off guard, quickly stop trying to beat each other up and start struggling within her coils, to the serpent's pleasure before they give up and sag down in defeat.

With the two subdued, they look towards you before pointing at each other, trying to implicate the other for blame, but their protests are met with Vega's crimson tail pointed at their throats, and fearing for their lives immediately understand and lower their claws. It is at this point that Polaris nudges you with a report, the Tynamo's buzzing unfortunately not to your understanding. However, as the crowd begins to disperse, it becomes clear as day what the flash mob was surrounding.

A young man lies on the ground, face pale as snow and dull eyes staring up at the clouded sky, breathing slowly. As the electric eel wiggles around, you approach the figure for a closer look. His clothes are a little roughened, and of particular note is the empty bag lying by him, as it appears the man has been an unfortunate victim of a mugging. Taking the sight to point, Vega hisses at Slice and Tremor before relinquishing her hold on them and nudging the pair forward, urging them to grab the man and to bring him along. As the pair close in, the man's eyes drift to the side and spot you, and as your eyes meet, dry lips move, forming barely audible words.

"What...where...who...can't...remember...purple... "

The Combusken reaches him first as he closes his eyes, consciousness leaving him and leaving you with more questions than answers, clearly. As Slice looks at you, Tremor barks before clumsily lifting the man's legs, prompting the chicken to take him by the arms, and the pair gawk at you as though expecting further instructions. What's the plan?
Luc looked at the unfortunate man and shook his head in disbelief. This was not the kind of thing that would happen in civilized Kalos. But he wasn't in Kalos anymore.

Alas, you cannot write "Badlam" without "bad". I think.

Judging by the sight before him, the victim had been robbed, forcibly so. He was left beaten, confused and on the brink of fainting, seemingly recalling nothing but the color purple.

Of all the nice, "façonnable" hues to choose from... Poor thing.

Not all was bad though; Slice and Tremor went on to demonstrate a common sense Luc was unsure they possessed, by sharing the effort of picking up the man after he inevitably passed out from his injuries. At the very least, they were a step above wild Pokemon; it was a start.

As long as their hands are busy carrying the man, they won't beat one another up. And besides, none of my friends have the necessary strength to replace them in the task. C'est pas mal, not at all.

"Monsieur Tremor, Monsieur Slice," Luc addressed the clumsy duo as respectfully as his upbringing allowed, "this man is in need of medical attention. We proceed to our destination and he shall accompany us. May your grip not falter."

Vega coiled and hissed, punctuating Luc's well-meaning words with a glare that added "because if it falters just once...". The Kalosian recalled the map that Officer Whetstone had shown him, then tried to regain his bearings. Powerful as Vega was, and tenacious as Polaris was, they could not afford to be caught off-guard by whoever had mugged the injured man they now carried; the team had to be one step ahead - they needed a scout.

"Time to shine, Betelgeuse."

A Luxury Ball snapped open in mid-air and released a Ninjask from within. Betelgeuse was every bit as reliable as he was cocky; as much as his overconfidence annoyed Luc, the man seldom found reason to chastise the beetle, who had the tendency to always back up his inflated ego with results.

"We need you to move ahead, and return to us at the sight of trouble. We cannot afford to be ambushed on the way to our destination... for this man's sake."
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